Hidden Saab treasures - Volvo sneaks onto the blog

The week was exciting behind the scenes. Life pulsed, the data volume on the route between Barcelona and Frankfurt may have multiplied. Saab madness, because things around Lizi's garage are developing more dynamically than we ever suspected. Lizi was in the Barcelona area, hunting for Saab. Look at cars, hear stories, prepare articles for his column.

Bycatch - Volvo 850 T5 R. Leave it on the left?
Bycatch - Volvo 850 T5 R. Leave it on the left?

It was a journey through European reality. Through a region that is actually rich, but where many people run out of air after months of restriction. One wonders where the promised billions from Brussels end up and what really arrives there. Yes, the blog is apolitical, it should stay that way. But currently there are some questions that cannot be avoided and they cannot be ignored.

Of course, Lizi always explained what it was about on site. Presented the blog and his idea. The reactions were more than friendly. Touched, surprised, delighted. Because many sales, but not all, result from the economic situation. And a Saab is a Saab. People cling to their cars and hate it when they get into hands where you don't want to see them for too little money. An emotional thing. The prospect that a European Saab fan could enjoy the car in the future and it is in good hands alleviates the pain a little.

Volvo sneaks up on the blog

In fact, there were incredible things too. Hidden Saab collections, new cars. Much more than we would have guessed! And there is something that I would describe as bycatch. If you like Saab, you might find Volvo not bad. Not always, but sometimes. In other words - if you have an old Saab or several, you also have one or the other Volvo in a remarkable condition.

Or a C70 - what do we do with it?
Or a C70 - what do we do with it?

One of the topics we discussed was what to do with the bycatch. Ignore the Volvos and leave them to their fate, or offer them? We quickly agreed that every now and then a Volvo would be found in Lizi's garage. If he's particularly beautiful or cool, then he deserves it.

Hidden Saab treasures

The hidden treasures of Spain go online from Monday. Lizi has inspected the cars, spoken to the owners and writes his assessment. I promise, they are delightful Swedish vehicles. Contacting Lizi will be easy in case of interest. At the end of the presentation of each new garage car, you will find a small inquiry form that asks you to enter your name, telephone and e-mail address.

For the import to Germany or other European countries he has a Service package laced. Suitable for every taste.

Anyone interested in Lizi's garage should do a Blog subscription completed. Without a subscription, the garage door will remain closed.

What's happening on the blog this week?

We stay in Spain, but not only. We are interested in the location in Barcelona! Juan, the owner of the last Saab workshop in the metropolis, describes his impressions.

We are of course also looking to Trollhättan. There is an anniversary in the house.

10 years ago - Saab Independence Day

A round anniversary, if more sad. We would never have dreamed that the Saab topic is still on our minds 10 years later.

Images: Volvo Cars

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    Well the Volvo 850 was on the comparison list from which my first SAAB emerged as the winner. But everything was in the basic range and the 900NG 2,0i had the best price-performance ratio. But if an 850 is on the street, I'll go there again.
    I think the days will be tough with the offers from Spain, but with four SAABs the exotic ones have to compete among the exotic ones so that I get weak 😉

  • blank


    I can't grab it, but a C70 somehow leaves me untouched. Be it in person, the other day here in 1:18 or this photo.


    Quite different from the 850 T5R, which immediately arouses emotions and owner fantasies in me. No wonder, as Volvo was once the epitome of a station wagon and the 850 was at the same time as modern and yet as typically Volvo as it gets.

    For some reason I can only think of Saab when I think of convertibles.

  • blank

    This is going to be super exciting!
    The Volvo 850 T5 R was once in the loot scheme…. Leave it on the left? Definitely not!
    Oh, I see “troubled times” coming ...

  • blank

    At first I thought Volvo would take over the blog 😉 I'm curious what Lizi is driving out of the garage. Enjoy the sun and look forward to tomorrow!

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