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Change of time after around 10 years! Saab passion will continue to be read almost every day. But from now on, and that will be the difference, mainly in subscription. And because a change also offers opportunities, I came up with something. Because the Saab stories are far from over.

Saab passion in subscription model

If I don't like something, it's the primary thought of preserving something. I never wanted to be an administrator of the estate and I like it when you develop things. The Saabblog project has changed continuously in recent years. AI made it multilingual and therefore more international, and the film archive was added. Now it is a matter of securing the budget for the future, which, if successful, can be the basis for more Saab.

For this reason there are 3 different subscription models that I am introducing today. Of course, one focus was on affordability. The famous € 5 a month is the benchmark, and that's not much. It is the amount that you put on the counter for a car newspaper or other medium.

Turbo subscription

Full access to all editorial content is available for € 5,00 per month. The subscription runs for 365 days and is extended for another year if you do not cancel it before it expires. Of course, the subscription system reminds you of the upcoming renewal before it expires.

Turbo Plus subscription

Since a lot more is possible in terms of Saab, there is also the Turbo Plus subscription. It costs € 95,00 for 365 days and also includes access to the COC archive and the upcoming High Mileage Club.

But there is more to come! The planned espresso cups will only be offered to Plus subscribers; other things like a Saab yearbook, events after Corona and more are possible. Which assumes that the interest is there and that the situation develops accordingly.

Basic subscription

For those who do not want to commit to the long term, there is the basic subscription. € 36 for 180 days, access to all editorial content.

Booking one Subscriptions is easily possible via PayPal. For readers who do not have a PayPal account, there is the option of paying by bank transfer. Corresponding information on the procedure can be found here.

The project deliberately does not offer daily or weekly subscriptions. The administrative effort should remain within limits. In addition, even if the blog takes the step to commercialization after around 10 years, the focus is still on the small Saab community. I don't believe that there are tons of day readers for a certain article.

A few more views

The subscription model is a test. Is the blog project, which occupies a very small niche in the niche, marketable? The future, and whether there will be, is decided by the readers from today onwards.

It's no longer about demonstrations of sympathy, it's about bare, cold numbers. But, and this is important, a stable budget makes a better blog. It can open up possibilities, bring new topics, and more reading and Saab fun. There is also the possibility of getting rid of certain things. Because the matter should be fair. Whoever gives something should get something in addition to and beyond content.

If the number of subscribers develops positively, there will be no more advertising on these pages except for the decreasing number of Saab advertisers.

Better, more relaxed, ad-free reading in the future. It is entirely up to the reader.

Update: Despite perfect test runs, the blog today proved how complex the system has become in 10 years. An interaction between the firewall, payment service provider and paywall software caused problems. All systems should now be working and the first subscriptions have already been successfully booked. If there are any problems, please send a short message.

Unfortunately, all outstanding payments in the morning had to be canceled for technical reasons. I would ask the readers concerned to post them again.

Thanks for your patience!

30 thoughts on "Unlimited Saab passion - our subscription offers"

  • Hello Tom, how are things going? Are the subscriptions well received?

    • @Old Swede Good question. It's developing slowly, I don't trust myself to make an assessment yet.

  • blank

    Regarding the nose / mouth masks in the blog / Saab style:
    What do you want?
    I sit right at the source and can basically have anything implemented.
    Is there a broad interest in this?
    I ask for an assessment of this. 🙂

  • @ Tom

    Could it be that the terms and conditions are not yet properly coordinated with the basic subscription? In my opinion, the automatic renewal by one year mentioned in point 6 does not seem to be correct for a six-month subscription.
    In the case of a basic subscription, six months or 180 days would make more sense for me, but of course it works for the annual subscription.

    • blank

      @StF is correct. The 6 month subscription was added “later”. Being revised, thanks for the hint.

  • blank


    Actually, I just wanted to express in my 1st comment that I find the Turbo subscription surprisingly cheap ...

    Furthermore, that 4 subscribers represent more appreciation than one (!) Noble donor of the same amount. That only seemed logical to me. Tom doesn't earn anything on the blog. But it deserves a lot more recognition from a lot more readers. No single donation - regardless of the amount - can ever compensate for that.

    Maybe my comment was misleading?

  • blank

    So I think the “Aero” subscription is good too!
    Couldn't you just quickly turn the “plus” into “aero”?
    That makes it tastier somehow 😀

    • @Arkangel Yes, that's definitely delicious. I'll save the “aero” for something very special, we want to remain capable of development 😉

  • So, Turbo + is complete. I'm looking forward to the content :-) By the way, what information is there at / about COC?

    • @Old Swede Nice! Tomorrow comes the first post exclusively for subscribers. A short video on Friday. In between a contribution for the public. The nice things for the Plus subscription are in preparation, but the COC archive only has the COC to offer. There is also the High Mileage Club.

