IntSaab 2021 in Finland

I like optimism, no question about it. You have to keep it, especially in times like these. Saab Club Finland is leading the way with a large portion. The IntSaab 2021 could take place in August in Himos. The planning is careful and does not lose sight of reality.

IntSaab 2021

Since February 1st the Registration possible. It is preliminary and non-binding. Users create an account on the IntSaab 2021 website, and then hope reigns supreme. To freedom of travel, to a contained infection rate in Europe, and to an effective vaccine in sufficient quantities.

The organizers will react if the general conditions allow. It would be unfortunate if the IntSaab had to be canceled. Finland is worth a trip, at any time of the year, and especially from Germany there are wonderful routes.

Time, that is the prerequisite, must of course be brought along. Then you could drive through Sweden towards Stockholm with the Ferry translate to Turku at night.

Turku is charming and has a lot of history. You shouldn't just drive through it, but bring enough time and explore the city. From Turku the journey continues to Tampere, which I only remember as an industrial city, and where my local knowledge ends. Further east of this is Himos, the meeting point for IntSaab 2021.

More information and tips about a great country and its Saab scene can be found on the Blogthat the Finnish Saab friends write with a lot of love and commitment. The Program from 13th to 15th August with the inevitable, but recommendable, typical sauna is already in place, other points such as the pre-tour will still be filled with content.

5 thoughts on "IntSaab 2021 in Finland"

  • @ Hans S.
    All the best here in Belgium. Let me know when you've made a decision. My private e-mail is known to Tom. It would be great if we could meet again.

  • I firmly hope that it will take place because I am already planning.
    However, by ferry there and then back overland (except Vasa-Umea).
    a stop in Uusikaupunki near Valmet is planned, as well as at Maptun and of course Trollhättan. 6 days are planned for the return journey.
    I keep my fingers crossed!!

  • @ Kochje, Hello Eric, yes, I know the translation programs ...... too! Is Belgium doing well? I'm also thinking about going to the IntSaab, but I won't make a decision until very short.
    Greetings from the south of Duitschland - :)

  • Germany, Sweden (damn translation programs !!)

  • I'll think about it very seriously. I've been missing this IntSaab for a year now. The last one was InsSaab in Holland. And the way from Belgium via Duitschland, Sweden to Finland must be very beautiful and exciting. It is also the opportunity to see many friends again. Hope to travel abroad again in August.

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