Saab 9000 and R900 racing feeling

Saab brought a large portion of racing feeling to the dealers' showrooms in 1995. Good for the brand's sporty image and good for the mood of the customers. Saab on the road in the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring, with Volker Stryzek at the wheel. From Trollhättan came as reinforcement ...

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7 thoughts on "Saab 9000 and R900 racing feeling"

  • COOL!
    How nice that I have both street copies in front of the door and I already enjoy the sight every day, the driving anyway 😉

  • Makes you feel good! Cool Saab and great music!

  • @ Old Swede I think so. There are still some videos in the archive. Replenishment that has to be digitized is also promised.

  • Those were still cars with which one (s) could identify. The customer recognized his car on the racetrack. Thanks for the video. Will there be more of it ?!

  • The 9-3I or here 900 II Coupe is simply an outrageously good car! A feast for the eyes from every angle and with the right motorization, I'll just say Viggen, it's super fast too.

  • Please unlock me! transferred 95 euros yesterday

  • I could cry when I think that we should never see something like this again. SAAB forever!
    Apart from that, the pictures make me feel like I did in the 80s when I was in the paddock at the DTM.
    My stepfather was from racing and kept having paddock tickets 🙂

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