A multiple Saab deja vu

I've seen it all before ... In multiple versions ... Autumn 2013. I was completely far from the "Saab scene". Had my Saab enthusiasm and the "no-go" 902 V6 convertible, which I called Gustav. I have already described in detail how I got to Gustav in the blog. And now I could just copy the beginning of the story of Red & Hot: while having coffee in the morning, I scrolled through the sales portals completely unintentionally ...

Saab 9000 CSE
Saab 9000 CSE

And then I saw this: 9000 CSE from 11/91. Dark green, beige leather, 2,3 liter full-turbo automatic, sunroof, almost 210.000 sold, the story plausible and a price that suggests a misprint. And of course nearby. I called and a few days later I walked into a private hall full of automotive curios. "No more time for this" said the seller succinctly.

In a corner and dusty stood the 9k. The headliner hung, the door panels were no longer there, the leather literally screamed for a care product. However, during the test drive it turned out that everything worked. The power and torque of the engine, the road holding, the overall package, which is over 20 years old, took my breath away.

2 x Saab 9000 - one is never enough
2 x Saab 9000 - one is never enough

I bought it. And a few trips later I named it “The Beast”. I had never seen so much power in a car before.

Since at that time I neither Berma, still Ratzmann, knowing the blog, the road to awakening it in all its beauty was long and rocky. A constantly trying little workshop, a saddler and a paint shop in my Spanish place of residence and a GM - Saab workshop in the nearest city versus a fully equipped 9k from 1991 and yes, with the part on the engine that nobody needs.

I leave the details to the imagination of the reader. The fact is that at some point it was finished and great. And almost left me again. "Time value" is the terrible word ... .. He was standing next to Gustav when the fatal hail came ...

But it still exists. Now registered in Germany, and after many thousands of happy kilometers together, it is slumbering, only to be registered again in the course of the year as possibly the first CSE with an H license plate. This was only possible because my personal Saab world has changed a lot in the meantime.

Arriving in Frankfurt one day, I saw a 9-5 NG, which is probably the only Saab taxi in the world to be on the move in the Frankfurt area - and that is still today.

Unique - the Saab 9-5 NG taxi
Unique - the Saab 9-5 NG taxi

We began to talk. The name Ratzmann was mentioned. And since Frankfurt has a Ratzmann, Barcelona must have one too. I went on a search and found Berma. The messy life became very easy. Great friendships developed. Many spare parts aid campaigns took place. And the déjà vu stories became possible.

First with the 900 Coupé in Spain. A little later with the red 9k in Germany. With one big difference - the hardship was paid. If something has been done, it's great.

The unbelievable results such a constellation can lead, not least, has the story of Gentleman shown. A great car turned into a great - unique.

And now we come to the heart of the story. Since I can't stop scrolling, I now know about the Red & Hot Aero - and not just about it….

Indeed, he needs a little attention. Since I have already imagined it to be "finished" several times, I make the dealer an offer ...

5 thoughts on "A multiple Saab deja vu"

  • @ Lizi - I knew you meant the ETS - as long as the system worked - everything was fine - if not, you could only hope that only the vacuum hose was loose / defective - otherwise it would be bad for the savings account ...

    SAAB greetings, the EF moose

  • Dear Thomas.

    Me the… “part”…. I mean, of course, the ETS. Great when it works. Hell, if it starts to bother.

    The Lizi

  • The 9K inspires again and again. For me still THE Saab par excellence. I'm all Ove ...

    But of course I also look a little to the right and left and wonder what a Saab might look like today?

    Hectic model changes were never Saab's thing. Rather the maturation. Some models were like Parmesan on wheels, like a good Bordeaux. The longer in the program, the better. Especially applies to the 9K or the 900.

    I think today we would still get the 9-5 NG (but also as SC), still the last 9-3 and the 9-4X.

    Each with optically marginal changes, but probably also as E85 compatible plug-in hybrids with a long range, low emissions and fantastic performance from a 2.0 TT + kW from an electric motor.

    I would prefer nothing more than that - if the last and youngest Saab had traditionally been allowed to continue to mature.

  • @ Lizi - “a part of the engine that nobody needs”
    With your 9k I can think of three things ...
    • as a sensible, sustainable and environmentally friendly person - the turbo - no nonsense - a Saab must have that ..
    • As a sporty, ambitious driver - the large aluminum part to the left of the engine - okay - also a matter of opinion
    • as a SAAB screwdriver - the ETS (electronic throttle valve) the insiders understand my “prejudices”

    Those would be my suggestions - otherwise a great car with potential to become a classic - I know what I'm talking about ..

  • The beast!!

    GRRRRRRR !!! A brilliant name for a brilliant car! I can really imagine how the monster pushes the driver into the (super comfortable) seats with bestial torque! Simply wonderful! 🙂 The only difference in this action film: The beast obediently listens to the wishes of its master ...

    Great story, thank you very much Lizi! Are there also photos of the (meanwhile restored) interior? Beige leather to dark green lacquer - that sounds very classy.

    Is there a way to contact the Saab taxi? I had heard of it before. But if I should ever end up flying to FfM again, I would of course like to enjoy the ride in the NG!

    And the continuation of the story about the red convertible remains very exciting! Overtaken by Berma and then - despite Corona - to a Saab and colors fan to D who longingly awaits the piece of jewelery? Would be great! 🙂


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