In great demand and stable in value - Saab 9-3X 2.0T XWD

There are vehicles that are searched for through advertisements. At Porsche it's rare 911 derivatives, at Saab it's the 9-3X. Fascinatingly inconspicuous, the estate has changed from Trollhättan to the blue Mauritius of the Saab world. There is no end in sight to desires. Crazy, because Saab would have added another model to the 9-3X in a better world.

Saab 9-3X 2.0T XWD
Saab 9-3X 2.0T XWD

The 2009-9X came onto the market in 3 and remained an insider tip in the drama that was looming around the brand. Saab had already followed the principle of the off-road station wagon 10 years earlier. The corresponding 9-5 was never built, but this derivative would have come with the new generation.

Saab 9-5X NG XWD - the big brother

Unfortunately, the world has not seen a Saab 9-5X NG XWD station wagon. The station wagon was never produced in numbers, it stayed with the pilot series. But in Trollhättan they also worked on an off-road version, not only for Saab, but also for the GM group.

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer (Generation 1) is the last Saab among the Opels and was developed in Trollhättan. It came onto the market with the 2014 model year in late autumn 2013. Previously, Saab could have scored points with the off-road version of the 9-5 NG sports suit for the 2013 model year.

The big brother of the Saab 9-3X, everything would have gone according to plan in Sweden.

But as it was, the 9-3X remained the sole representative of the category of off-road suits from the Stallbacka. The prices for used cars are developing accordingly. A Saab 9-3X, as a gasoline engine and with XWD, is generally an expensive proposition. Emotionally, the price demands are even on the rise, in line with the increasing age of the vehicles.

Offered in the Netherlands, not cheap
Offered in the Netherlands, not cheap

A car dealer in the Netherlands offered an interesting Saab 9-3X 2.0T XWD for sale in the quieter time between the years.

The seller was not interested in information and pictures; they remained rudimentary. Still, an exciting car. A very late first registration in 2014, but not a Griffin. The color combination black / black is rare on a 9-3X, but it suits the Saab very well. Only 76.281 kilometers on the display, good but average equipment.

But sold within a very short time
But sold within a very short time

Stable in value, rare, in great demand

As always, one wonders what such a Saab can cost? Because especially with this vehicle there is not only vain sunshine. In Sweden 9-3X specific parts are running out, some shelves are already empty. A circumstance that, in combination with low prevalence, can become a toxic mixture for everyday use. One can dream of possible reproductions, but experience shows that this commitment is pursued with maximum reluctance.

A price demand of 18.950 € was on the price tag. Not a little, but the discussion about the price is free. A 9-3X does not usually have long idle times, the vehicle was sold in a very short time.

The 9-3X remains stable and in great demand. It is rare anyway.

With pictures from B&M Automotive

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    Since I'm not an FBer, I ask how I get this problem report.

    Thank you in advance

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    @Edgar Hofbauer This is currently being discussed in the FB group. A 9-3x driver reports on the problems he has had for weeks.

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    which 9-3 x specific parts are running out or are no longer available? does that mean that if you are dependent on such a vehicle in everyday life, this is not necessarily the best choice?
    Thanks for the quick response

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    @ Volvaab Driver, the Mittelland Canal was not meant personally!

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    I believe you. But why to me? The channel doesn't even appear in my comment.

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    Like Hans, I have had the pleasure of owning, driving and enjoying one of the rare 9-3Xs, albeit in metallic black with a light interior, for a few years now.
    After initial difficulties, which consisted of a (not quite) necessary change of the engine control unit and which fortunately could be resolved by a workshop foreman with Saab genes and connections to “Hirsch” (maybe another time more as a guest commentator), he is allowed to go up daily to prove his everyday qualities on the way to the office and home, can transport me on the weekend tours in the low mountain range of the Thuringian homeland and unwind some brisk kilometers of motorway as a packhorse, and also prove his mountain qualities as a travel companion over the Alps. And always reliable, always safe, always fast and always with a “deer” power reserve under the hood.
    There is a good feeling of additional security on board thanks to the all-wheel drive. The 9-3 X fits like a tailor-made suit, has all the electronics a modern car needs, but not the excess of electronics that tries to rob you of the last nerve with “peeps” and “quacks”.
    This wolf in sheep's clothing will probably remain my loyal companion for a while, thanks to just over 100 TKm on the speedometer.
    It is interesting - around the corner from me, less than 5 minutes away, there is a 9-3X in white - and I have no idea who has as good taste as me 🙂

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    @Volvaab Driver: I last had a VW Golf Alltrack. It had exactly the XWD principle and, although it came from the Mittelland Canal, was a good car.

