The Saabblog stickers are back!

Good news for Saab fans! Our Saabblog stickers are back, we are distributing them to the readers. As usual, it is available in two different editions. Dark or light, so that they fit perfectly on the Saab, and not just there. Because you can also stick it on a third-party product. And show that you drive Saab.

Saabblog sticker

As always, we are distributing the stickers for free to anyone who has a Turbo Plus Subscriptions completed. It is very easy to get the Saabblog stickers. In contrast to previous campaigns, there is no need to send a prepaid envelope, the process is completely digital.

Here Turbo Plus subscribers can enter the desired delivery address, and the stickers will be in the mail a few days later.

Where do we deliver

We deliver the stickers free of charge within the EU and Switzerland. Non-EU countries are not supplied.

What do we deliver

There are 4 stickers per subscriber, two light-colored, two in the dark version. Excess stickers can be given away to Saab friends or used to beautify the company car.

What's next?

The "I love Saab" stickers, in many bright colors, will go online soon. A little more color and joy in our currently sometimes too gray world.

4 thoughts on "The Saabblog stickers are back!"

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    Is it possible or is it intended to re-issue the "Min riktiga bil ar en Saab" stickers? I have great need there! 🙂

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    As a friend of all stickers, I am happy! 🙂
    Great thanks.
    Incredible, already (!!!) the Turbo subscription for ME was worth it! Thanks again for the positive surprise.

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    Will the cute troll stickers for sticking on outside soon be available again? Or a tip on where to get it?

    Unfortunately, Skandix only has some to stick to the inside of the window, which probably doesn't go well with the rear window heater - and the little guy should stick to the back so that he can be seen as often as possible! 🙂 In addition, the Skandix model is also quite pale - the blog used to have more colorful colleagues (just like the originals used to look). Can you hope for a new edition?

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