Volvo is changing - completely electric and online

In Gothenburg today, the course is being set for the future. Volvo is going purely electric, goes into direct sales. And not only that. The brand introduces a new car. This doesn't happen very often, and is an opportunity to take a look north. For this reason, for the first time today, the blog is completely dedicated to Volvo.

Volvo is going completely electric and is relying on online sales
Volvo is going completely electric and is relying on online sales

Volvo enters direct sales

Volvo has been building its own sales network in Sweden for months. The largest dealer in the country got the chair in front of the door, the manufacturer took over two larger dealers. Together with the company's own car dealerships, this results in nationwide sales under the direction of the manufacturer.

Today Volvo will introduce a new electric car. The brand announced in advance that its electric cars would only be available online. This decision is a turning point for traditional sales. Although Volvo sees the dealer as the first point of contact, he should continue to intensify customer loyalty and offer test drives in the future.

From their subscription model, the Swedes forge a complete package with service, warranty, breakdown assistance, insurance and options for charging the electric car. The flat rate for mobility will gain in importance as Volvo is accelerating its course away from the combustion engine and towards purely electric driving.

Volvo fully electric from 2030

The combustion engine has no chance in the EU. At least not if the Euro 2025 standard will probably blow out the light of traditional drive systems in new cars from 7 onwards. As a result, hybrid models are about to die. It is expected to end by 2030. There is no alternative to the course that Brussels is taking and it is by no means open to technology. Today's announcement by Volvo that it will go fully electric by 2030, while strong for the headlines, is not surprising.

The Volvo CEO argued his decision pragmatically.

To remain successful, we need profitable growth. Instead of investing in a shrinking business, we prefer to invest in the future - electric and online, said Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars. We are fully focused on taking a leading position in the rapidly growing premium electric car segment.

Volvo is taking a path that almost all manufacturers will take in the near future. Mobility is sold online, and anyone who does not change it in good time falls by the wayside. The question remains what this will mean for jobs in the Volvo network. Worldwide, and not just in Sweden.

9 thoughts on "Volvo is changing - completely electric and online"

  • Only car brands that continue to rely on the internal combustion engine will survive! Like Mazda, for example!
    I think Volvo, GM and Ford are taking the wrong path here and will feel it too!

  • With these prospects, I actually only feel sorry for the Volvo dealers who have invested millions over the past few years. Your business model is just being washed down the drain.

  • Politics is clearly overwhelmed in many areas (currently Corona). As a thoughtful average consumer you don't have to play everything. Why should you, for example, buy an expensive e-car in rural areas that is unfavorable in terms of the overall environmental balance? It doesn't have to be a Geely-Volvo vehicle. With this madness, I am now happy about other premium manufacturers who are only partially and hesitantly offering e-mobility - in addition, well-preserved SAAB automobiles are still available for the next few years.

    Representatives of the people who ultimately only want to restrict everything with insufficient justification should consider whether they will then continue to receive the desired votes in our so-called Autoland. It is also becoming more and more evident that despite abundant advertising for e-cars, demand remains rather subdued - keep it up!

  • It reminds me of Apple

    Now Volvo Cars Europe has to negotiate a tax haven and Sweden will be surprised.

    As a leverage, Geely has the remaining jobs in engineering, production and with individual suppliers and external consultants and service providers ...

    And anyway, the EU will be surprised what it is causing and how far-reaching the consequences will be. It seems to me that politicians only see the car as a whole, and the combustion engine in particular, from an urban perspective.

    The joke is that a lot of what is accused of private cars doesn't matter at all on the outskirts or in rural areas. There are no streets parked here, nor could one do without them. No values ​​for air pollution control are torn. There is no nationwide public transport.

    Politicians do not even begin to understand the extent to which the effects of the initiated traffic turnaround will be far beyond traffic and which social upheavals will be associated with it ...

  • Volvo just lines up. And that a little earlier than the other manufacturers. You don't have to like it, but you have to come to terms with it. We have no other chance. I just hope that there will be alternative fuels for the “old” combustion engines and our darlings in order to be able to maintain the cultural property. As for the dealers, I find it pretty tough. It wasn't that long ago that they were forced to conform to CI, to submit to renovation measures and to polish up the car dealerships. Pretty bitter.

  • All well and good. A look at the price list is enough and I have to say; no thanks!

  • This is exciting. One can ask the question whether Saab would have solved it differently. Or would you have taken the same path as you do now at Volvo?

  • I don't even consider Volvo to be particularly visionary or anything. They only submit to reality in rushing obedience and do what sooner or later cannot be avoided. There are some great headlines for free on top.

    Volvo swears by the combustion engine, or something like that, in that direction. And applause for saving the world's climate.

  • Uiii…. What do the current Volvo dealers say about the new concept (direct sales / online / etc.)?
    A “demotion” to a “mediator” (with some large car dealerships / workshops on the neck) will surely make them “very happy”. 🙁

    But I'm afraid this is generally the future path for all brands.
    I suspect that classic branded car dealerships as we currently know them will generally no longer exist in this way in the foreseeable future.


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