NEVS present and future - more Chinese than ever

With the complete takeover by Evergrande, the situation of NEVS has changed. What are the specific effects? When will there be cars from the Stallbacka again and how much money has Evergrande invested in Trollhättan so far? Does the old Saab factory have a future at all, what about the ...

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5 thoughts on "NEVS present and future - more Chinese than ever"

  • ….Thanks for the information.

    Perhaps Evergrande has Trollhättan and Königsegg in mind as a development hotspot. A production for Europe would of course be nice, even nicer if the whole thing is called SAAB again and it would be best if the vehicles are as innovative, intuitive and engineering-heavy as the old SAABs. The study with the glass doors which was recently presented here in the blog makes me dream in this direction.

    Until then, our SAABs will be maintained and used ... -

  • @ Black Swede The Sion topic currently has no presence. I would only dare to make a prognosis with a crystal ball. But there is a well-made informative blog about Sono Motors. If you are interested, just do it pure read.

  • We can look forward to further developments regarding Koenigsegg. Are you actually planning to continue with the Sion for Trollhättan, or have these castles in the air burst too? Sono Motors doesn't seem to be moving really from the spot?

  • Ok, regarding Koenigsegg, I should have looked at the caption :-). At least he got a part once.

  • I think it's a shame that there is no such thing as reliability. So you can really only be surprised. Whatever Evergrande is up to with or without NEVS, it doesn't matter. I find the department with Koenigsegg more interesting. Can he do something with the participation of NEVS? Or is he still waiting for his money?

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