Saab from Spain - facts and the service package

There are currently many great Saab for sale in Spain. Unfortunately, more than the market can absorb. Corona is leaving a dramatic mark here, and the Saab population on the Iberian Peninsula is melting. Some of these vehicles could be saved. Maybe bring them to Germany, where they can drive for many years to come.

Saab 9-5 from Spain

Because every Saab lost is one too many. We all know that nothing will follow. What's gone is gone. First a few important facts about cars from Spain in general. And then my service idea.

Advantages of Spanish vehicles:

  • The general, mostly rust-free condition
  • Odometer manipulation is hardly possible because the mileage is entered in the documents during the TÜV inspections. Not as bombproof as the Belgian Carpass. But far from the German - unpunished - free poaching.
  • Unusual color combinations are very common. Lovers of bright interiors often get their money's worth. Most of the interiors are in very good condition. This is also an advantage of the constant good weather.

Disadvantages of Spanish vehicles:

Basically, Spaniards have a slightly different relationship with the subject of cars. This is why full service documentation is rarely available. A full service book, even if without invoices, is a stroke of luck.

Experience, overall condition, clues and a good instinct are an advantage here. I have never been mistaken until now. And many “treasures” come from fans who take care of their vehicles themselves.

Saab 9-3 Coupe

The second issue is the condition of the body. Rockfalls, scratches and evidence of touch parking are more the rule than the exception and are taken very athletically. In most cases, a refurbishment or repainting is necessary to get the vehicles in the condition that can be described as immaculate in Germany.

Also the Gentleman was painted, although I had to do a lot of persuading the painter.

The service package

Three different service ideas are possible.

  • Come as you Are - The vehicle is brought to the buyer in "is" condition
  • Come on - The vehicle is optically put in top condition. In consultation with the buyer, a painter of my recommendation puts the vehicle in top optical condition. The gentleman project can be used as a reference. Painting work is much cheaper in Spain than in Germany. And we are thus securing Spanish jobs.
  • Technically top - a complete inspection, the replacement of all fluids, technical repairs if necessary. Can be supplemented with any desired modifications. These are carried out by Berma in Barcelona, ​​a long-standing Saab workshop.

In the case of external work - paint, interior, rims - these are coordinated and monitored by Juan von Berma. At hourly rates that are not even half of those in Germany. Information about Berma can also be found in the Gentleman Story.

The transport to Germany is carried out by a tried and tested, extremely reliable company to the desired address.

No great bargains

Spain offers fantastic cars in color combinations that are not available here. But, I have to warn against excessive expectations and a “greed is cool” mentality.

Saab 9-5 SC

On the one hand, out of respect, I will not continue to press the already crazy low prices. In addition, and you have to plan for that, there are also various costs such as deregistration, transport and any work.

Why am I doing this? For the love of Saab and the joy of saving one or the other Saab from ruin. But, in fairness, that's not free either. If I drive long distances for someone interested, pay a toll, then I'm sure I'll be happy to do so. But at a flat rate that is fair and that we agree in advance.

It continues like this

Tom gives me a playground on the blog. It will be named Lizi's Garage and will always go online after successful research. A particularly exciting, cool Saab will then appear here. If you like it, you can contact me. I'll get in touch with the prospect and maybe we can work together to get a Saab into good, new hands.

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    @Thorsten Radig

    To the best of my knowledge, Italy is an exception when it comes to engines. All engines can be found in Spain.
    There are some special features such as FAP on 9-3 diesel. Convertibles, SC, and Sedan Automatic come with it as standard, and it was optional with the manual Sedan. Sunroofs can be found but not that widespread. A functioning air conditioning system is more important here. My 9000 CSE Turbo has one. It can also be found on some of the cars in Lizi's garage.
    Seat heating can definitely be missing - my 901 Coupé is an example of this. Many older models also have an A / C for this.
    I am not aware of any visual differences. Interesting question with the two coolers…. I will generally discuss the topic of “technical differences” with Juan / Berma. Assuming interesting results, an article will follow.
    I also hope for this from the trip to Africa.


