Over again - Spyker NV went bankrupt

In the summer of last year there was suddenly hope. Surprisingly, Spyker seemed close to being reborn. Another life, again? To make happiness perfect, the plan was to build the noble manufactured goods in Germany. That seems to be over now. But it is not. Says Victor Muller.

Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85
Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85

The plans were once again ambitious. A showroom in Monaco, the comeback in motorsport. Let's go if the Spyker C8 Preliator should come this year, then the B6 Venator and the Spyker D8 SUV should follow. Boris Rotenberg, a Moscow banker and a friend of Vladimir Putin, was supposed to finance the comeback.

But the money never arrived

But they waited in vain for the promised financial means. Therefore, after Spyker Services and Spyker Events, Spyker NV trundled into the insolvency. However, according to Victor Muller, the company is just an empty shell. The Spyker assets had been transferred to an English company so that nothing would stand in the way of a possible comeback.

In fact, this bankruptcy is also related to the funds that were not received by Rotenberg. Muller would have wanted to use them to pay monies to the Spyker Services and Events creditors, as agreed with the insolvency administrators. They showed long understanding. But after two years of patience and waiting, the time for one of the administrators was up. The insolvency of Spyker NV was the logical consequence.

Not over yet

Muller remains optimistic. It's not over yet, he said. The chances for an investment in the rebirth of Spyker are very high. He regrets that the liquidator would not have wanted to wait another week.

The story, or rather the drama, seems endless. The rock bottom has been reached, but Spyker is the fairy dust dreams are made of. Nobody needs the brand, but it would be nice if it were back. Handcrafted sports cars are the counterpoint to an ever colder, more perfect world.

5 thoughts on "Over again - Spyker NV went bankrupt"

  • Espresso machines on wheels

    The quirky interior design with lots of retro switches had something.

    I also put such a switch in the classic car. For the overdrive of the P164E. Otherwise I only have them in the kitchen ...

    I like that whack of things. This is zero layer.

  • Well, that's the way it is with the fine gentlemen Putin & Co., who only think of their own advantage and their own power - reliably only in predictable negative reactions and actions, where “negative” is expressed strongly euphemistically. Whoever gets involved with such people shouldn't be surprised in my opinion and it's your own fault!

  • VM, the eternal dreamer! I find him likeable, if only because of his commitment to Saab. But nobody really takes it seriously. But it's entertaining.

  • How long until the very big bubble implotates and all the small bubbles travel with it into the abyss?
    (am not a maverick or a QA, just a pessimistic realist)

  • VM is and will remain a stand-up man - he deserves respect for this in any case 🙂
    I got to know him for the 9-5 NG presentation in Sweden - somehow a “dreamer” in a positive sense ..

    From him we will definitely hear unbelievable things again - good luck on my part - no matter what ..


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