Merry Christmas and some thoughtfulness

As usual, Christmas is approaching with giant strides, and yet everything is different this year. The festival will be quieter and more lonely for some. Maybe a little more worried, with a view to the coming weeks. That makes me think, and for this reason everything will be a little different here as well.

Merry Christmas

Normally I would have said goodbye here and now, taken a vacation from the blog over Christmas and New Years and then would have appeared again in mid-January. But since I am of the opinion that some entertainment would not be bad in this special year, there is only a slimmed-down version of the vacation for me.

Nobody should be alone in the quiet time between the years. The blog project will continue to accompany the readers and tell stories about a lost car brand. Tomorrow there will be Christmas entertainment in a special form. Actually, I wanted to tell a Christmas story. A very special thing that has a lot of work hidden behind it. The story is very personal, but also tragic and sad. When it was finished I asked myself whether I would like to tell it at all.

After sleeping on it once, the answer was clear. Tell me, absolutely. Because the story fits into our time and current events. But not now, not this Christmas. Because it's heavy material that I don't want to put on the shoulders of the readers.

Christmas entertainment

So plan B! I think of it like public television. A long film, almost an hour, goes online on December 24th. Not “Ben Hur”, as often seen on public holidays on ARD or ZDF, and not “The Little Prince” either. We keep it more exclusive and take a look behind the scenes at Saab and at over 10 years of development work that then led to the Saab 9000. It's a bit of a distraction, stuff for the automotive soul, and immersion in an exciting phase of the brand.

At this point I would like to say thank you to all readers. For liking Saab and the topics, and for staying loyal to the blog in 2020. This year was the third best in terms of visitor numbers in the blog's nearly 10-year history.

Thank you!

A very special thank you goes to those who financially supported the project. The Saab workshops and parts dealers who advertise here, and also the readers who just sent money this year. In December, a good dozen sent a thank you for a year's reading material without being asked. And the Saab Friends Thuringia have also collected and donated a remarkable three-digit sum.

If the world were perfect, there would be more Saab friends like the Thuringians and readers like the upright dozen. The project would be worry free. But the world is the way it is, with Corona and all the imponderables. However, this is no reason to cancel the sail and sink the ship.

We continue sailing with Saab through the Christmas season and into the new year.

In this sense: Happy Holidays to all readers!

25 thoughts on "Merry Christmas and some thoughtfulness"

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    Hi Tom,
    In this way, the warmest greetings and the best wishes for a nice, relaxing and peaceful Christmas! Thank you very much for the many informative contributions over the past year. Unimaginable if the blog didn't exist. Nice that you continue. We need this !! I like to think back to our encounters, also in Trollhättan. Maybe it will work out with your participation in an excursion of the Thuringian Saab friends. Hopefully times will get better again at some point.
    Happy holiday and a Happy New Year to all Saab fans!

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    Thank you for the great reports and the many interesting background stories!
    I hope that you will not lose the fun of writing and that you will continue the blog for the next 10 years 😉

    Have a nice Christmas and a relaxed New Year 2021 (It can only get better) to all readers here 🙂

    Ps Can you actually issue donation receipts? Then everyone would benefit from it 😉


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      @Guido donation receipts can only be issued by those who are recognized as non-profit. That's not the project, even if it (maybe) makes it appear. Everyone else benefits from it. Those who like to read continue to get their favorite reading. And the one who writes something for his effort. 😉

      PS Thanks for the donation!

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    Merry Christmas Tom, Merry Christmas Saabblog-Team!

    Thank you for 2020, and as Hans S. said, this Corona year on the blog was really extraordinary, intense. Your commitment, the number of posts, the off-topic stories (espresso!), I'll take off my virtual hat.

    I wanted to write a lot more, but since I couldn't express it better than the #dersaabler, here is the full quote:

    “The many articles are not only inform [ative], worth reading and an infinite fountain of knowledge for the Saabists, no, they are also incredibly good journalism, of which there is really not much left, and written in your incomparably beautiful, good writing style. ”

    With this in mind: Happy and peaceful holidays! (..and stay healthy!)

    Saabige greetings from the deep west Jan

    PS I suspect everyone who is reading / commenting here will treat you to your vacation.

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    Dear blog team, from my side, too, wish you first of all relaxing, reflective days and of course a Merry Christmas. Should you go on an excursion with your closest family and then of course you will have a good and safe journey on the way.
    Love saabige greetings from Vienna.

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    Hi Tom,

    I would also like to say "Thank you very much" to you and the entire SaabBlog team for your tireless commitment. I am happy about every contribution from you and personally consider the blog to be the focus for our community. The guest contributions are also written with passion and delight my heart. You can be sure of my financial contribution for the coming year, because I don't want to be without the blog.

    Despite the adverse circumstances, I wish you and the readers of the blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2021.

    Greetings from Kamenz

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    Thank you for your work, the varied topics and the Spirit of Saab!

