The Saab 9000 Turbo that I would have wanted

Do you know that too? That car you never got? Because the time was against it, you were too young or your account balance too low? These youthful deficits can be addressed in two ways. You could go to a psychologist or just buy the car. Now. Both ways are costly.

Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo 1992
Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo 1992

I bought my first Saab in 1992. A 900 S Coupe that just fit into the budget. Actually, to stick with the truth, the 9000 would have been the more suitable car for me. My annual mileage was high, the 9000 the more modern design. More comfortable, quieter, with more luxury. But also sinfully expensive.

True elegance

So it stayed with the longing look at the new CS, which was then in the dealer's yard. Nevertheless, I was happy with the 900 and stayed loyal to the series for a long time, followed by two more 900 S. However, as a young used car, which shockingly had made a model change in Sweden.

What remains of unfulfilled wishes to this day is a 9000 CS in Odoardo gray. The paint job was from 1986 to 98. It was named after the Italian Saab importer at the time, who is said to have given the impetus for this color. In his eyes, the previously used colors of the Swedes were not suitable for true elegance. Which he wasn't entirely wrong about.

For me, the color Odoardo Gray after midnight blue has stood for the most beautiful color a Saab could have. When a very similar color appeared a few years ago at the Volkswagen Group, I caught myself for a split second at the thought of buying such a car.

Of course I didn't do that, there must be deliberately unfulfilled wishes in life. A very cool 1992 Saab 9000 CSE is now available in Switzerland. He stands by Garage Jost for sale in Pieterlen. Jost supports the blog, which, however, does not lead to paid content in this specific case. This contribution is due solely to the enthusiasm for the 9000 CSE.

The Jost family lives Saab and keeps bringing historic vehicles from Sweden to the Swiss Confederation. The Odoardo gray 9000 CSE is also a direct import from Sweden. A classic in gray and black that is particularly elegant because it is an early CS and not an Aero or Anniversary.

Buy the 9000 Turbo before I do

The Saab is rust-free and has never been welded. The checkbook should be kept completely, its condition is described as well maintained. A little more than 110.000 kilometers are on the speedometer, the 2,3 liter engine produces 200 turbo hp which, in conjunction with a low vehicle weight, ensure full driving performance.

The Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo has one more year to the H license plate, it is already a classic of the heart. Getting into this elegant, rare Saab isn't really expensive. Much cheaper than when it was new on the farm in 1992.

Garage Jost would like to see CHF 11.900 credited to the account for this. Converted it would be almost 11.000 €, but I think the 9000 will find a home in Switzerland and not wander any further through Europe.

It should be bought, seriously.

Before I even think about it.

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  • Colors ... and refuel from E85 in Switzerland?

    Super nice Saab, which I don't find too expensive either! It is rare and another brand would definitely not be an alternative, as was correctly stated below.

    I noticed the petrol station sign in the photo and asked our Swiss Saab friends whether you can still fill up with E85 there? In my research - driven by the endeavor to be able to offer my black racehorse its favorite food again - I not only came across France, but also “Agrola” petrol stations in CH. Can you still buy the noble drink there? At what price? Due to the current travel situation, this question is not really urgent, but I would be VERY GRATEFUL for information! After all, it is a pleasure to currently dream of an extensive convertible tour through F and CH ... 🙂 (and unfortunately my black racing mare has only been allowed to eat her favorite food once, in Sweden).

    Yes, and there were very interesting shades of green, as Dietmar noted below. Here in my neighborhood I keep seeing a green 9000 as a lantern parker, unfortunately in not very good condition. I will soon inspect whether it is also green on the inside.

    Happy Saab to all Saab fans! 🙂

  • I already congratulate the new buyer…. I can only agree with EF-Elch. The gun license should be compulsory for this car…. Personally, I would miss the famous automatic, but there are also gearshift fans. As for the “sporty” pricing…. Despite the solid base - or maybe thanks to the solid base - it cost me around 10k euros each to get my two 9000 in a personally acceptable condition. If possible, I also don't want to drive any other car when it comes to long journeys. And it is more than appropriate that this vehicle finally get the recognition it deserves. I am happy to provide mine for the "ignorant" for a trial trip.

    The Lizi

  • Buy buy. Such an opportunity occurs every few hundred years. I also made my dream come true. Now there is a 9000 CSE in the garage. The fourth 9000 after a total of 18 bars. There is still the real SAAB feeling.
    The new owner has a lot of fun and driving pleasure.

