Automobile production in Trollhättan is getting closer

Will there be cars from Trollhättan again soon? Automobile production is getting closer, claims Thomas Hausch, COO of Sono Motors. Without naming a specific date, of course, but now everything should go very quickly. As good as that sounds, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

View into the Trollhättan factory - Saab were built here
View into the Trollhättan factory - Saab were built here

According to the latest plans, Sono Motors would have wanted to start production in the old Saab plant in autumn 2021. In spring 2022, larger numbers could have rolled out to customers. The pandemic is also delaying planning here, as Thomas Hausch told us P4 Väst notifies. But NEVS and Sono Motors would like to concentrate on delivery as quickly as possible. You guarantee that.

In fact, Sono Motors has only just completed or under construction two prototypes that show the final design of the Sion. The technical prototypes required for homologation are not yet in sight. It is unclear whether these will be produced by Sono Motors' German partner or in prototype construction at NEVS. What would be possible and useful.

The status of the old Saab factory is also open. Likewise, the question of how Evergrande Auto evaluates contract manufacturing in Trollhättan. The contracts were signed before Evergrande joined, and since then that Self-image and the orientation at NEVS has changed significantly.

Koenigsegg's plans speak for the start of production of the Sion this year and the revitalization of the plant in general. Components for the a Gemer will also come from Trollhättan. Its production, which is already largely sold out, will start in 2022 in the expanded plant in Ängelholm.

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    I don't want to think so, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Sion took the route of the 9-5 NG SC when the lights went out after a pre-production series that had been dealt with a lot. If Sono gets that far ...

    The path via the crowd and advance payments for pre-orders has already been taken. This means that part of the possible demand and income has already been skimmed off. Above all, however, Sono has itself provided indicators through this procedure that allow potential investors, capital providers and the crowd itself to draw conclusions about the market potential.

    If things get stuck again, you are already “all in” and shouldn't have too much hope for further capital - no matter where from.

    I kind of like the Sion and hopefully I'm wrong. But I'm afraid we won't see it in series.

  • Endast två design prototype and technical prototype? Drommare ...

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    Good news for the plant that could hardly be more contradicting ...
    Sion as a resource-saving mobility alternative and
    Koenigsegg as an "upper-class toy" ...
    Well, according to the “old version” there are jobs in and around Trollhättan. Sustainable…? We'll watch it.

  • Koenigsegg Gemera as good as sold out ?! Incredible! I'm happy for Koenigsegg.

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    It would be a great development for Trollhättan. Who knows, the Saab Museum may also benefit in the long term
    Greeting André

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    Uiii! Resuscitation after 10 years - that would be sensational!

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