The seduction car - a Saab Turbo X

The seduction car is a demonstration car. The odometer indicates 3.580 kilometers driven. You can safely assume that this was a very enjoyable kilometer. Because the seduction car is a Saab Turbo X. And as is well known, it has it all.

Dashboard with TX specific boost pressure display
Dashboard with TX specific boost pressure display

When the decision was made to roll the Turbo X into the limelight in 2007, it was high time. The range of models from the years before had become rather sedate. Too little emotional to be clear. The spectacular sports model was missed. That had happened again and again at Saab before. Most recently with the 9-3 Viggen, which was a few years ago.

Finally emotional again

The Turbo X appealed to irrationality and the instinct to play. It was good for the brand's image and for the automotive hearts of the fans. A Saab that was finally allowed to be a bit rowdy again. With an exhaust sound that told the world about the pleasure of the combustion engine and performance during the morning cold start.

And which is so despicably incorrect that in the age of electric cars one can only distance oneself from it.

But, the matter is not that completely reprehensible. Saab only produced 2000 of these emotional vehicles, so the CO2 balance of the planet should hardly be affected. Probably there were even a few less, we do not have a look at the factory documents.

The Turbo X cult, which existed 4 - 5 years ago, is currently on the wane. There is a lack of vehicles and there is a lack of people who keep the interest current. The first all-wheel drive Saab and the first production vehicle in the world with Haldex 4 clutch has become a little invisible. But that can't do anything to the fascination and status as a seduction car.

The Turbo X can also be reasonable

Because, the Saab is still worth striving for today. You can drive Frankfurt - Hamburg there and back in one day and have a lot of fun. Make a few appointments in between, look forward to the next few kilometers, and have the good feeling of doing something for the treasury. Because the Federal Minister of Finance always travels with you as soon as you indulge in the play instinct and rush the turbo across the route. Then it thunders down the highway as if there is no tomorrow and burns fossil fuels that make you cry.

Of course, the Turbo X can also be slow. And economical. And it's the most sensible car in the world when the slopes are full of snow and ice. Then he bites his way into the snow and pushes the limits of physics. Mind you, a car that premiered around 13 years ago.

You can satisfy your desire for a seduction car if you turn your gaze to Madrid. A Turbo X, which is a demonstration vehicle, is parked there. The presentation is a bit casual, but the facts make you sit up and take notice. 3.580 kilometers, first hand. With premium leather and automatic, a limousine. The sunroof, which is part of the perfection, is (unfortunately) missing.

Separation pain threatens

Well now what? To bring the Saab to Germany, you can hire a shipping company. No problem. Before buying advice (Teil1 and Part 2) so that one becomes clear about the lustful irrationality one brings home.

Then comes the hardest part.

To make the dream a reality, and for the Find a store to convince to load the Saab on the trailer, you have to part with some notes. You would have € 35.000 less on your current account, but something fun to drive with.

Too expensive? Maybe. Or maybe not. Around € 60.000 was due for the first time. From this point of view, the discount for a demonstration car is already generous.

With images from Arguelles Automovile

10 thoughts on "The seduction car - a Saab Turbo X"

  • With the motor-related insurance tax, i.e. the vehicle tax, one would also do good to the state treasury. A V6 is always fun.

  • I had 2008 km from 2015 to 180000 ... it was a great ride in all weathers. first with deer and then with bar ... ..the stupid faces in the supercars .. divine.
    However, my memory also says two “elongated tax chains” a 4000 euros. and the best of all wives hated this car. the only saab she has never touched and the constant shaking of the head when the turbo has reported for service. was cool, I don't need it anymore, I'm 63 years old now, at some point you have to be sensible.
    I still have a 9-4 X aero, so now you guys know it!