  • If this 9000er is a real Mj.92, then it is a real “weapon” - performance without end, these had no TRIONIC but DI ignition paired with LH system and of course ETS / TCS - the latter was inevitable for this brute power development halfway up to get the road. Even AEROs from MY 93 had to struggle.

    By the way, Tom - it works the other way around - always wanted a 900I Turbo and then it became a 9000CS 170 PS.
    How did that happen ? - We had such a 900I in Odoardo Grau in Erfurt for many years - under care - 3 door Mj.89 and well just my dream.
    I always "annoyed" the owner (a professor) about selling the part to me - "no no no" was always his answer 🙁
    And when he had a gearbox damage - of course I immediately got active again - but as always "no" - so gear changed for the professor ...

    So I decided on the above-mentioned 9000CS - which I still rave about today - even if we broke up years ago 🙁

    But the really “bad thing” was - that Prof. four weeks after I bought the CS - then traded the 900 with us! The world is just plain unjust ...

    Now, last autumn I fulfilled another SAAB dream - no, a 900 was never in my garage - it was a 9000 AERO with very good substance to restore ... which has just started 🙂

    But that will be a separate report here on the blog in the middle of the year

  • Hi there! The 9000 CS shown is wearing a lacquer dress in the color “platana” (228). “Odoardo” was much darker! Greetings Jens M.

  • I think that's more than OK in terms of price! After all, such a vehicle has been looked after and serviced for over 20 years or even more for some. Has incurred costs for indoor parking spaces, underground garages, etc. over the years.

    Why does the SAAB community always have the feeling that SAAB's have to go at a “bargain price”! If it were a Mercedes or another brand, the prices would rise. Even at SAAB, prices have to rise continuously. This is a must, otherwise there will be no more surviving vehicles in the end.

    A well-maintained car is the best investment. Instead of a "worn out" copy where you have to invest a lot. And what has been “ridden down” by the previous owners. Of course, cars like this should also be saved more and more. But that is why the price of the vehicles must finally go up.

    So you should finally get away from getting SAAB's at low prices.

  • The color …

    ... was almost prophetic. I think the price is fair. Keyword mileage. It is true that a lot also ages in the state, but conversely, a lot also only ages through use.

    A well-cared for and protected 9K can save a lot of money compared to a well-cared for but intensively used one. Already in the interior. Free time saved and more time on the road.

    Unfortunately, my income is affected by Corona. If I could I would take it ...

    Have fun for the buyer & always have a good trip.

  • I know that all too well with the car that you always wanted but never got. In the end, it was always the car and not the psychologist 😉
    It's nice to see the 9000s, even in such good condition. Unfortunately, they have become very rare on the streets, which is a shame.
    Until last year I had an Odoardo-gray 9000 CC MY'88 myself, which I still miss immensely - but I remember its gray much darker and more muted than is the case with this CS. Has there ever been a change in the gray tones?
    Hope he gets a worthy place.
    Thanks & best regards

  • For me, the “commercial value” of a SAAB does not justify a restoration. I just don't want to drive any other car. So I have to take the money and time into my own hands. Other cars will move your body, SAAB moves my soul. 😉

  • @Dietmar Erhard At the 900 there were quite a few shades of green that were only in the program for a year or two. Pine, acacia, malachite - all available with a corresponding interior. If it were a cult today, one would have another 😉 I understand the grief.

  • @Alter Swede Generally speaking, prices are rising, if only because there are fewer and fewer good copies. The stock is noticeably thinning. There is a price barrier of slightly over 10k, which is actually paid for. But the 9k does not (yet) go beyond that.

    Higher prices would justify restorations and preserve the inventory, but I don't see that at the moment.

  • I have absolutely no idea about the 900. What I “know” I have read or heard here. The latter was a long time ago. Unfortunately! In terms of feeling, I think 11.000 € is now damn sporty. Are 9000s actually traded at such rates? Then they would be really stable in value? Maybe even the most stable car from Saab ?!

  • Hi Tom,
    I have read your comments on the color Odoardo gray with interest. I've been using this one since 1989
    Paint a Saab 900 turbo and still mourn the color of my previous Saab 900 turbo Bj. 1980
    after that I bought used in 1985 in the English dark green (color name unfortunately no longer known)
    would have. Together with the green fabric upholstery and door panels, this was the best in my opinion
    Color for the Saab 900. But in 1989 this color was no longer in the range.
    The Odoardo gray is not bad and quite nice with a freshly cleaned and shiny paint,
    but not exciting.

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