Evergrande Auto raises billions in additional capital

Evergrande Auto, owner of NEVS and the former Saab factory, has successfully raised capital on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company plans to launch 14 new electric cars from 2022. The ambitions to beat Tesla are high. The development of the share price is already noteworthy. New…

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2 thoughts on "Evergrande Auto raises billions in additional capital"

  • Well then, the CCP doesn't seem to mind. With investors from the surrounding area, the actors either believe in the big goal or a big bubble develops.
    China reminds me of Germany around 1900, economically strong, militarily strong, on the way to becoming a great power. Only slowed down by two world wars, let's hope that the development is different at this point and that we just see a country moving out of backwardness into the ranks of large industrial nations ... and maybe an international cooperation, the innovative, quirky motor vehicle from a Swedish factory throws on the market 😉

  • The share price is not bad. Who has change to gamble ...

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