Mr. X - sometimes everything turns out differently

It is clear. I want to buy the car, finish it gentlemanly, and bring it to Germany to make a Saab fan happy. I firmly believe in finding one. The offer I made is not outrageous, but it includes a little play money for anything that may come as a surprise.

Welcome to Frankfurt with the Ratzmanns
Welcome to Frankfurt with the Ratzmanns

And many of us know too well that something is coming ... Sure.

It doesn't even take half an hour before Alex - the dealer - explains to me that he cannot accept it. Patience is something I learned - in some cases at least - as I got older.

So I say goodbye in a friendly manner and I recommend myself if he should change his mind.

Frankfurt - Saab Ratzmann

I have to go to Germany anyway. A work assignment calls - a rare event for an airline employee in the Corona period. I take the opportunity at Ratzmann stop by. This morning the first part of the “Red & Hot” story appears. We read it together, I answer a few questions, I casually hear the word "loot scheme of ..." and leave the workshop.

It only takes a few minutes and I see Ratzmann's phone number on the display. Not for the first time would I have forgotten something. I couldn't be wrong anymore. I only hear a short “Buy the car. As it is. Somebody wants it and calls you this afternoon ”. "Good. It will be bought in 10 minutes ”is my answer.

The Saab flags always blow in the wind
The Saab flags always blow in the wind

Said and done. Alex is amazed, but doesn't ask any further questions. We arrange a deposit the next day. Everything else will follow at the end of January, since I'll be outside Spain until then. The afternoon goes by and I get nervous easily. Not a call, but my promise - I have a reputation to lose.

In my Saab world you keep your word. Mostly.

Mr. X takes the stage

The phone rings very late in the evening. It's Mr. X's turn. I can't call it any other way: no WhatsApp, no Facebook. He knows the blog but doesn't read it. Therefor the friendliness in person. And a very own Saab world. We talk for almost an hour. About everything, just not about the car. At the end of the conversation, Mr. X promises to buy, and we meet two days later.

In the meantime, I contact the Polish transport company and have to be amazed: Corona strikes here too. 50% higher prices. Because the demand has not decreased, but hardly anyone dares to drive anymore. And there are much more stringent weight controls. The convertible weighs more, so a smaller vehicle can only be carried on the trailer, if at all. Possible date in the second half of February.

The Saab 9-5 NG taxi
The Saab 9-5 NG taxi

The face-to-face meeting with Mr X is similar. A long conversation about life, music and cars. He'd seen the pictures, and there it was - the hormonal surge I mentioned earlier.

Since Mr X the Gentleman story I don't know, I tell him briefly what can be done on site. Since we still have time until the Saab can get out of Spain, we give ourselves a few days for the final decision.

Now it will be very unspectacular.

The Saab will be picked up on February 10th. He will be in Germany on the 13th at the latest. Mr X wants him for who he is. Be there when something has to be decided. And a lot is done. I've seen a couple of his vehicles - sheer perfection. Or on the way there.

The convertible goes to Germany
The convertible goes to Germany

"Red & Hot" will disappear from public life. And my Saabherz is happy. A spectacular car has found a spectacular owner.

I'll have a coffee now and surf a little through the sales portals.

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    Great story @Der Lizi!

    Very nicely and quickly written, that goes perfectly with the red convertible and the different phrases.

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    Could become a business model ... ;-).
    If the red SAAB is really chic, maybe there is a story from Mister X ...
    In any case: sunny times and always accident-free trips with the red gem!

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    Great story. I can’t think of anything else. It's just good that they exist.

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