Evergrande Auto Hengchi 4 - the series design

So far there have only been pictures of Hengchi 4 that show the concept car. The MPV is so far the only 7-seater in the Evergrande Auto product range. Its series design has now been registered for protection. Production is expected to start at the end of the year. Hengchi 4 was drawn by a European designer.

Hengchi 4 from Evergrande Auto
Hengchi 4 from Evergrande Auto

Hengchi 4 by Anders Warming

After Hengchi 1 and 2, Warming also delivered the design for Hengchi number 4. With the current LED glamor on the front, it goes well with the brand's design language.

Warming has created many interesting designs so far. He worked for Ford, later for BMW and Mini. The exterior design of the BMW Z4 (2002) was one of his early designs for Bayern. Then between 2009 and 2013 he shaped the appearance of the brand with the X1, X3 and X5 as well as other models. The third generation of the Mini, including the convertible, Clubman and Countryman, was created under his responsibility.

A spectacular design in 2017 was the Borgward Isabella Concept. It could have ushered in a new design direction at Borgward and a return to old elegance.

Warming is definitely Saab affine

Last he delivered the Saab X_RayVision. Warming's provocative idea of ​​what could be if Saab still existed. Or maybe would give again. The brand drives him, which he is not alone with. The Hengchi designs can now also be seen on his website. He also emphasizes that the brand's focus is on the local Chinese market.

But what is surprising is Hengchi 2, an electric mid-range sedan. Little has been seen of her so far, and nothing has been published about the possible start of production.

Little extravaganza - Hengchi 2 with Saab-style rear spoiler
Little extravaganza - Hengchi 2 with Saab-style rear spoiler

The view of the rear of the sedan, which had not been published until then, is interesting. This seems to have a subtle rear spoiler in the style of Saab. With the taillights in Jaguar style a mixture that is beyond boring. Series design pictures are not yet available. It is therefore unclear whether the little extravagance in production will last.

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  • blank

    The motorized tailgate ...

    ... also fits in well here, I think. I would be surprised if Hengchi left out this trend of all things. Today in front of the supermarket on the way in and out within minutes.

    Rein: Someone with suspicious “gaps” wants to reverse out of a parking space. "Your tailgate is open." He: "Again?" Me: "Yes, it is open."
    Keys are pressed in the car. Outside something moves but doesn't close. Unbuckle, get out, open, manual operation. Does not work either. Open again and then again a switch in or on the flap and it moves down in slow motion. Will it close this time? I'm not interested. I go shopping.

    Out of the supermarket: someone else is loading their car. His tailgate moves gently down onto his head and automatically up again. The sensors work, the flap is safe. The man is annoyed, rolls my eyes and I pass my shopping cart - before I just can't help myself anymore and have to laugh.

    Life is beautiful and writes the best stories. The only sad thing is that more and more people are involuntarily determined by others and become protagonists of a real satire. Didn't check it out, but I wouldn't be surprised if the automatic tailgate was already its own genre, its own category on YouTube ...

    For me, it wasn't my first contact with the topic today. It piles up.

  • blank

    The 2 already has something.

    What bothers me (besides too big MatchBox wheels) is the current trend by all manufacturers towards high shoulders and loopholes.

    So you know from cars from the 1940s and early 50s that were drawn under the impression of WW II. In addition, they were more or less a living room with a couch and a vase and no seat belts. In the luxury class also like curtains and fold-out wooden tables. It was true, my home is my castle and my car is my sweet home.

    Today, individual car traffic is under general suspicion (be it electric or fossil), especially in inner-city areas, of being an expression of individual egoism. A design that encourages such opinions is likely to be quite counterproductive for the medium and long-term prospects of the industry. But the auto industry has to know that itself.

    Personally, I prefer the relatively flat flanks and large side windows of my EZ 1970 and 2007 and I like to keep an eye on cyclists on recumbent bikes as well as toddlers.

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    Why should you buy a hengchi ?! Legitimate question! Design is one thing, too many vehicles look alike. I think the purchase arguments for the individual manufacturer will be decided by the battery technology. So I don't understand why our local manufacturers are giving up the reins completely.

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    Hengchi 2, from behind a Citroen C6!
    Why do all the new cars have such huge wheels? I don't think so at all.

  • blank

    Evergrande seems to deliver, which is generally positive for Trollhättan. The only question that arises is why you should buy a Hengchi car. With a Saab, I knew it. But where are the Hengchi virtues?


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