The gentleman's cousins ​​- interesting Saab 9-5 Aero

Saab has always known how to build perfectly understated cars. The typical representative of this genus, which is critically endangered, is the 9-5 Aero of the first series. Somehow it was almost forgotten, erased from memory. Then came the gentleman project. With him a 9-5 from Spain, which clearly made it clear what great cars were built in Trollhättan around 20 years ago.

A cousin of the Gentleman Project
A cousin of the Gentleman Project

It's not too late yet

The opportunity is still there, but time is running out. Interesting Series 1 Aero keep coming out on the market. Sometimes amazingly well cared for, with a few kilometers. The prices are bearable. For the Swedish luxury liner with a slightly sporty attitude, you put less money on the counter than the battery pack of an electric car costs.

In return, you get a lot of comfort and individuality as well as analog calmness. Fortunately, Saab held back when it came to electronics, so that weak points are manageable and in the event of a defect, everything can be repaired for a reasonable budget.

The first 9-5 series has the genes to pass as a long-term car with intelligent maintenance. The red pencil only came into action in series 2 and 3, the processing was still loving. Preserved with expertise at the critical points that every Saab workshop knows, rust has no chance either.

I found two interesting cousins ​​of the Gentleman Project, in Switzerland and in the Netherlands. Neither of them is expensive, and you should grab it before someone else does.

The Saab cousin from Switzerland

Is silver the best color for a 9-5 aero? One can have different opinions about this. The Swiss cousin of the Gentleman Project is definitely an individualist. Silver in combination with a beige leather interior is something you don't see that often.

Swiss cars have the reputation of being meticulously maintained in Germany, which is also due to the federal version of the TÜV. Their examiners are quite humorless and only wave through what is really good. The Aero appears to be well maintained and has only a little more than 100.000 kilometers on the clock. An automatic transmission ensures comfortable travel, the price is not high.

5.000 CHF are required, which corresponds to around 4.700 €. In addition, you have to calculate the value added tax, should the Saab want to travel to Germany or another EU country. Either way: It's not expensive to get started.

The gentleman's cousin is in the Zurich area Sales.

The Saab cousin from the Netherlands

Beauty has to be paid for, doesn't it? Midnight blue is one of the most beautiful colors you have ever mixed in the Stallbacka. It makes a distinguished appearance out of every Saab, but especially out of the 9-5 sedan. The Aero that is offered in the Netherlands remains just below the psychologically important mark of 100.000 kilometers.

In order not to become weak, you have to be a strong character. Ventilated and electrically adjustable seats are the icing on the cake of a very nice feature. The Aero is switched manually, which does not have to be a disadvantage and which one or the other enthusiast specifically asks.

The history should be documented and the condition should be good. The original asking price of over € 10.000 has since been reduced to € 9.250. It is possible that there is still some air here, because the times are not exactly such that youngtimers and classics are sold at top prices.

Despite all the beauty, an intense look is of course advisable. The seller, who every now and then has a beautiful Saab in his offer, also provides many pictures.

The Dutch cousin of the gentleman stands in Macharen for Sales.

The opportunity to drive a future classic is here. A sustainable car that you can use for a long time with a clear conscience, without having to forego comfort and performance. Extended usage times are true sustainability and the conservation of scarce resources.

Unfortunately, this idea has no lobby at all.

3 thoughts on "The gentleman's cousins ​​- interesting Saab 9-5 Aero"

  • We have been using a 9-5 Series 2 as my wife's car for years. The car has easily accompanied us to vacation in the Balkans, to Spain, France, Hungary and much more. And can also be used as an everyday car. He has about 310 ′ km now and is more than reliable. Exactly, the known places had to be welded once and have been absolutely unproblematic for 6 years now. And the car is spacious, also in the back. If it's cold, the seat heating pampers the rear passengers, who always feel comfortable in the comfortable seats and have enough space.

    After more than 2 weeks in the airport, it still started, whereas my colleague's new “car” had problems because the electronics needed a lot.

    Even the automatic shifts smoothly and cleanly. The engine is clean and does not lose any oil. At the last MFK in Switzerland, the engine and chassis were not washed so that the inspector can see that the car is absolutely dry despite a bit of dust. And they're pretty hot here. Only two sockets had to be changed on the rear axle.

    At the beginning of the takeover in 2014, various things had to be done. The car was then professionally reconditioned, parts with scratches, dents and dents were painted. But if we look at the investments in the 7 years of useful life, they are low. Because the service costs are more like newer vehicles. Petrol consumption is also less than 10 liters on average. In the case of long journeys, even far below.

    The car has a modern multimedia radio. And so it is state of the art.

    I can really recommend the 9-5 as a car. And I hope that one or the other will think about keeping the car. It is questionable that something better will follow. And I know cars with digital electronic helpers, but a car can certainly work in an analogue way. The main thing is that it is reliable, convenient and fast.

    The normal H7 headlights are basically not bad, but as a test I tested a set of the new OSRAM LED retrofit bulbs. Wow, I hardly think a new headlight can top that.

    The SAAB community would just have to put some pressure on OSRAM so that the retrofit LED bulbs can also be officially approved for our vehicles.

    Tom, maybe that would be worth a report. What do you mean?

  • I think the Aero from the Netherlands is good. Almost full hut and actually not too expensive. Maybe now is the best time to stock up again?

  • We have just treated ourselves to a 9-5 2.0 LPT SE of the 1st series as a winter car for my wife.

    It is a bit battered and with its 190,000 km is just about to be retracted.

    With its scratches and dents, a car that would have one or two exciting stories to tell.

    At the end of this week he should be back with us with a new MFK (Swiss TÜV). My wife is definitely looking forward to 'her' Saab, but it's gray-blue, which I only saw a few times.

    If I read the post here, maybe we should keep it longer than just this winter and give it a little more love or maybe even restore it.


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