    The Lizi

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    Hello to all Saab fans, I have some “Italians”, all of them have these shortcomings: They are only motorized up to 2,0 l, have no sunroofs and no heated seats. How about Spanish cars? (Are you always referring to direct deliveries in Italy / Spain at that time)? What technical and visual differences are there to models delivered in Germany in general and because of the national legislation? I noticed with a 900 I that, unlike another model, it has two cooling fans? Is this generally the case for “hot countries”, or only for models with factory-installed air conditioning? Thank you very much for your answers.

    PS: By the way, from 2022 I am planning a TRIP to Africa with a Saab 900, a trip with a benefit character ... .. who is coming with or can contribute what? ( I am driving a Saab for the third time, but for the first time ...

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    @ andreas61k

    As already mentioned, an order search is currently not planned ... But always confidently to the motto, "What is not, can still be ..."


    The Lizi

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    What a great idea!!! Only someone who has Saab blood in their veins can come up with such an idea! Many thanks for this great service for the Saab fans beyond the Alps.
    For me personally, the idea comes almost a year too late 🙁 My Saab budget is exhausted, there might still be room for another, but probably only very little understanding. Somehow I don't really want to jump over to “other family members”. But maybe I should just be more patient?

    In any case, that sounds like interesting stories, like fulfilled and also fulfillable wishes of the small but fine Saab community.

    @Christoph Schmidt: Your idea with the wish list, that is, targeted search requests, also has its charm!
    @ Lizi: Is there something ???

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    The package names alone are funny :-). Great thing that Lizi is tackling here and great from Tom to offer him a stage here. Top!!

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    Really an interesting idea, unfortunately I'm already more than complete. Good luck ...

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    I'm really excited to see what's in store for us ... And if necessary, I would have to join the SAAB-WG - but first, persuasion has to be done.
    But first of all, thank you very much for this great project and the admirable commitment of Lizi and Tom.

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    Great idea, if someone should be there who I like, I'll definitely get in touch:

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    @Christoph Schmidt

    Patience is required at the moment. You have to wait for the exciting vehicles.
    But the project could very well develop an unexpected dynamic ...

    Thanks for the great comments.

    The Lizi

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    Exciting and very interesting project! Do we have to wait for your offers or do you also accept “search orders”, eg for a 9-5 NG? In any case: Good luck for “Lizi” and THANK YOU for your commitment.

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    Emoji, Emoji, Emoji ...

    Lizi has put a smile on my face many times here. But now I'm grinning as broadly as only these yellow things can do.

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    And who will tell my wife that it will also work for Switzerland?

    I do not dare….

    I'm curious what kind of cars are coming.

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    I don't even know how I should withstand the proposed offers from Spain ..., I thought to myself, the SAAB issue has been done since 2011 ...
    So far I've been happy with the TURBO subscription ... Confusion is entering my life.
    I need some time for orientation.

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    What a brilliant project!
    It would never have occurred to me that something like this could one day become a reality.
    Then I wish Lizi the best of luck.

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    @ GP 362 - welcome to the club - maybe we can found a flat share for stranded Saab crazy people with only one suitcase, but with countless Swedish automobiles - Made in Trollhättan !? 🙂

    Great thing Lizi !!!!

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    Very good idea, offers like the red convertible would appeal to me too!

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    Great project !! But extremely dangerous 😉
    I don't have a parking space anymore and the family will soon take care of another parking space for me 🙂
    I'm really excited ...

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    That speaks to me totally! Above all that it is not a “cheap is cool” thing. I'm willing to pay a good price for a nice Saab, e.g. for a 9000 Aero in red, so I would open the box wide again!

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    “The Lizi”! Great, you're looking forward to interesting stories again.


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