The Saab subscription on the blog. Is that going?

The switch to the Saab subscription model began a month ago. Paid content on the blog after 10 years. A change of time that I drove with a portion of stomach ache and concerns. There were warning voices in advance. It is corona time and therefore the worst possible time for this idea. An objection that was certainly justified.

One month Saab subscription on the blog

But is there a good time for this? Postpone the plan? Instead, call for donations again? No option, I'd rather have pulled the plug - despite many imponderables. The question of whether someone would want to pay for Saab content was open.

The “marketability” of the entire project idea was thus put to the test. Even if the hurdle of a minimum of 200 subscribers for the financial base load was very low, even these 200 people have to be inspired first.

Saab subscription - is it working?

After the announcement of the Subscription model no further news on the topic. January as the month of transition, with a large number of freely accessible articles, was the test phase. And there was a surprise. The desired 200 subscriptions were booked before the end of the month, and the blog project's economic existence was secured.

Of course, this change also had an impact on the readers, who had to get out of their comfort zone. Yes, you have to log in to read. You have to know your username and password. Just roughly, that's not enough. Computers are known to be stupid, but very hard-working. You take missing or wrong letters personally, and after exactly 5 unsuccessful attempts the firewall takes you out of the running.

From which I subsequently have to free the reader.

The first few days were a bit stressful, on both sides, but this hurdle was overcome with a lot of humor and a very pleasant tone. The change also has an impact on my work, and if I had guessed it beforehand, I would have taken the risk years ago.

All the trolls on the blog have disappeared, there is nothing left to moderate. Communication has won, the plus in friendliness is beneficial.

What are the next steps?

As promised, there will continue to be free content every week, albeit on a reduced scale. Historical content will remain freely accessible in the future; I have not accepted the temptation to hide a couple of 1.000 posts behind the paywall.

The story continues. Additional subscribers can make for a better blog. More content, maybe exciting projects and campaigns. The next few months will show what is possible. The market, or, more precisely, the readers, decide on the feasibility of ideas.

I take it easy. Without expectations and without pressure. The Saab reading material is secured in the medium term, the brand remains digitally updated daily. And that's quite a lot.

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  • It's great that it was accepted that way. I hesitate a little longer for current reasons, but it reads well that the blog has found its way into the future for the time being.

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    I noticed an improvement months before I switched to the subscription model.

    It may be that there was another jump. But to a certain extent it is just the way things are?

    I remember comments that alumni worked here to explain to Saab drivers why they are now driving a Tesla. At some point the chaff and wheat will separate and go their separate ways ...

    In each case with the firm conviction that 1. to be the wheat and 2. to have taken the right path. And 3. gladly seasoned with the feeling of being morally and / or rationally superior.

    The former praises his youngest about the technical and ecological clover and the Saab driver points to his good seats, exclusivity, timeless design and the ecological positive effects of acting sustainably against artificial obsolescence.

    At some point you worked off each other. The majority of the alumni go their own way and a decade after the last bankruptcy, even the last commercially motivated troll understood that the community of remaining Saab drivers is not a pond in which you could sensibly fish new customers for your own client.

    Geely, Evergrande, Tesla, alumni - whoever - find a reader & community here that they only wrote off completely astonishingly late, because the remaining Saab drivers are simply no longer accessible. We believe in conviction ...

    With or without a paywall.

    An “echo chamber” if you wanted to turn it negative. I prefer to see it positively.

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    I think it would be good if the Turbo members could read the articles about the goodies for the Plus members. At the moment this is unfortunately not possible, so that you cannot see any pictures of the stickers (and possibly later the espresso cups) - which might make you want a “facelift”, i.e. upgrade to the higher group (as soon as possible or otherwise when the subscription is renewed next January). So you don't even see what you're missing.

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    Thanks Tom for the stickers! One of the stickers will come on my new Saab.

    I don't see any compulsion in the subscription either!
    If I want to read a car picture, I have to
    buy them first!
    I'm looking forward to more exciting articles and videos!

