Market check - Saab 9-5 NG prices - speculative, or what?

About 10 years ago, production of the last Saab model came to a standstill. The prices for used cars have developed excitingly since then. The first slump was followed by a rapid recovery. Since then, prices have been remarkably stable. Now vehicles with 300.000 kilometers and more are trickling onto the market. How is their price development that takes place beyond the collector's environment?

The market for the Saab 9-5 NG is divided into different segments. The most spectacular part is the collector's market, which focuses on vehicles with less than 100.000 kilometers or just a little more. This is where collectors and fans of the brand shop. In the meantime you can almost only find gasoline-powered vehicles on offer, the diesel is still unpopular. Automatic transmissions dominate the wish list, equipment from Vector level up is mandatory.

Market check used car prices Saab 9-5 NG
Market check used car prices Saab 9-5 NG

Saab 9-5 NG prices - the big speculation

In the meantime, many vehicles have been converted and brought to aero level. Anyone who collects and values ​​authenticity should familiarize themselves with the history of their dream object. A good contact with the scene, which almost every car knows, can help in researching the history. Or an inquiry at Lafrentz in Kiel, where most of the renovations were carried out.

The prices in the collector segment are stable. You have to pay somewhere around € 20.000 for a good 9-5 NG. Particularly beautiful vehicles, rare colors and special equipment are more expensive. In return, you get an unusually stable vehicle.

The last Saab has always invited speculation. Dealers who buy cheaply from ignorant first owners can make a lucrative business. This also attracts traders who originally moved beyond the scene. The speculations don't always work out, there are always exaggerations, and the fans' willingness to pay is by no means unlimited.

Research is required for vehicles that are offered with an unclear history from the Baltic environment. It can be accidental damage that is not always communicated openly. If in doubt, it is better to buy the vehicle from one of the addresses that you trust.

Saab 9-5 NG prices and high mileage

Vehicles with 300.000 or more kilometers are now also being sold. A sound barrier of acceptance seems to be the 200.000 kilometer limit. Shortly before or after it, the price level flattens out significantly. Then entry is also possible for well below € 10.000.

But there is an acceptance problem. The last Saab is not yet a youngtimer, let alone a classic. From a certain number on the speedometer, it is only a used car with a high mileage. The demand and the long service life are correspondingly meager. The 9-5 is struggling here, and it will be in the long run.

Production of the Saab 9-5 ended in spring 2011
Production of the Saab 9-5 ended in spring 2011

Because for possible buyers who want to use up the big Saab for a few more years, the replacement question arises beyond the tolerance that the fans bring with them. Not everything is in the sunshine here, specific parts have been rare for years, and there is hardly any post-production in Sweden.

The Opel relatives and the identical parts of the Insignia series help. This ensures mobility and brings spare parts at more affordable prices than those offered by Swedish providers. Saab workshops are increasingly using their historical GM connections and accessing the brand with the lightning bolt.

From the valley of tears

Unpopular and cheap were and are the models with a diesel engine under the hood. However, the trend is currently changing and the diesel is slowly emerging from the valley of tears. The era of very low prices is over, but the gap between gasoline and diesel is still enormous. A state that will not fundamentally change.

By far the least popular model, however, is not a diesel. It is the small 1,6 liter, which should round off the series as a budget model. The few vehicles that exist have no real fan base and demand tends towards zero. Incidentally, the highest prices for the last 9-5 generation are paid in Germany and the Netherlands.

A look at the neighbors in Europe can therefore not hurt if you want to get into the big Saab.

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    Still a beauty, an incredibly durable, high quality design. A SAAB stop!

  • blank

    With tears in my eyes, I sold my second 9-5 NG three years ago (MY 2012). This 9-5 was a very nice Aero Biopower machine from the Kvd and well supplied with documents by the German administration. Color was Java brown and correctly all news were installed (HUD,
    But I'm still very happy that a Saab dealer from Holland bought this very fine car. So I am sure that you will be very well taken care of and that I can still see this great car when I drive by.
    I am sure that this new owner will bring a lot of joy to driving.

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    I wouldn't buy a car beyond the 300 mark either. I would have too many concerns about the follow-up costs. At 200 I would be more relaxed, but taxation here in Germany as a company car is a real obstacle.

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    A great car!
    (and I don't really like limousines at all)

    And optically still very MODERN and also extremely individual and pleasantly striking.

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    I haven't had the hope that they'll be cheaper for a long time. I give it to everyone who has one.

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    The nice thing is that people think SAAB is producing again when you drive up with the 9-5NG, ... and it's nice to be on the road with it in any case!


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