Mission Saab espresso cups

Slowly but surely, our mission of Saab espresso cups is approaching the finale. In the past few weeks, the consumption of delicious espresso in the office has increased to unprecedented heights. Because not all cups are the same. And the espresso only tastes good when the cup is perfect. There are big differences.

Mission Saab espresso cups
Mission Saab espresso cups

Mission caffeine and Saab espresso cups

In fact, there was an extensive self-experiment with possible candidates beforehand. How does the cup grip, how thick is its material? Is it valuable, how does it look? Yes, and is it worthy of the Saab brand and its great past? The Bialetti was very busy, Italian flair and a good mood spread in the office. The pulse rate picked up, and after a few cups of self-experiment, the party was over.

Saab can be fun, even if for once it has nothing to do with the cars.

In the end, all the thin-walled mugs were sorted out, as were the cheap mugs from the promotional product providers. It remained a German supplier who produces sustainably in Europe and especially in Germany. Primarily for gastronomy, but not only. Goods with a promise of eternity, but not very cheap.

What is the current standing?

The order is out, we will receive the sample in the next few days. Then, after approval, production starts, and around 4 weeks later we have espresso cups on the table that will only be available once.

To put a teaser: We have come up with something very special. Not what you would normally expect from us. But something that the carmakers at Saab would probably have done in exactly the same way, now in 2021. If the company still existed, and would be passionate espresso connoisseurs in the Stallbacka.

That is worth explaining.

Yes it will. The detailed explanation will follow with the first photo of the first cup. There has to be a bit of excitement, the cups in the set can be ordered sometime in March for Turbo Plus subscribers, and they will be delivered in April.

Curious; excited? Then another teaser afterwards. Because the blog project is something for positively infected Saab, it rolls in the second quarter after the Blog stickers a new idea for Turbo Plus subscribers to us. Saab madness - lived out in its most beautiful form. Why? Because it's just fun and a little lightness in our world can't hurt.

Finally, a selection of topics that await us in the next week:

Saab 99 drawn by Sixten Sason. Design elements from back then are coming back.
Saab 99 drawn by Sixten Sason. Design elements from back then are coming back.

Design trend

Saab was different from the others. What survived and who is taking up the Saab design language again? The readers discover a new, very surprising trend.

Saab feeling

A German television station celebrated 1997 years of Saab in 50. We bring the broadcast and the lost Saab feeling back into our digital world.

Cold season

Out and about in winter with the Saab youngtimer. Is it fun? An experience report from snow and ice, with a perhaps surprising résumé.

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  • blank

    Binn really tense.
    These self-adhesive are also very nice.

  • blank

    I'm looking forward to the next SAAB week and especially to the espresso cups after Easter ... if it goes well ;-).
    Is the illustration in the background of the 1st photo an “original relic” (old sign) from ancient times ???
    HERE YOU ARE LEAVING WEST-BERLIN ??? The added saying / comment is short and to the point.
    How good that you no longer need this sign.

    • blank

      @ Aero-93 A picture from the past. More precise: The large format printing of an old photo on a pallet. The original sign was at the side of the visitor platform at the Brandenburg Gate and in front of the wall. Someone with a sense of humor had sprayed a “HOW THEN” on the hint that they would now leave West Berlin. I found it good.

      For me a warning against forgetting. That walls are never allowed to divide our land again. Not even in their heads.

  • blank

    Great topics

    Sixten Sason was also responsible for Hasselblad. I'm curious to see who from the auto industry quotes him and how. For me, he personifies good operating concepts with direct access, the total control of the user over his tool.

    But I also have a cubic meter of Hasselblad in analogue Sleeping Beauty *. Anyway, a Hasselblad on wheels would be exactly my thing.

    * Not quite, by the way. I continue to use lenses and extension rings on DSLRs and with a tilt-shift adapter. The laws of physics remain valid even in a digitized world and the conscious use of them is perhaps more attractive than ever.

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    I love that. Sunday morning and the first completely crazy SAAB idea. The sun is shining, I now open the convertible top and drive a lap. And I'm also looking forward to totally crazy SAAB espresso cups.

  • blank

    The Saab brand is developing more and more into an exclusive lifestyle brand ...
    Thumbs up…
    I'll take a set. Hopefully I have the right subscription
    Many greetings André

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