Desirable - Saab 9-5 NG Aero from DNA

It is always special when you hold a miniature in your hands that you drove in the original. The Saab 9-5 NG Aero from DNA Collectibles happens to come in the color "Arctic White". That shade that is whiter than white. In direct comparison, the white BMW, Audi and Daimler are perhaps light gray. But the Saab that shines. As bright and clear as the North Star.

New from DNA Collectibles - the Saab 9-5 Aero
New from DNA Collectibles - the Saab 9-5 Aero

Saab 9 5 NG Aero

It is cleverly done by DNA Collectibles to choose this shade for the model car. This is how the legacy of the Saab Aero X comes into its own. The black A-pillars, the reminiscence of an aircraft cockpit, the two-tone housings of the exterior mirrors. The design elements borrowed from the Aero X only come to the fore with this color.

Like the original, the model car also makes a real impression. Big, heavy, simply beautiful to look at. The Swiss have taken the proportions well, the Saab is a hot candidate for the place of honor on the desk. The view wanders over the car and can hardly believe that this design is more than a decade old. The last car from Göta Älv is still touching today.

As always with DNA, the strength lies in the details. In the meantime, the manufacturer's work has reached a maturity that you don't have to write much about it anymore. Almost everything is done with love and a penchant for perfection. The lettering is like the original, the LED light bar is so well made that you would want a button to light it up. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist, which is a shame, because it would make the model car an absolute cult.

Slight weakness - good service

The small details continue in the interior. Anyone who already has a miniature from the manufacturer in their collection will love the straps in a textile look. He appreciates the myriad of subtleties that have been carried over from the original. Fortunately, I finally find something to complain about. For once, the workmanship is not optimal, the miniature shows weaknesses. When it comes to the center console, I'm not sure if you forgot to peel off a small piece of film, DNA Collectibles are human.

That is OK. For two reasons. On the one hand, there is an incredible amount of manual work in the models. Very fine brushstrokes, calm hands who assemble the model car with love. It's okay to notice that, and there can be deviations from my opinion. On the other hand, DNA Collectibles' customer service responded immediately and offered an exchange. I refused because I can live well with 95% perfection.

But it is important to know that the service is present and reacts if necessary.

The small weakness does not detract from the enthusiasm for the Saab model. On the contrary, the last big Saab is not only good in the original, it also cuts a cool figure as a miniature. The Swiss have been delivering for a few days, the inventory is melting away, as I learned when I asked.

Should you do the 9-5 order? You should, yes and absolutely. Why? Because "Arctic White" is an ingenious Saab color and, as always, the edition was strictly limited. It is possible that DNA will bring the sedan in other colors in the future. But Saab's Pole Star will probably only exist once. If you miss the issue, you could get annoyed.

Because you missed something.

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  • Yeah, that part is cool. And if we don't get a Saab in 1: 1, then in 1:18 or smaller. I like DNA, the models are always a pleasure. I am already looking forward to what has yet to be announced.

  • Brown-red is available in 1:34 from the Saab Museum and it's nice here in my collection. But whoever would get them from DNA Collectibles should be a reason for me to order them.

  • Of course, Tom knows why you find this color so beautiful and suitable ...... But I would have loved to have this brown-red :).

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