The better Saab? 9-5 Aero vs. Saab 9000

Oh, that wedge! I see him in the rearview mirror, he's following me. Flat, exotic and exciting. If I didn't know better, I would take it for an Italian make. A Lancia, maybe a Maserati or a Fiat. Some big four-door, of which only a few have made it across the Alps. Which brings us almost to the core ...

I want to read this on ...

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9 thoughts on "The better Saab? 9-5 Aero vs. Saab 9000"

  • .. well written!

  • @Tom Thank you very much. This is a well-maintained 03er 2.0t with already over 300.000 km.
    Even the leather is still in excellent condition. I'm curious.

    PS: Can I still buy the blog sticker?

  • @Stefan I have to honestly say, I still enjoy driving both vehicles. Currently the 9-3 I, the 9-5 OG is in the hangar. I don't want to expect so much snow and ice from the Spaniard (yet). It would be a culture shock. The difference between the two series is significant. The 9-5 OG is so much more comfortable and relaxed, that is really fun. Have fun with the new acquisition!

  • Thank you for the first part of this comparison.
    I'm moving to a 9-5 upper floor at the weekend. However, I miss the comparison to
    9000, because for me a 9-3 I gives way to the larger station wagon.
    After the first test drive I immediately felt at home in the 9-5 and am now looking forward to a lot more
    Space and noticeably more comfort.
    I haven't been allowed to drive the 9000 yet, but a Fiat Croma with the wonderful 2.5 V6 from Alfa has been part of our family for a long time. A great vehicle ...

  • Unfortunately, never drove a 9-5 limousine, only two 9-5 Estate (all company cars). But I drove more than four of the 9000 as a company car. First a 9000 CD and then 3 9000 CS.
    I have to say that I always liked this 9000 very much. For me the 9000 was one of the finest Saabs.

  • Interesting comparison!

    The newly acquired gentleman seems to be a real stroke of luck - congratulations! The interior looks wonderful! When will the gentleman be freed from the stuck-on black window films and why did he even get them? We were promised an explanation about this ... 😉

    And in fact the interior looks much more modern (which is no wonder), more elegant and luxurious than that of the 9000. Even the seats of the 9000-9 (which is highly praised on the 5) look somehow more compact when viewed from the side. The nice little things like double sun visors (and e.g. interior controls for the trunk and fuel filler cap, were also available in the 9-3 I convertible, unfortunately not anymore, and parking ticket holders are also found in all convertibles) are really useful and beautiful. The door sill is also very elegant, thanks for the great photos!

    When it comes to the side mounting of the bonnet, I find the 9-5 almost even more elegant and beautiful than the 9000, the headlights / indicators that are “pulled around” the corner to the side fenders make the 9-5 look very sleek. But somehow the two are very similar in view. The ignition lock speaks of course for the 9-5 .. 🙂

    BUT: Since I've never sat in a 9000, of course I can't have my say, it's all gray theory. And what speaks against the 9-5 is that it is a (pure) sedan. The hatchback solution of the 9000 was just awesome!

    Regarding the automatic air conditioning, I agree with Cab-Micha: It is simply perfect in the 9-3 II (convertible and SC), even if of course I can't compare it with the 9000 (see above). But it beats the new BMW 5 Series by far.

  • Well described. I like both, the 9-5 and the 9000. Are cars that are a lot of fun and that are individual. If I had space, I would have another one in reserve 😉

  • The interior size and the temptation of the 2,3l turbo with aero specification were the decisive factors for the 1998 series in 9000. I only discovered the many subtleties of the aero9k later anyway!

  • Well written again. You want to test both cars yourself right away. Regarding the climates: Of all the cars I have driven, my 9-3 II Cab has the best working air conditioning!

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