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    @Guido compulsion, really now? There is no compulsory reading, that would be known, and therefore no compulsory subscription. On the contrary. I see the solution as extremely fair. Who reads has previously made his contribution to the blog, who does not read, just not.

  • Good morning,
    Since everyone is on cloud nine here, I don't want to hold back with my opinion.
    I've been reading and following the blog for a long time, and I was happy to support the blog with € 100 per year, because it was voluntary and I don't live in the tight world like many others in Germany….
    At the moment I'm not there anymore because I can't stand this eternal club dairy in Germany, it has that bitter aftertaste of compulsion again, which is out of the question for me ...
    I don't want to get too close to anyone here, but I would like to know how many people who fall into praise here have donated little or nothing all the years before ...
    Unfortunately, I am often someone who crosses the barn, like now here ... Sorry

    All the best for the future….
    Best Regards


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    I have seldom invested 95 euros so well!
    Great thank you! Chapeau, Tom!

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    Dear Tom!

    Thank you.

  • Well Tom, that was the right decision, no question about it! Well done. There are moments when you want to change something but don't dare. And after a long struggle you pull it off and are (positively) surprised. I also noticed that the tone of voice has changed. Very pleasant. What did you have to do again to get the stickers? Forgot it

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      @Alter Schwede The stickers for the Turbo Plus members are there here .

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    So I'm glad that it continues here. I join the other commentators, yes you need a few more clicks ...,
    ... however, when subscribing, I fell into old weighing-up patterns:
    do you want to read all year: yes
    do you want SAAB stickers on your SAAB: no ==> maybe on the VW bus 😉
    how much budget was planned so far: 60EUR
    do you need coffee cups: no
    ==> also Turbo subscription,

    after sending the head continued:
    if you had the other 35EUR left: yes
    the blog would be more economically secure as a result: yes
    do you want a SAAB sticker on your bike: yes
    why haven't you booked Turbo Plus: see above
    can you increase: don't know

    Yes, I'm sorry, but in my job I am judged to only do what is absolutely necessary. So question to Tom how can I top up?

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      @bergsaab So, I'm a little unfair now and let go of a teaser. These are the espresso cups that are coming our way. But there is also a Saab special in the works for the second quarter. For the Turbo subscribers who get their added value as promised.

      Can you top up? Not yet - but in the medium term. The topic occupies several readers, we solve the 😉

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    Great story! I am happy for the commitment and will on the part of the authors and administrators (... and above all Tom!) As well as the real Saab fans, to whom I count myself!
    And thank you very much from me for the nice stickers, Tom. They will soon be decorating my 9-3 convertible and the 9-5 Aero.
    Many greetings from Celle!

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    I am really pleased that the subscription variants have been so well received. This is even the reason for my first comment here 😉 The stickers came in the mail today. Thank you, Tom, for your great commitment to Saab and the community.

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    Relief - that reads great! Good news for all of us, and we are all up to date for good news.

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    Thanks to you Tom for making us addicted to SAAB so positively!
    That's the only way, I think, that the 200 fast runners ran to boarding ...
    Now the SAAB continues to fly, at least on the network ... great!
    I am also really happy that the changeover was successful.
    “The rest” has already been said by my faster writers ... 😉
    Welcome to the SAABblog club!

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    Dear Tom,

    Congratulations! I would not have believed that 200 subscribers are jumping up so quickly!
    Thank you for your great work in the past and of course for the future.
    I also noticed the tone in the comments positively. I think that's very gratifying and fits in with the community.

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    Tom for President!

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    Well then - it works! GoodNews is a popular time to read. Now only the SAABblog stickers have to come, then the month is saved again!

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    Great, Tom!
    I'm happy for you and your team, I'm happy for us.
    Keep it up….

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    @ Tom: even if it was often read.
    I thank you for the work you are doing here and I am happy every day when my email program announces the receipt of the newsletter. 🙂

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    It's great that the 200 enthusiasts found each other; I look forward to reading the interesting reports.
    Thanks Tom

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    That sounds good. And I'm happy that it continues ...
    Have a good day everyone, if possible with or in a Saab


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