  • @ Aero-93,

    some buyers of the EVs will be very annoyed.
    Many e-vehicles will disappoint expectations. Hardly anyone realizes how dramatically the ranges depend not only on the speed but also on the temperature.
    Thermal window is a catchphrase from the diesel scandal. I think it's fitting here too. There is a free tempo window on top. Zack and the battery is empty - after only an hour at the recommended speed. EVs with large batteries (100 kW / h) can manage up to two at 0 °. Sobering. And not for sale without government funding.

  • Since 2016 I have owned a Turbo X Sportcombi,, 300 Hirsch PS, only incredible 90000 km and I regret nothing, it is and remains an absolute stunner, especially in the Taunus on snow, otherwise it can also be reasonable, 7,9 l / 100 km are possible , but other things are also possible, but the addiction to think further, to know him in the underground car park, is worth keeping this phenomenal car! I love him!

  • The price is fair ... at least from my point of view.
    The “problem” is the transport out of Spain ... but there are (as is well known ;-)) solutions for that too.
    Unfortunately I don't have a gas station attendant as a friend ... and only use the X in minor ... I don't know. A little “unreasonableness” is allowed, also in the future. So, I'm out of the running for this desire.
    Sunroof in Spain? What for? Either I get a convertible for the sunny fresh air, or I use the air conditioning. But in between there are definitely some other options ... ;-).
    @ Volvaab Driver: The NDR released a podcast on e-mobility some time ago, worth hearing. The 2 journalists used an Opel from 2018. Oh dear, that wasn't an (indirect) advertisement for Opel. Average range of 200 km and then reload for well over 75 (!) Minutes ... the wallet was badly strained: eating out instead of coffee to go. It quickly became clear, commuting in a 100 km radius, ok. But driving distances (vacation, for example), preferably with a “fast-charging” vehicle.

  • It's exciting where these great cars suddenly all come from. Of course, the price is steep. I know that it will be sold anyway, if only because there is only one who is a demonstration car.

    The word game seduction car does it quite well. The old things (sorry) have what the electric faction doesn't have at all. After a Zoe test drive, I buried any idea of ​​buying one. It may be the future and it may have its place in city centers. But the highly poisonous battery cocktail will neither save the world, nor is the forced and subsidized future fun.

    Only those who tick digitally in their heads will really like these things.

  • @Heijo Red So comfort is the only thing the TX can't. Sleep is definitely not. The machine is really fun in the sports program and goes well with the vehicle.

  • My favorite sentence:
    "With an exhaust sound that (...)"

    Wonderfully written & absolutely worth reading - regardless of whether you are looking for a TurboX or not.

    And since this article touches on the EV topic, here one more note:
    The E-Opel Mokka and its absurdly low leasing rate were recently an example of excesses in subsidy policy. So I called up his homepage. It is advertised with a range of over 300 km ...

    As if that wasn't already a little, there is a footnote. At least one honest and one calculator for driving conditions & range.
    At 0 ° and constant 120, the range actually stays below (!) 180 km even without heating / air conditioning. I was stunned and the leasing rate no longer seemed so absurdly cheap to me.

    How much can a useless object cost? How many resources can it consume in production? And how much subsidy and tax money is a city car worth?

    The tax money would be better used in public transport and for the expansion of cycle paths. Your own better for a TurboX ...

  • ´´SEDUCED CAR´´ ???

    ´´ Without a sunroof with automatic ... where is the attraction ...
    ... only in the sportiness and better traction´´ ??

    '' Wouldn't be enough for me personally ... and I've always liked switching '
    otherwise you might still fall asleep on long trips in a comfortable Saab!

  • I can only warmly recommend a Turbo X. The car is fun! In winter as well as in summer, on winding roads and with the superior performance, the car is a dream on 4 wheels, all of which are still powered and “stick to the road” with the perfect Haldex system.

    There are already 3 station wagons of this type in our family. The sedan is a bit more “aggressive”.

    And a top modern car that can stand up to any current car. Mine got the Pioneer instead of the original radio and so am back on top of the range with all the multimedia.


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