50 years Saab Avantgarde - a contribution from 3sat

1997 was the television year for Saab in Germany. There was something to celebrate. 50 years of automotive engineering, avant-garde, as 3sat notes. Then the IAA in Frankfurt, the premiere Saab 9-5 and the marketing of the Talladega Challenge. Saab on many channels, here you can see the most interesting posts again in the coming weeks.

The 3sat team made a particularly positive film about the brand and its history. The shooting begins in the Saab center Sauerland. Built in 1994, it was a model company, in the spirit of Saab Germany. The virtual journey through the Saab world begins in Hemer, taking the viewer first to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan.

50 years of Saab on 3sat

50 years Saab Avantgarde

The editors chat relaxed about the Saab history, innovations from Trollhättan and treat the brand benevolently. Prestigious, avant-garde, these words are still good to hear even after 24 years. It's a feel-good massage for the Saab soul that's streaming out of the speakers.

The product range consisted of the 1997 and the 9000 II in 900. It was manageable and the 9-5 was still waiting in the wings. To keep interest fresh, Saab launched the Mellow Yellow Cabriolet, which was developed in collaboration with Rinspeed was created, and of which there were only 150 pieces.

The Talladega special model of the 900 was not quite as exclusive, the Talladega Event itself also flickered on the screen in German living rooms again and again in 1997.

The highlight from that point of view was the Saab 9-5. Even before the big premiere at the IAA, a copy was ready for the 3sat team in the Saab center in Sauerland. 9sat also registered that the 5-3 is more than just a new car. He offered a little less Saab avant-garde, transported a reduced individualism.

The Saab brand is on the way to opening up a broader group of buyers. Will that go well? Don't dare to make a prediction.

Of course, the contribution has one or the other small, but forgivable weakness. However, the fact that the German managing director Becker spontaneously became Mr. Bäcker is no longer of interest at the present time.

The Saab Center Sauerland is now a thing of the past. The building in Hemer is still there, but no more Saab. Instead, Asian brands are offered for sale. Do people in Sauerland sometimes think back to the time when television was a guest and they made a film about the small Swedish brand?

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    Oh, what a wonderful video. Manna for the SAAB driver soul.
    I stumbled across a little thing, namely the number of Mellow Yellows mentioned. The number of 210 pieces has been haunting my head for years, while the video mentions 150 pieces. Is there reliable data?

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    Very nice film 🙂 to enjoy old times.
    I think the report is also very objective - unfortunately it wasn't always like that.
    I immediately noticed that with the GF BECKER when looking at it - I had one or the other personal contact in my previous professional Saab time.
    At the time, he was also present at the 9-5 presentation ceremony at the Erfurt SAAB Center.
    been a great story...
    There was the bad word again - BEEN - ...

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    Mellow Yellow Cabriolet for DM 74000,00, pretty self-confident. There probably never were many and today they are extinct. I've never seen a real 900 Mellow Yellow Cabriolet at a Saab meet.

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    50 years of Saab, there was also a book to celebrate. I remember it well, cool movie!

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    The good old days... beautiful film that transported me to happier times.

    Strange as it may sound, thanks to the Grohe company, I have only good memories of Hemer.

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