  • blank

    Thanks for the information. Even if I'm still a long way from 250.000 kilometers, I chose the Turbo Plus subscription. Great articles and the passion for Saab must be supported.

  • With Turbo Boost 🙂 and excitement into the new year! Subscription booking works fine and the subscription system is fair and offers a lot of leeway. A good and healthy start to all of you in the New Year!

  • blank

    Moin Tom,

    I would have preferred to take AERO ... it just turned out to be a Turbo Plus. And yes, I take both the espresso cups and the red 9-3 from the photo 😉
    What happened to the nose coverings that the sewing department wanted to create at the time? Did I miss an update and miss something?

    BG TomL

  • blank

    Turbo Plus € will be instructed tomorrow. Gladly.
    In anticipation!
    And espresso cups could e.g. B. be placed in the “Easter basket”… .. 😉

  • blank

    Money, Money, Money

    I don't have the numbers of the past turn of the year in my head now, but if my feeling is correct, then an annual subscription (with 5 € / month) is even below the appeals that were previously made to potential donors or max. on the same level ? ? ?

    Be that as it may, one way or another (I'm quite sure of that) the annual subscription remains below what some donors have voluntarily provided in the past.

    It's not about money. It is about a fairer distribution of the burdens among the beneficiaries and above all about more appreciation.

    That can't just be represented by €. If I were in Tom's place, I would have much preferred 4 subscribers for 60 € than a generous donor of 240 or even more euros ...

    The concept has hands and feet. I would still think it would be cool if there were a discount for students and / or the opportunity for other subscribers to promote them. That is exactly what the noble donors did more or less directly before. You could even get it to sponsor directly. Just a thought ...

  • blank

    Thank you Tom,
    Thank you now it worked.
    Greetings André T.

  • blank

    So, PayPal is working again and I've just completed my subscription. Could have been called Aero instead of plus 🙂
    I have nothing against advertising as long as it has something to do with Saab.

  • blank

    I also decided to stick with it and get a “Turbo” subscription! My girl is still bobbing far away from high mileage and the money is not that easy at the moment.
    Leave the ads in, maybe not the annoying pop-ups, but the other's ads.
    That fits and it's nice to see that the brand also has workshops and dealers
    is supported.

  • blank

    Since the update I can no longer find the links to the subscriptions.
    Greetings André T.

    • @ André T. They are still there here , but are not displayed if you are already logged in.

  • blank

    Just finished my subscription and I'm looking forward to the next articles on the blog 🙂
    In general, I am very happy that there will be information in the future that will help me, as a (hopefully-soon-for the first time-) owner of a Saab to find the right sweetheart.

  • Hi Tom,

    I am very happy that you will continue. I am happy to subscribe to the blog and, as always, look forward to the next posts.

    Thank you and the team and you have a healthy 2021.

  • blank

    I am still vacillating between Turbo and Turbo Plus and therefore ask for a few more information about the High Milage Club.

    • @ Jürgen Here you can find information about the Club.

  • blank

    Interesting construction and fair prices! How far does the COC archive actually extend to the newer models? If I remember correctly, the latest models aren't included, right? Because of this, and because I unfortunately don't see any chance of being accepted into the High Mileage Club in the near future, I would probably opt for the turbo model 😉 first.

    What advantages does the High Mileage Club offer? But movies and such are also included in the turbo model? Does the Turbo refer to the current goodies of the Turbo Plus model, so that you can still consider switching later? And can you switch from Turbo to Turbo Plus in the course of the year?

    Question after question - sorry! 🙁

    • @Ebasli The COC archive is included in 2004. The High Mileage Club is interesting for vehicles with high mileage, Turbo Plus offers the nice little things that are in the planning.
      An upgrade may come. At the start, and knowing about possible problems and problems, I deliberately kept everything simple. A decision that was right. All other decisions are made when the system has shown stability for a certain period of time.

  • The payment doesn't seem to go yet. Try tomorrow. What does the High Milage Club bring?

    I think it would be better in principle without advertising popping up.

    In principle someone should set up a classic division as “SAAB”, any company involved should take the lead and all companies take part in advertising in magazines, deliver vehicles for tests, reports on the vehicles so that other articles about SAAB are generated and everyone benefits from rising prices and increased demand. Just a thought!

    • blank

      @Joe Paypal seems to have a problem right now. Thanks for your patience.

  • blank

    What a great picture! I would (want to) buy it immediately. Could be one of the rare 9-3II performance with 252 PS and 350Nm. I once had one, a great car!

    @ Tom, I tried twice to pay for a subscription via Paypal. Both times the message, System error, please try again. I'm waiting now, I don't have to be the first to buy a subscription 🙂

  • blank

    Just a spontaneous thought: advertising doesn't have to be bad per se. Good workshops, service providers and parts suppliers are always sought ... and if there are fewer subscribers over time, you may have to fall back on them. In this respect, my gut feeling tells me to let the advertising continue ...


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