The big X - Saab 9-5X XWD sports suit model year 2014

In confidential Saab documents from winter and spring 2011, the big X is always noticed. It complements the 9-5 range with a sports suit and sedan. This model never came on the market. The search for clues is difficult, and the trail leads through internal documents and presentations. The large off-road and lifestyle station wagon would have accents ...

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7 thoughts on "The big X - Saab 9-5X XWD sports suit model year 2014"

  • Answer to legitimate comments

    Saab was financially too small to realize good future projects in reality alone, on the one hand a shame but on the other hand absolutely understandable. In addition, the peculiar Swedish policy was also partly responsible, in that it did not encourage the industry to be profit-oriented, because of profit taxation, so Saab's hands were tied. Therefore they looked for a cooperation with experienced strong partners for the future, as this finally "unfortunately" came about with GM; Although negotiations were also carried out with other corporations, this decision remained. Saab internally was not enthusiastic about it from the start, but at that time the management saw a future opportunity and wanted to convince the management staff with appropriate “headwashes”, which unfortunately only partially succeeded, because which good employees jumped off and went to the competition. Older Saab dealers also expressed their concerns, as the Saab factory policy logically forced its importers and dealers to adapt to the planned cost-cutting measures in a future-oriented manner. Internal discussions were hot as never before. There has been much speculation with few or no fair answers; A lot of blah-blah with big promises in the American style could be felt, but in fact the innovations that were implemented never again dominated the competition, as during the 70s and 80s, although these were also difficult times; probably noticed that everything was still a small individual vehicle manufacturer that would never have been able to keep up without cooperation with “other” large manufacturers.

    Subject 4 × 4, XWD or X, as Saab called it at the end, was initially not particularly interested in Scandinavia, because during the then severe winter months, spikes had been a matter of course for generations and had few problems with locomotion. It was just about keeping up with the competition in order to be present in other markets on an equal footing. So the engineers had already been researching the 4-wheel drive internally for a long time, but from further up, i.e. GM, stones were put in the way from the start, so that progress with this technology was only slow. This already at the beginning of the 90s with the 9000s; For the time being, you only had to be content with traction control, although some four-wheel-drive 9k-CS were already on test phases. The TCS was an ingenious system, but its first generation brought with it a number of problems that were not always easy to deal with, because mostly time-consuming and internally generated high labor costs.

    For the commercial GM leadership overseas, the Saab philosophy was just a well-developed, interesting research laboratory center for itself, the tradition of which was never accepted, but unfortunately was used for too long for its own purposes until there was no more technical interest and then it was deliberately steered towards the financial coincidence of the “crash”; this step was planned by GM in advance, but ultimately went wrong. The few Saab concepts that GM promised were more or less supported in order to realize their actual interest in cheap mass vehicle production outside of Saab. Other Saab projects remained forgotten in a corner in Trollhättan, or actually had to be destroyed by GM because of “professional secrecy”.

    SAAB itself had so many good forward-looking prototype projects that were far superior to the competition that a future-positive financial partner would certainly have been able to get on their feet better and earlier than GM had done with their American way of thinking. The SAAB booths with ingeniously presented prototypes at the various international automobile exhibitions were deliberately mostly only used by GM as a mental public attraction in order to achieve new sales figures with the existing offer without introducing major technical effort into the model range. Targeted new products could have been introduced much earlier if it wasn't always short-term financial figures. In fact, it was all about numbers that were well decorated internally, while the original, well-kept traditions of the Saab brand remained in the background and went under more and more unnoticed year after year.

    SAAB would certainly have made more of it if instead of the unsuspecting GM policy, a long-term, thought-conscious European investor had been positioned in its place, who primarily appreciates knowing its traditional philosophy and on this basis compiled its true future calculations, otherwise go to many Saab genes lost. But those responsible at the end of the 80s who were “too confident or unsuspecting” relied too much on Saab's largest North American sales market, which was clearly fatal. It's a real shame when you consider that the future 9-5 NG project at that time should have been presented in 2007 when the cooperation between the two parties had finally harmonized in balance, but no, the existing 9-5 quickly became one “Chrome glasses” offset as a stopgap to its continuation. So 4 years have already been lost here, and who knows how many years have already been lost?

  • That would be a nice idea for a model car manufacturer, if it were possible to realize such a model without a real prototype. At least one could buy this dream car in miniature. Although your personal dream would have been a 9-5 hatchback as an off-road variant. It's a shame that SAAB could never really use the potential that was in the 9-5 NG….

  • Hard to read ...: the last Opel from Saab
    But, the world is ruthless, we notice it in other things e.g. Currently ...
    A very exciting and informative article. Thanks. But also shows what was screwed up in Trollhättan ... and opportunities that have passed are now gone, often forever. In this case a shame.
    For me the 9-5 sports suit would probably have been too long after all ..., from a certain size (length) I only find the length in cars to be plump.
    However: just look, the sports suit already has charms ...

  • A very attractive car, even after the photo! I think I would have liked that. I would probably have even ordered one. That makes old wounds bleed again, but what the heck. Somehow you still miss Saab and think what if?

    Would we like the current cars? Or would the split with E-Saab and Turbo Saab be a new one? So with real Saab and GM Saab and the crap? Probably the latter, because the community has always been divided and tended to form small groups. She still does it consistently today. You can see from the fact that for years she was unable to support the blog on a voluntary basis and keep it open to everyone.

  • And another story full of "would" and "would have" ...... And that about cars that would have caused enthusiasm today as new releases (there it is again !!!!!!)

    Many brands have gone under over time. When it comes to Saab, my sadness has not diminished over the years. I hope we can enjoy the treasures for many years to come. Each one is worth preserving. Even those without “Aero”, “Anniversary” or other lettering….

    The Lizi

  • Yes, the 9-5X would have turned out great and could have inspired new customers for SAAB. Pity! There was real potential there - which was not used. 15 years up to a lifestyle combination is just too much. The market does not forgive such a thing.

  • As a big fan of the Saab brand, you just have to find out two or three things over and over again and take note of them with a bit of frustration; Saab often came onto the market too late or not at all with important models.

    Not a beginner Saab 9-1, real station wagon only from 1994 and the all-wheel drive models felt 20 years after the Quattros, although in Sweden the advantages of four-wheel drive should have been noticed early on. I think they simply didn't sell several 10000 vehicles because they simply didn't have them! If you have to see with a certain annoyance how Audi and BMW went out in the 90s and sold hundreds of thousands of cars, you can ask yourself; what was missed?

    Of course, I'm very happy that you don't see or have seen the Saab on every corner, but it shouldn't have been a total loss of the brand!


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