Secret revealed - Evergrande NEVS Mule in Trollhättan

In August last year, the photo of a NEVS Mule attracted attention. A mysterious vehicle, well camouflaged under an old Saab 9-3 body. What was hidden under the camouflage has not yet been clarified. The secrecy in Trollhättan works well. What NEVS is testing and ...

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8 thoughts on "Secret revealed - Evergrande NEVS Mule in Trollhättan"

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  • cannot access the article. 🙁

  • Tom: Now it has funked with me too!

  • @ Eric Raehmisch There are. Tomorrow a post goes online without a paywall.

  • That went faster than expected
    So next month look to have the money left (I'm just a trainee and emphasis is on left over) and then read ^^

  • But that happens very quickly. ……… .thought there would be a transition period …….

  • .. a brand name would come to mind ;-), ... so if someone has understood SAAB, I don't care from which corner of the world they come!


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