New release - Saab 9-5 Aero sports suit 2005 from DNA

The wait is finally over. The Saab 9-5 Aero sports suit from DNA Collectibles is on the table. I've been waiting for him, I was excited about the miniature. I ordered it in Cosmic Blue, one of the three available finishes. The color looks good on the Saab sports suit. The model car looks elegant, distinguished and involuntarily you discover the desire to drive the original.

Saab 9 5 Aero 2002
Saab 9 5 Aero 2002

Saab 9-5 Aero sports suit 2005

What is it actually that characterizes a good model car? It's the workmanship and the love for the smallest details. To be honest, I've always found what the model makers from Switzerland do good. What is remarkable, however, is the way in which they increase from miniature to miniature.

That is why the focus today is on the details. Because in general the Saab is made great and the only problem you could have is which color you order. The look into the interior is very exciting. The dashboard is silver, the color that Saab thought was particularly sporty. Whether you like it is a matter of taste, but that already preoccupied the buyers of new cars.

In the model car, the small, fine details are particularly lovingly executed. It starts with the audio system and the almost legendary cup holder and continues through the center tunnel with the window regulators. The holder for parking coins, something you urgently needed before there was a parking app, is perfectly executed. If you have good eyesight, you can turn your gaze towards the display board. Speedometer, rev counter, tank and cooling water display and the turbo needle. Everything is there, the virtual tour of discovery is underway and the eye is delighted with it.

The Swiss perfectionists

One can now think that this is normal. Isn't it quite. The Swiss perfectionists have also done fine work in other areas. Even where it takes a while for your gaze to get stuck. The handles above the doors are an example, or the great, textile-made belts and the filigree belt locks. That is beyond self-evident and not to be expected in this price range either. There are also the pitman arms and their lettering, the eye can go on a long journey of discovery.

Finally, a look at the body. Here, too, there is a lot that is fun. The grille, the extremely delicately executed Saab lettering, the details of the xenon lights. It goes on like this, around the whole model car, which once again receives an urgent purchase recommendation.

The Saab 9-5 Aero sports suit from DNA can ordered become. The delivery is starting, the edition is limited as usual. The Swedish station wagon of the small brand belongs in every collection, you just have to clarify the color choice. But that is a matter of personal taste, on which I cannot give advice.

Every variant receives the five-star recommendation.

10 thoughts on "New release - Saab 9-5 Aero sports suit 2005 from DNA"

  • I bought the Saab 9000 from DNA. Very nice and detailed. It's just a shame that the windows are no longer made of strong plastic like the earlier model 1:18. But that's just the only thing I can give as a comment.

  • For a long time I have been collecting Saab models in 1:43 from different manufacturers. I just bought a 9-3 Viggen in red (39.90 €) to complete my Viggen collection.
    The 9-5 from DNA is awesome and I would actually be weak, even if the model is too expensive and too big for me.
    The fact that shipping should cost a good CHF 50 even for Switzerland then reinforced the decision not to buy. My wife would not tolerate more than 200 CHF at a time when I have to watch my money. Neither do I. Too bad. I'm still looking forward to the two 9-5 Aero Hirsch station wagons 1:43 in my showcase.

  • Is that a typo with MY2002? The model shows the 9-5 from MY2004

  • I received the model at the beginning of the week (ordered in advance) - in red, like the real Aero SC in the garage. It really turned out incredibly well! DNA is a real recommendation for fans of models, especially fans of Saab.

  • Another very nice model!
    I own about 50 models in 1:43 and so far 4 in 1:18, 2 of which are already from DNA. The latter won't be the last. The 9.5 NG has been ordered. I keep getting weak with such great models. A feast for the eyes in illuminated showcases.

  • "The view into the interior is very exciting."

    I also always find it fascinating what the 1:18 scale can implement inside and out.
    You want to sit in, put on your seat belts and drive off.

    But not possible. I feel like Stefan H. - in other words, in such a way that I can't get that much out of major miniaturizations - or can't or don't want to wrest the necessary space from living and working spaces.

    My boys also have models in 1:43 (?) And 1:18 and still have enough imagination to shrink and dream in the driver's seat

    For many years I have only had models in 1: 1 (originals) or in 1:87. But the fascination of the standards in between opens up to me. I just learned to resist temptation ...

    At 1:87, however, the "sin" is so small that I am still not "clean".

  • Very nice model.
    It's a shame that the color selection wasn't also available on the 94x ...
    I am now waiting for the 93xSC, hopefully in white. And hopefully soon.
    Greeting André

  • Yes, Stefan, what do you do with it. The beauties are preferably distributed around the house or office. Doesn't always have to be a showcase.

    Small standards when it comes to Saab are seldom found, we keep an eye on all new productions. There is always something for Volvo to discover, Saab less. But we stay tuned!

  • Beautiful model! But very big in 1:18! How do you put the models? - in a showcase?
    I rediscovered my passion for 1:87 models from my youth and indulged it with the first Saab in this format: a blue 900 Turbo from Wiking.

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