La bella rossa - Saab Cabriolet Love doesn't have to be expensive

Where have they gone, the cars beyond the gray and black hues? La bella rossa - a laser red Saab Cabriolet, one of these stands out from the gray herd. A little courage to color - yes, of course. It puts a smile on our faces in everyday life. It's especially great when the love for the red convertible isn't expensive at all.


Saab 9-3 1.8t convertible

A Saab Cabriolet is a currency. At least, most of the time. The classic 900 with a fabric roof was and always is expensive. The facelift convertibles of the 9-3 II series are also. And whatever happens in between, there is at least hope for the classic status.

The prices for 9-3 II Cabriolets are high in Germany and some neighboring countries, maybe too high. For a facelift petrol engine with less than 100.000 kilometers you can easily put € 15.000 on the table. Depending on the equipment and performance, a bit more. But it is worth being vigilant. Because every now and then there are beautiful cars to discover at our neighbors at interesting prices.

A Saab 9-3 II Facelift Cabriolet for well under €10.000? First registration in 2008, only 58.000 kilometers on the clock, with premium leather and automatic on board, in very good, neat condition. There is that too. You only have to look to Italy, where such a Saab is offered.

The retailer, who otherwise has nothing to do with the Swedish brand, is asking just €6.800. Unbelievable, you have to let that melt in your mouth. And it's better to start with what you don't get for it. The Saab 9-3 Vector is quite simply equipped. There is no xenon light, no navigation system.

As is so often the case with Italian vehicles, it also has no heated seats. Retrofitting them is time-consuming and expensive, sometimes postponed for psychological reasons. And it has the combination of 1.8t and automatic. This is beyond good, and neither happily coordinated, nor does it convey anything dynamic.

A Saab Cabriolet is a currency

In principle, two things help to be happy with it. Either, you're naturally a settled, well-balanced character. Or you can have a performance upgrade delivered by Hirsch Performance. This puts the ratio of vehicle weight, performance and 5-speed automatic back into the green area.

So what to do Driving to Italy somehow, breaking all Corona rules and triggering the laser red Swede with Austrian origin and residence in Italy? Or just transfer the money to the dealer in the hope that everything will be fine somehow?

Forget it! Of course, a Saab Cabriolet is a currency. And of course I couldn't write this text as quickly as the Saab was sold. A matter of a few hours and the opportunity was gone. You can get angry now, or make bets on where the red Saab will appear soon.

Either an Italian Saab fan has found happiness with him for the next summer.

Or a retailer recognized the opportunity and seized it. And offers it for a friendly few € more. Earning money can be so easy.

With visuals by Gruppo Auto Po

6 thoughts on "La bella rossa - Saab Cabriolet Love doesn't have to be expensive"

  • "He should go."

    In the summer of 2019 (or 2018?) someone offered me his 9-3 II Cabrio (unglifted). "Nice car," I said in passing, and was called afterwards: "You can have it!"

    So I turned around in disbelief. The man only wanted 6.500, only 79 tkm, last service and HU 3 months ago.
    I was just too stupid and not spontaneous enough to hit or even ask for a phone number to sleep on...

    Since then, my reflection has been bitterly reproaching me every morning. I construct justifications and stick consolation plasters on my cheeks after the wet shave. I like to tell myself that there are many such offers. But unfortunately that's not true.

  • May the new owner be happy with the red SAAB.
    Man must also be able to indulge!
    Sold faster than the article was written... quite a special coincidence!

  • Bargain or not - it is simply a seductively beautiful object! I once met such a dream of a red convertible 900, not so young anymore even qua km - I was blown away, could not resist, although I already had a worthy Saab. And although I drive it little, I'm still happy with it! Hopefully this year it will be given the dignity of a classic car. ...

  • Hopefully the buyer is lucky and the car is actually in good condition. I had the intention of buying a similar red and cheap 9-3 convertible in Warsaw last fall. I had informed the seller that I would like to drive the car to a workshop and also to the car wash before buying it - initially he agreed, but the day before departure he refused. Good thing I didn't go! As always, I wouldn't buy a used car without a thorough inspection and test drive.

  • A snapper! Too cheap, which doesn't have to be a bad thing. Someone struck quickly and made no mistake.

  • Well, I can't really make out a currency there. € 6.800 for a car like this is incredible. At least judging by the pictures. In between there are also offers of the 9-3I and 9-3II (before facelift) here in Germany where I click away because I think the offers are dubious. But I seem to be wrong.

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