Saab in Spain - the situation and an idea

Saab in Spain. Unfortunately, this is currently also a Corona story. The situation cannot be compared with the situation in Germany. The economic impact is more intense, and government support is far less. In these moments, an idea emerges from the most varied of thoughts, which at first glance have nothing to do with one another.

Some of them are quickly discarded - for whatever reason. Others, on the other hand, won't let you go and, supplemented by other aspects, become a project. I would like to present such an idea to readers today.

And explain what Corona, the Gentleman Project, the Spanish Saab scene and the local weather have to do with each other.

Saab treasures from Spain

Whether Gentleman, Red & Hot, some projects not described in the blog, or my own vehicles. They are examples of what automotive treasures can be found in Spain.

The mild weather in most of the Spanish regions, hardly any use of salt, and the strictly monitored speed limit mean that both the substance and the mechanics hardly suffer. Rust is almost never an issue - just like burned-out engines and transmissions.

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet

The price level in Spain has always been a bit different. In the meantime, one has gotten a taste for the somewhat ambitious asking prices for the 901. After that, however, it becomes relaxed. Some demands for 9-3 or 9-5 of all generations suggest a typographical error among readers from the German or Dutch area.

And it's getting even more extreme now. Now the virus and its long-term effects come into play. Spain is one of the countries worst hit by the crisis. There are more and more cases that very well-maintained vehicles that were in the house as the second or third car unfortunately have to be sold.

Distressed sales in Spain

As soon as possible. At prices that bring tears to the eyes of the sellers, as they are well aware of the value of their treasure, but simply cannot help themselves.

These vehicles sometimes don't even appear in the network, but are traded within the scene.

That is the better case, because then the vehicles will remain in good hands. Often, and felt more and more, the cars are sold at any cost. Your fate is then predetermined. They end up as consumables and are driven until it is over and then disposed of at the recycler.

Lizi's garage

For Saab fans, these cars are lost forever. They are gone, irrevocably.

This is not good! The Saab heart is bleeding and something should be done. The basic idea is to get vehicles from Spain and secure them for the community. It must be clear that the point is not to benefit from the plight of others. Rather, it's about fair prices and the option to transfer some German money to Spain 😉

In a nice way, of course, and for this I, in cooperation with Tom, have tailor-made an all-round service package for imports from Spain. Based on the experiences we've had with the Gentleman project and collected with my cars.

There is an established network in Spain of excellent workshops, affordable hourly rates and reliable transport companies. It is based on mutual trust and not least on my personal commitment. Readers on the blog and Saab fans can benefit from this if they wish.

I will present my all-round service package in detail tomorrow. It facilitates transport to Germany, enables workshop work before transport and much more.

It is important to note that it is an offer from a Saab fan for other fans. Curious; excited? Then we'll read each other again tomorrow!

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  • @ EF-elch (Däumlinge),

    I think it would be cool if you could & would just turn off your thumbs down.

    Anyone who wanted to influence the blog, when & why, would first have to write a comment and then agree multiple times from different IP addresses.

    Even that can be bought cheaply, but it still poses a certain hurdle. It would also be wonderfully stupid and obvious. A reading pleasure of involuntary comedy.

    Anyway, that wasn't professional influence today. It was too clumsy and inefficient for that. That was just a random & frustrated ricochet with just one thumb.

  • Mmh - means in the “worst” case - create a new parking space again - oh oh now it's getting tight 🙂
    But what do you want to do - when the dream car is there….

    Question: Who put the “thumbs down” everywhere today - probably a representative of the relevant sales portals 🙂

    I'm looking forward to the offers ...

  • @James Elsener

    I'm afraid you and your wife are unlucky…. A request can also be met in Switzerland ...


    The Lizi

  • Great idea and being able to secure beautiful Saabs with it is excellent. I'm curious to find out more.

  • I already owe this blog a 9/5 beauty from Bella Italia ... I'm looking forward to more great vehicles

  • I'm already ordering a dark blue 9-3 I convertible with light leather. 😉

  • Great thing! I'm curious!

  • But I'm not allowed to tell my wife that. Fortunately, the package is only for cars that are moving from Spain to Germany and not to Switzerland ...

  • Great offer!
    That's what I call the super-perfect club / blog service :-)!
    This helps both sides. Pleasant, as SAABians like to be ...

  • @Bergsaab

    One day it will definitely be in the “package”….

  • Incredible. Unbelievable good …

    I already lacked the words yesterday. I can't find it today either.

  • Always these temptations !! 😉
    A holiday in Spain with a SAAB purchase would be even better

  • Sounds good! I'm curious what's in store for us!

  • That's what I call a great offer! So much madness would have to be rewarded with at least 1 SAAB from Spain.


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