Corona, Christmas, Saab and some espresso

How was your christmas Was it lonely Then we have something in common! Christmas 2020 will remain in my memory as a lonely festival. It's not a tragedy. On the one hand, loneliness has its justification; on the other hand, it could be even worse.

Corona, Christmas, Saab and some espresso

Corona scratches your front door

Because the impacts came closer in the last few days. In close family circle there was twice the diagnosis Corona positive. Once with all those unpleasant symptoms that Covid-19 has. And once completely without any symptoms. At this point at the latest, the smallest idea of ​​socializing was finally discarded. The pandemic is scratching our front doors, we shouldn't let them in.

It also gets worse with Christmas and the lack of closeness and sociability. I experienced total isolation, hospital and Christmas a few years ago. There, and one can honestly say that, the little restraint that we now practice is child's play.

Back to a nicer topic. My predilection for espresso, something that has nothing to do with cars and the petrol-soaked atmosphere that usually prevails here, interested the readers. The Post in November the readings were surprisingly good, and in retrospect there was still a lot of e-mail about the history of espresso.

Saab and espresso

My thoughts are not yet ready to write an espresso blog, but as a Christmas present I got a pack of espresso from a reader (DThanks to Jan-Frederik for so much care!). I was very happy about the gift, but also ashamed. “La Cortadora - Coffee for Land and Freedom” reminded me that this Corona issue has not allowed me to think outside the box in recent months.

Although I would count myself among the more conservative part of the population, I usually always have an eye for the little ones and the disadvantaged. My tea comes from Tea rebels from France, and the espresso? I fear that there is some catching up to do. An assessment on my part of how “La Cortadora” drinks will follow soon. The Link to the import company, with further links to the sources of supply for fair trade espresso from farm cooperatives, but already today. Because, Corona or not: We sit in warm houses, have three meals a day and good medical care. Take for granted that you don't have elsewhere.

That brings me back to the Saab issue and a luxury deficit. I like small, thick-walled espresso cups. What I still need for perfection is an authentic mug with Saab lettering or the plane.

With her the espresso would taste a little better.

How do the readers see the matter? Does the espresso group among Saab lovers also recognize a need for action, or is it just a blogger spinning?

I'm looking forward to the answers.

13 thoughts on "Corona, Christmas, Saab and some espresso"

  • where are the espresso cups? After Christmas is before Christmas and presents are always necessary -

  • Hi Tom,

    would be a great idea! My wife got Alfa Romeo cups for Christmas, so I can't leave that behind! 😉

  • Great idea with the espresso cups. The Saab coffee mugs already helped me through the Corona-related home office time. Especially since the Sunday coffee trips with the 9-3 Cabrio in summer or the 9-5 SC in winter had to be canceled ... I also order.

  • @kochje I will tell you how it will continue in the first week of January. Also how you can support the project in the future.

  • Tom, I would also like to order two of these Saab espresso cups. As asked earlier; Who do we hear about your decision how this blog goes on and how we can support it?

  • @troll 90 Support is possible with a subscription from 2021, details will go online in January!

  • In any case. And then with the old SAAB-Scania logo ... I start dreaming and I am fully involved.

  • Yes please do! Cult potential already forecast. 2 pieces are hereby ordered.
    PS. how can you currently support the blog financially?

  • Cool ... I order a duo. 🙂

  • Moin
    Yes, that would also be something in the tea region in northwest Germany.
    I ask myself why I don't have a tea cup, i.e. a tea mug ???
    Greeting André

  • I am neither a coffee drinker nor an espresso drinker ..... preferably Thé. And yes, I prefer to drink my Thé from the I love SAAB cup, which the blog had on offer a few years ago. Thé and the morning are felt a little bit better ...
    In short, espresso cups would have the same effect on espresso drinkers with the known gene (SAAB) mutation. Please make sure to launch Tom.

  • A set of espresso cups with an airplane logo? Yes, please!

  • Fortunately, I would still be missing a set of Saab espresso cups, a good idea. If you would have some made, I would be a grateful buyer 😉

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