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    My third (and unfortunately last) Saab was also a white 9-3X MJ 2011, of course a petrol AWD with automatic. The all-wheel drive is the stunner - at least as long as the Haldex unit lasts. And for me it was unfortunately after 18 months and 45.000 km. Perhaps an earlier oil change would have prevented that, but Saab only planned it after 60.000 km. And since the leasing company did not become one with the dealer because there was no manufacturer guarantee due to the lack of a manufacturer, repairs were not carried out until the end of the three-year leasing period. This made the AWD FWD ...
    Maybe I would have kept it without a defective drive, but above all with the better equipment of the previous 9-3 SC Aero TTID.

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    @ Tom, how many 9-3X were built with XWD? So without the diesel variant which is only 2WD.

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      @ aero50 I don't have any documents on the number of items. But you can inquire at NEVS, they manage the Saab legacy and provide information.

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    PS: Competition 9-5 NG SportCombi vs. Volvo V90

    The above-mentioned competition between the 10-year-old 9-5 NG SportCombi and the brand-new V90, which is linked directly to these pictures, is also extremely interesting. Guess who won ... 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Old Swede - great link!

    Thanks for that, great class! Not only the (as always sad) 9-5 NG pictures (with German participants that were very interesting for me ;-)), but also the further surfing on the page was wonderful, I'm on the first page on 178 (! ) encountered wonderful photos of the Saab convertible tour 2019! What a pleasure! 🙂 Shit, I wanted to go to sleep this morning ... 🙁 Hopefully there will be another convertible tour someday, maybe 2022, that you can take part in.

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    Disappeared or just hidden texts?

    Hello Tom, I particularly appreciate the references to older texts on similar topics on the blog. These are always interesting links! For example yesterday the current and the 5 year old report about the 9000er named Joe.

    I just clicked on the link shown under the above title with the auspicious title “SAAB 9-3 Cabriolet: The Beauty from Trollhättan” from February 12, 2013. But the reading pleasure came to an abrupt end when it said: “Read more on ”. But the site doesn't exist (anymore). And what? Is the text perdu? 🙁

    Thank you in advance for the occasional help and have a nice weekend! 🙂

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    There was a private 95ng conversion to the X. As a limousine. Looked a little strange. But as a SC he would have made friends.

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    A very nice Saab that was for sale and Hans made the right decision to keep his piece of jewelry!

    Maybe I'm a bit naive about that, I've never looked at the prices of the 9-3X, but I don't think it's that expensive. Compared to the prices at which Griffin convertibles (petrol / BioPower) with a similar mileage are offered, that seems very moderate to me - with convertibles you are always around 30.000. But convertibles, especially Griffins, are perhaps something else.

    If the 9-3X with all-wheel drive had existed as diesel (or even the 9-3 SportCombi Diesel with all-wheel drive), it would definitely have become my daily car. And now you can get it cheaply ;-), thanks to the Mittelland Canal Mafia ... 🙁

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    Nice report, but I can't quite share the content. I also think the price called is way too high.

    For weeks here on the saabblog I tried to sell a top 9-3X 2.0T XWD Automatic, with 90000km and lots of deer goodies and at a moderate price. The response? Two parties have reported half-heartedly. Was it the automatic? Or the white color? I don't know, I just know that I will keep the great X now.

    Why this change? It's very simple and maybe many Saab fans can understand that. I bought the X in excellent condition and then I almost regretted driving this beautiful car as an everyday car. Now I've made up my mind to drive the X every day, it can get dirty and wet now and then, and I can only say it's an incredibly great car. With 240PS and 350Nm it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of dynamics and the seats with the premium leather are simply top.

    Today I say full of joy, probably to the one who has a Saab 9-3X 2.0T XWD in the stable.

    • @Hans S. One of the great secrets of this world seems to be that some cars find a buyer immediately, others, but not of equal value. It may be the automatic, it may be the color. No idea. It's always good to keep it, the good Saab will no longer be.

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    A very nice car. And the principle is fabulous.

    An all-wheel drive station wagon with a small plus in ground clearance is the ideal concept for me personally.

    Unfortunately, I only had the pleasure in the Gothenburg V70XC on a test drive during the Ford era.

    A European 9-5X NG SC without Chinese or American participation (preferably as BioPower and with fuel made from waste) would have been my dream car.

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