Saab on the moon and Saab in the bag

You come into his office and then there is a large bag on the desk. Friend Achim brought them over, the vegetable motif is just camouflage. What looks like Edeka at first glance, and where Edeka is on it, is actually Saab. And a lot of it.

Saab on Sunday

Saab in the bag

The bag with the mysterious Saab freight comes from Frankfurt. It was announced and Achim, who had an appointment for an inspection for his 9-5, then took care of the courier trip to Bavaria. Previously, Gerard Ratzmann from Saab Service Frankfurt thoroughly sorted in its archive.

Apparently, the impression is getting stronger with me over the years, he put everything aside in good time that you wanted to dispose of at Saab Germany.

Vegetables and Edeka - Saab is inside!
Vegetables and Edeka - Saab is inside!

Including a lot of VHS tapes that contain historical film material. They are unbelievably valuable for the simple reason that they also contain locally produced films by Saab Germany. Part of the German Saab past that has been preserved for posterity.

Saab VHS tapes in the bag
Saab VHS tapes in the bag

We are gradually digitizing the films, they are replenishment for the historical Saab video archive. We will find out over time how many hours of film material they contain. Sometimes the cassettes are also surprise eggs. Because the cinematic material contained does not necessarily match the lettering.

Saab on the moon

This week there was a new video from Froppo to discover. If you don't know Froppo, you don't have to worry. The same thing happened to me. But, the video is worth watching. Because it's about a time capsule from the 1980s and because luckily no annoying Tesla sails meaningfully through space as space junk.

That alone is beneficial.

If you don't have patience, you can watch from minute 3. Only then does it become worth seeing from an admittedly very subjective point of view.

And what's happening on the blog in the new week?

The blog celebrates its birthday in the coming week. 10 years of Saab writing and telling stories. A lot revolves around the subject of travel and wanderlust. There are two posts waiting for you.

  • Travel in style - clearly with a Saab.

If it is also sustainable, then nothing stands in the way of a tour from the North Cape to the Horn of Africa. I'll tell you how it works.

  • Wanderlust - when the world suddenly gets smaller.

Corona limits us. The wanderlust beckons, but we can't get out yet. No reason for gloomy thoughts. Together we discover the little freedom.

  • Saab 9-2 - promising project for the golf class.

A little Saab, how long have we waited for it? I get the 9-2 from 1999 from the archive. Would that have been a success? We'll find out this week.

How's the week going? Winterly cold, with a tendency to chaos. But snow and ice are the natural habitat for every Saab. Maybe something can be made of this.

9 thoughts on "Saab on the moon and Saab in the bag"

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    The photo of the red 9-3x looks computer-made. Where did that come from?

    • blank

      @Saabansbraten Is a press photo from Saab.

  • blank

    I've only just re-experienced that with the one at home in snow and ice.
    Just got back from shopping and despite having summer tires (yes, I know I should be ashamed now)
    my girl didn't even muck. Winter mode of the automatic on and forwards and backwards no problems.
    You can tell that the 9-5 I was built for real winter and not for the Kiki we had here in North Rhine-Westphalia for the past few years.

  • blank

    the red 9-3X, what a picture!

  • blank

    Nice video! I'm looking forward to the new week! In the 80s, Corona was still okay ;-).

  • blank

    Films, films ... As historical replenishment and as a surprise. It's fun, including the 80s mode. Have a perfect Sunday everyone (and not too much snow!).

  • blank

    At the beginning of the video, I immediately shot KRAFTWERK as the originator of the music through my head ..., well done, space-like.
    Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the video gives hope.
    The moon (in this version) seems quite dreary ... we humans should be asking ourselves whether we should continue to abuse "mother earth" ...

  • blank

    The young astronaut was probably employed by GM, looking for the automotive future
    I'm looking forward to the new posts ..
    Have fun EVERYONE removing snow from your SAAB's and nice rest -WE

  • blank

    Very cool video.
    And also another interesting thing:
    In the 80s, Corona was still a monocrom screen (minute / second 2:19)
    And then came the SAAB ...!
    Have a nice Sunday in the snow

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