Saab 9-2 - promising project for the golf class

Saab and the Golf class. An eternal problem; The Swedes never managed to establish a small series. The Saab 9-2 was the second attempt in 1999 after having been attempted a few years earlier. At that time under a different name. The Saab contribution for the ...

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14 thoughts on "Saab 9-2 - promising project for the golf class"

  • @ EF-Elch (one model policy),

    these are valid thoughts. Strictly speaking, Saab has never shrunk, only never grown ...

    I find it fascinating that even large manufacturers have consistently been doing the same thing for a surprisingly long time. It wasn't so terribly long ago that there was actually no question of a model range at Mercedes either. Audi, VW, Volvo, whoever ...

    When Mercedes launched a station wagon for the first time, or later a third model with the Baby Benz (190), these were sensations that caused quite a stir.

    Today nobody questions the sense and purpose of further diversification - even if it is the 08-fifteenth variant of whatever.

    No more SUV that is not available with a lower version and no more sports car that is not available with more ground clearance and all-wheel drive ...

    The only thing that doesn't seem to exist anymore are manufacturers like Saab who don't go along with everything ...

    It's like dishwashing detergent or cream cheese. In the supermarket you stand in front of ever larger shelves, full to the brim with more and more flavors (cream cheese) or fragrances (detergent). Identifying the basic product (be it a good car, an odorless detergent, a universal cream cheese) is becoming increasingly difficult.

    That annoys me.

    By the way, I almost vomited while washing the dishes by hand in a holiday home. Unfortunately, the winter edition of a detergent with the color and consistency of pus and sweet fragrances was within reach. I feel the same way with many current cars - they make me feel so uncomfortable, like penetrating scented detergents with a questionable appearance. Above all, however, they seem to me to be just as superfluous and dispensable ...

  • It's remarkable how different tastes are ... I would still buy it as a new car today. In a great red. And a light interior. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to imagine what the car would have had to offer on the drive side. (There it is again)
    But even without the 9-2, we can enjoy design gems with downsized engines constructed decades ago. How good that this stupid word didn't exist back then….

    All Saabists have a nice rest weekend.

  • Yes, there it was again - the 5 € in the Prasenschweinthese - would have had a bicycle chain….
    What happened if …. 9-1, 9-2, 9-6, station wagon, hatchback, compact and and and ...
    Unfortunately, we mustn't forget that we were one of the smallest automobile manufacturers in the world - one always wanted to survive on the market with a model - the wallet was mostly half empty, never half full !!
    Everyone knows that a small car usually rounds off the portfolio of a brand in a positive way and that a manufacturer always generates decent quantities - be it as a second car or as the (SORRY !!) partner car.
    I think that was also in Saab - Sweden not entirely unknown - but - if it wasn't for the notoriously empty wallet
    would …
    One should not always assume the wrong marketing strategies - unfortunately, with the size of Saab and its economic dependency on e.g. GM, business issues have always been an issue that most technically far-sighted projects should have disappeared forever (until today) ...

    Nice WE us SAAB greetings from Thuringia

  • @Christoph Is of course correct. F follows G, the text has been corrected. Thank you!

  • The Opel Astra k did not come onto the market until 2015. Saab was bankrupt for a long time!
    Astra g came onto the market in 1998 with visually good qualities ... Gaps, interior, etc. the most important thing, however, was the improved rust protection ... At the IAA 1997, the presentation was even sung ... old love doesn't rust ...! However, the technical reliability was not good, especially the own diesel engines from Kaiserslautern used oil!
    Whether this base would have been good for Saab is questionable!

  • Visually not quite my case either, but would probably have found its buyers. I feel the same way as Gerd Pitschmann, the special rear design of the 9-5 station wagon, also that of the 9-5 NG doesn't look good for me, there is an M-Class from Mercedes and also an older Peugeot station wagon model with this idiosyncratic design. The 9-3, on the other hand, is a very timeless and still modern-looking station wagon.
    Small correction: it is probably the Astra G that has replaced the Astra F, the Astra K is almost "brand new".
    But in any case, thank you for the, as always exciting article behind the scenes at SAAB.

  • Sorry, but it's not my design at all. It goes around the front, fits the 9-3 and 9-5 at that time.
    At the back it reminds me of the E36-Compact with a 9-5 rear end - not working for me. I don't like the 9-5 SC rear end, whereas the 9-3 SC is very successful and absolutely timeless.

    Perhaps it would have been better to look at the Scirocco 1, the perfect hockey stick made by Italy with a slightly rising line. That would also have had something from the 900 😉

    But it's a personal thing, doesn't have to be right. Only it would certainly not have become mine.

  • PS

    Incidentally, a Golf VIII is even a few centimeters wider than a 9-3 has ever been - with the SC and Variant roughly the same length.

    I never understood the sawn-off trunk and the artificially trimmed usefulness of a platform, the first southern German attacks on the Golf class (3 & C class compact) were just that, just sawn off at the back. I've always found it completely grotesque.

    The fascination of the golf class puzzles me to this day. My understanding of manufacturers who have neglected them is great. However, I have to admit that my regret over the loss of Saab is greater.

    Here the cat bites its tail a little. I regret the loss of Saab precisely because the brand has repeatedly swum against the current and done a lot differently. If they had always done everything “right” (for example, displacement cannot be replaced by anything except displacement), then they would not be Saab either.

    Be that as it may, for me personally there is no more attractive car in the Golf class than the 9-3.

  • I find the design appealing and appropriate. Maybe a little slimmer here and there but typically SAAB. A look into the interior would be just as exciting.

    In terms of the number of units and possible market shares, it would have been another important step. One can only speculate about the price structure and the targeted buyer segment, right? It's amazing that the project lost so much of its momentum when one person left. Wasn't the SAAB / GM management so convinced? Or even another internal stable order with priority for Opel?

  • Moin
    The little Saab would certainly be mine at the beginning of 2000. Become a CAR. So it just became a Golf ...
    Too bad ... I was always waiting for a little Saab ...
    Greeting André

  • problem solved

    The golf class has grown so that you can also buy a 9-3 SC.
    It is definitely much more elegant and exclusive than all current alternatives.

  • @ aero50 The web is full of 9-1 Photoshop designs. Saab itself showed various designs in the 2021 presentations, the project was at an early stage at the time. I've never seen the “real” pictures.

  • If you look at the pictures, the 9-2 could have prevailed against the A3. In today's opinion, both were probably a bit chubby (?), But that was 20 years ago. It's a shame, the chance was let slip.

  • Looks badly strolling, I don't know whether it would have arrived. And whether my daughter, who drives the DS3 with a lot of joy today, would have liked it and dad could have won her over for Saab?

    A lot would have and would have been, but we're slowly getting used to that at Saab.

    A Saab 9-2 or better 9-1 was definitely missing in the model range.

    @ Tom, there were photos of a kind of mini cut called 9-1. Do you know anything about this?

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