The sun rises - Volvo C70 Cabriolet in Saffron Pearl

Months ago I promised to take a look at Volvo on a regular basis. It is time to redeem the promise. In addition to their Saab, many readers also drive a car from Gothenburg in everyday life. Trying to get closer, in an innocuous way. Maybe you are interested in a miniature Volvo? Because, hard to believe, they were also able to build attractive convertibles on Torlsanda.

DNA Collectibles presents the Volvo C70 Cabriolet
DNA Collectibles presents the Volvo C70 Cabriolet

Sure, when it comes to convertibles, Saab always had the hood in front. To put it mildly, the brand owed its survival in large part to the convertible idea. There were years when you could sell more open vehicles than closed vehicles.

It all started in 1986 with the open 900. It became a success and a guarantee of survival. Volvo left that niche to Saab for a surprisingly long time. It wasn't until 12 years later that the C70 Cabriolet became active. The C70 wasn't actually a direct competitor for the open 9-3.

The Volvo was half a size bigger and had a different clientele. The fact that buyers seriously dealt with both brands is likely to have been the exception.

Saffron Pearl - the sun is rising

The Volvo C70 Cabriolet was designed by Peter Horbury. A long-time designer in Gothenburg who works for Geely today and shaped the brand for a long time. Without question, the C70 is immediately recognizable as a Volvo, there is no doubt about the family affiliation.

DNA Collectibles brings the Volvo C70 in the fabulous color Saffron Pearl. That shines so intensely, as if the sun was rising. Years later, Saab countered the 9-3 Cabriolet with Lime Yellow and both colors have their fans. The convertible is made with attention to the smallest detail, as usual with the Swiss model car enthusiasts. The top of the miniature is removable and reveals a beautiful, detailed interior.

Why collect the Volvo C70 Cabriolet?

Because the edition is limited and the color is simply strong. Maybe also because it's a Swedish car that has unfortunately largely disappeared from the streets. A convertible for individualists, a vehicle far removed from the mainstream. And the open Volvo looks good in any collection. Also right next to a Saab.

And why not?

A miniature is a miniature. What the 70:1 scale C18 Cabriolet is missing is the typical sound of the 5 cylinders under the hood. The bollern made the convertible distinctive and was something that a Saab didn't have.

If you don't want to be deterred by this one small restriction, you could add this charming convertible to your collection. The Pre-order phase runs until the end of the month. Last-minute travelers save 10% on the regular price.


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  • blank

    The rumble of the 5-cylinder ...

    I can confirm the V70 from my own experience. These were fine engines with a certain emotional added value.

    To this day, however, I still haven't understood the technical and physical basis of the phenomenon. It is somehow illogical that an in-line engine that ignites every 180 ° (4-cylinder) hums like a sewing machine, while an engine that ignites more often and more evenly (every 144 °) sounds as if raw forces are senseless .

    The possible ignition sequences and what they could possibly cause resonance in the organ (the exhaust system) do not make sense to me as an explanation.

    In the case of the 4 series, these are 1-2-4-3 or 1-3-4-2 and it doesn't matter which one, adjacent cylinders always fire in direct sequence. This is not fundamentally different with the 5 series (1-2-4-5-3). The distance is always at least one and a maximum of two cylinders. And yet one and the other don't bang. Fascinating ...

  • blank

    I think it's a shame that DNA only offers 1:18 models.
    Personally, I would like to collect, but the vehicles are way too big for me.
    Does anyone have a tip for the size 1:43 or smaller?
    The Volvo itself looks stunning!

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    For a long time I have found the C70 in Mango Metallic (that's the name on the German market) to be a very beautiful and calmly designed automobile. Volvo was in competition with the 9-3I Cabriolet (I think that people looked at both cars and compared them more intensively - there weren't many four-seater convertibles in general, and if you wanted something 'fancier' besides the German products, that there wasn't that much) in my opinion, a few steps further, for example color and customization options in the interior. I recommend that you take a look at C70 brochures from different years when you get the chance.
    In addition, there was also a lot to get with the engine range, whoever wanted to hiss with a 9-3 Aero Cabriolet.

  • blank

    It's an interesting car, though.
    But first I specialize in the SAAB models. Although the Volvo 164 or the P1800 ...
    Or would you prefer the SAAB 99 ???
    Greeting André

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