What is he worth? Auction result Saab Toppola Camper!

The first classic auction of the year in Sweden is now over. The Toppola Camper with Saab substructure was particularly interesting, while the rest of the offer remained colorless. The Saab had a few kilometers on the clock and, like the camper, was in good condition. The expected package price was by no means a bargain.

Saab 900 Toppola
Saab 900 Toppola

What does the Toppola including Saab cost?

The Auction house saw the price between just under € 11.000 and € 14.000. All in all, certainly correct, but wouldn't there be a package discount? In fact, it turned out like that IDEA of the offer. The range of good campers is just as rare as the market situation for beautiful Saab 900s is tight.

It was enough for two fans who fought a competition until the last minute. The Saab-Toppola package closed at 15.000 SEK, which is around 15.800 € with a premium for the auction house. The offer was thus above the estimated value and beyond cheap.

Paid too much? Maybe because the cabin is good, but not perfect. On the other hand, the offer is so rare that there is actually no market as such. The combination of Saab and camping attachment should be stable in value and could possibly increase cautiously in the coming years. Because almost everything that has been produced and rolls in small numbers has good prospects.

Toppola plus Saab were an exception. Because the auction was more listless and many vehicles did not reach the estimated price at all or only barely. On the one hand, this was due to the early part of the year, and on the other hand, because of the offer, which is described as average nice. From my point of view, the highlight, in addition to the Saab with Toppola body, was a red Karmann Ghia Coupé from 1957. At more than € 20.000, it was well above its estimated value in the end.

Automobile cultural assets are fascinating. And doesn't always have to come from Trollhättan.

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    It's nice that 2 serious bidders have found each other. If a good price had not been obtained, I would be saddened ...
    But that's all right. It's always nice when such niche products in the world are preserved and appreciated.

    Long live this Saab & his Toppola.

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    In particular, I found the price achieved for the Sonett III on offer at SEK 145.000 to be far below its value ...

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    Always have a good trip for the new owner / user.
    The side shot in the snow looks beautiful ..., also a red SAAB by the way ;-). And also with aero rims, great.

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