    Keep it up - I'll stick with it

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ...

    Many greetings from Franconia Eddi

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    Dear Tom,

    so much commitment, thoughtfulness and care is almost affected. How can you adequately thank all of this, and comment adequately?

    I can't think of anything ad hoc. As an alternative and somewhat helpless, I would like to say thank you very much for everything and wish you a merry, reflective and enjoyable Christmas from the bottom of my heart.

    Many thanks & all the best.

    Even if we gratefully devour everything that is published here between today and mid-January, please still keep the ball flat.
    We are insatiable anyway. Our need (with or without Corona) should not be a yardstick and slow and steady wins the race ...

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    Hello Tom, I can only agree with the comment from “derSaabler”.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas. My financial contribution is coming
    in the next days. Greetings to the entire team from Heidelberg.

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    @ Sven Körner, “OBJECTION” !!! Sven - of course, you are right - it is (unfortunately) getting fewer and fewer - but the remaining crazy people keep the brand flag high and that with more and more SAABs - believe me, I know what I'm talking about - am " unfortunately ”also infected and that without Corona… 🙂 🙂

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    Hi Tom,

    Have a nice Christmas to you and the team and thank you for continuing the blog.
    There aren't many Saab crazy people left ...
    Greetings from Godshorn

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    Hello Tom - hello SAAB friends / “crazy people” - we all have a merry Christmas and that we have better times again 🙂

    PS: Daaaaanke Tom - “Donation” was a matter of course for us ...

    Lg. from Thuringia

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    Thank you very much, Tom and the blog team! I am also happy to make a donation for your great and imaginative work. I just didn't find anything where and how I can do it ?! I probably don't see the forest for the trees :-)
    At this point I would also like to thank the readers, especially the commenting readers! As a result, a blog lives (and has survived until now) and makes it very interesting. And that in a neat and respectful tone. So, thank you everyone, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    Christmas greetings from BA and all the best for you & your team!

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    Hello Tom including the whole team, also from us (everyone drives Saab in the family) a huge THANK YOU for the incredible work this year. The many articles are not only informal, worth reading and an infinite fountain of knowledge for the Saabists, no, they are also incredibly good journalism, of which there really isn't much anymore, and written in your incomparably beautiful, good writing style. THANKS. A peaceful Christmas to you and your family.
    Peter-derSaabler- from Thuringia

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    Hello Tom and Team,
    I just say THANK YOU!
    Looking forward to 2021, I will continue to support the blog project.
    Happy Holidays, best, healthy greetings!
    2021 will be a special one.

    Many greetings from Idstein

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    Thank you very much, Tom! This year I see a lot of willingness and joy in my private and professional environment to help other people who, for a variety of reasons, can use support. Your commitment is also a great contribution.

    I will continue to make my contribution. Merry Christmas to all of you and a happy and healthy new year to all.

    Saabige greetings from Bad Aibling in Upper Bavaria,

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    Yes, many thanks to you Tom! As every year, there will be a blog donation in January! I look forward to every new article from you! Awesome!

    As I already mentioned, the blog is infinitely important for the missing “classic section” of our vehicles.

    And I hope that in 2021 many will reflect and set themselves the goal of maintaining their vehicles as an annual goal and secure the future of SAA. I am happy every SAAB encounter! Which, unfortunately, are and will be rather rare.

    I wish all blog readers happy holidays! And a great New Year with many wonderful SAABigen experiences.

    Greetings from Thurgau!

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    Especially this year: Merry Christmas!
    Big thanks to Tom's team for the extended SAAB information.
    As Hans S. says, new SAAB info pops up in the mailbox almost every day (!). An unbelievable workload.
    I look forward to further SAAB reports / information / sales incentives ... and love affairs.
    I'm looking forward to the “new blog time” from 2021….
    Merry and healthy Christmas to all readers!
    All the best in 2021 from the Lüneburg Heath ...

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    Hi Tom,

    Merry Christmas to you and the blog team. And thank you for hopefully staying on the ball. It is always a great pleasure for me to read your posts, especially now that my 9-5 is hibernating.

    Best Regards

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    ´ @ Tom and the blog team´

    ´´Thank you for your hard work and effort´ also in this special year´
    with all personal demands on you!

    ´´Merry contemplative quiet Christmas days and a pleasant time with a more pleasant one
    I wish you a change into the new year !! vg from the Palatinate!

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    Also from me a Merry Christmas to everyone and a big thank you
    Tom for the great Saab blog with always exciting articles!
    Stay healthy

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    @Tom and blogteam; Thank you for what you have achieved and for the almost daily dose of Saab!

    Happy Holidays to everyone and stay healthy!

    Christmas greetings from Hans S. from the border region D / CH

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    Many thanks also from me for what was and what is to come!
    Merry christmas to you all.

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    Happy Holidays to the blog team and all readers!
    Until next year!

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

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