Saab market check - Saab 9-4x - Swedish SUV in small series

Almost exactly 10 years have passed since the first Saab 2011-9x in February 4 Mexico rolled off the tape. The SUV was involuntarily only produced in a small series. It's still attractive, the hearts of some fans beat faster when they see one. What you should definitely consider when buying, and what the Saab 9-4x can cost.

Production lasted briefly, then GM stopped the lines. What is disputed is how many 9-4x were made. The numbers are contradictory and range between 614 and 814 pieces. Among them are 20 9-4x of the model year 2012. However, the quantities are small and there is no market as such.

Regrettable, because the Saab 9-4x was not only convincing in terms of design, it was also technically up to date at the time. The fact that there was no diesel was consciously accepted in Trollhättan. The SUV was never designed as a car for Europe, the markets were in North America and especially in China. The 9-4x Saab could have helped to make a breakthrough there, and the chances were not bad.

Saab 9 4x 2011
Saab 9 4x 2011

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