When Sweden suddenly had two car brands

Yes, the very old times. When the Swedes suddenly had a second car brand besides Volvo with Saab. The history and stories from Saab's early days are remarkable. There was improvisation and people who had previously only built planes tried to put a car on its wheels. They did it properly. As a result, there were fine cars from Trollhättan for decades.

The Saab two-stroke era in a special issue
The Saab two-stroke era in a special issue

Remembering the two-stroke era

Unfortunately, the memory of the origins fades more and more. There are hardly any contemporary witnesses among us, the storytellers who keep the memory alive are missing. Klassiker magazine has released a collector's edition on the two-stroke era and the roots of Saab. The best articles from the archive, prepared with high quality as always.

The two-stroke culture is awakened to new life on 100 pages and exciting reports await. The editorial team drives a Saab 92A in its original condition. Built in 1950, never restored. Very exciting. Saab's first attempts at walking in the USA. How was that back then and how did the Swedes prevail in North America? The start of a success story.

100 pages with old Saab
100 pages with old Saab

But you also stay in the more recent past. The Saab Museum and the rescue in 2012 is also an issue. Money from the Wallenberg Foundation, funds from the public purse. Then another letter from Klassiker Magazin. The booklet tells how the museum was saved from destruction back then. As usual, the magazine presents all articles with high-quality pictures. They alone are worth buying.

Disadvantage: The magazine does not appear in German or English. The publisher publishes in Saab's mother tongue. If you don't speak the Swedish language, you can use a dictionary to help you expand your language horizons with Saab and a lot of fun.

The Special edition at the beginning of Saab and the exciting two-stroke era costs 149,00 Swedish kronor, with shipping to Germany you paid around 20,00 €. Not too much, because in addition to Saab stories and beautiful pictures, you get the basis for a basic course in Swedish for free.

And that, just between us, we always wanted to tackle.

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    That's right, I've always wanted to tackle that. Well written ...

    If it weren't for Corona, homeschooling, French and Spanish, I would now dare to do that too. Anyway, thank you very much for the good tip! ! !

    PS @ Joe,
    would be nice if it really was that easy. I know that from a professional perspective. Without specialist and qualified editors and translators who are specialized and genre-specific, you cannot even come close to getting an original. This is still not available the easy way, not for free, and has to be worth it. I can easily understand if and that this publication is only available in the original.

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    That would be very interesting!

    It's a shame that it doesn't exist in German or English. After all, that wouldn't be such a problem with a good online translator and someone who would then edit it. That's how it is often done.

    After all, there are probably more enthusiasts “internationally” than in Sweden itself.

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