The year when Saab was present on German television

It was not the crisis year 2011 when Saab was strongly represented on German television. Anyone who thinks about it is wrong. No matter how wrong he thinks the blog will stay as it is. The attraction lies in the change and in trying something new. We'll start with that on Monday.

Historically - Saab 92 production in Trollhättan
Historically - Saab 92 production in Trollhättan

Fancy a Saab?

I admit, the supply of beautiful Saab from previous ownership has become shockingly scarce. Really great vehicles are rare and in great demand. And because there is constant demand, but there is no supply, there is a need for action from Saab's point of view. We start on Monday with a new concept.

Admittedly, we can't produce new cars, but we can import great cars. In order to realize the desire for Saab as painlessly as possible, we have designed a service package. No language barrier, no worrying about transportation. If desired, there is even a little more and the readers on the blog can benefit from a Saab network that also includes experienced workshops and painters.

The conception goes online on Monday and Tuesday. I've been clearing the stage for so long, we won't read each other again until Wednesday.

Saab in the Autobild Klassik

Automotive print media have a hard time, the wheat is separated from the chaff. The more digital and electric the cars become, the more one wonders who should still buy analog information carriers? Magazines dealing with current vehicles are particularly feeling the change. Their circulation is melting away, the future is not particularly bright.

It is different with magazines for classic sheet metal. The circle of fans is stable, as are the requirements. Solid as a rock that keeps getting better is that Autobild classic. One or the other Saab is at home in the editorial office, there is a certain affinity for Swedish steel.

Saab 99 in the Autobild Klassik
Saab 99 in the Autobild Klassik

In the new issue, which will appear on February 18, the Saab 99 competes against the BMW 318, the Opel Ascona, Fiat 131 and Ford Taunus. Exciting, because I know almost all cars from my youth. A friend drove the 318, which impressed me very much, a friend drove the Opel and my father drove the Taunus. Incidentally, it was his last Ford, the Cologne-based man spontaneously lost the passenger door at a traffic light. The car was two years old at the time.

I dare to predict how the comparison might turn out. The BMW is just ahead of the 99, the Ascona behind it followed by the Ford. The Joker is the Fiat, which I don't know and cannot assess.

Saab on German television

The strong television year for Saab was 1997. Who knew? Saab celebrated 50 years, the new 9-5, the Talladega Challenge and presented itself at the IAA.

Countless contributions flickered on the TV tubes in the living room. Some are really well done, others unfortunately poorly researched. For journalistic work, Saab Germany published a VHS cassette with all the contributions. The most interesting programs can be seen here in loose order for the subscribers. Saab pleasure from another time.

What is waiting on the blog this week?

An exciting mix is ​​waiting for them Subscribers. The automotive future seems bland. Chinese makes are on their way to flood the market. Their design often comes from European studios. It's pleasing, but also uniform.

You develop a longing for the avant-garde and for the big, old brands. The hope is not unfounded.

  • Big car brands - the return of the dream factory?

Something balm for the ailing automotive soul? A historical contribution from 3sat could have therapeutic effects.

  • 50 years of Saab avant-garde - article by 3sat

Beyond wellness for the soul, we stay in the present. For the first time there is technical data from Evergrande Auto. Does Europe have to worry?

  • Hengchi 3 - Hyperscreen and enormous range

How's the week going? Quite Saab heavy. At least here. With a bouquet of automotive ideas that put you in a good mood. Who still thinks of new cars?

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    Fancy a Saab?

    This paragraph and its content leave me speechless. Also, I suddenly no longer trust my eyes and my understanding of the text ...

    That's sensational. Or am I fantasizing?

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    Dear Tom,

    Your prediction of the ranking is absolutely accurate! The Fiat lines up in the middle. The 9000 series with the V6 engine is also being tested in the same issue.

    I'm looking forward to the coming week what you have come up with.

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      Dear Florian - thank you. Precision landing 😉

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    Thank you for the interesting prospects Tom. I'm already excited today and looking forward to the next post.

    Greetings from Saxony and everyone have a nice rest of Sunday!

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    Nice views - Monday is no longer that “bad” 🙂

    I would also have a photo of the Saab 92 body production in the “offer” - I would like to make the blog available !?

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      @ EF-elch photos are always welcome!

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    Nice prospects for the coming week ...
    Sunny times!

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    Reads exciting again. The Autobild Klassik is listed and will be bought!

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