We have something to unpack and a Saab film

What are we currently missing in particular? It's the meetings and get-togethers within the Saab scene. Covid-19 has already canceled the 2020 season and all major events. This year it doesn't look much better right now. All plans are subject to change and hope is directed towards vaccine in sufficient quantities.

Saab on Sunday - we have a film and a package
Saab on Sunday - we have a film and a package

It remains to be seen whether this will be available in the next quarter. After all, there is well-founded hope and beyond mirror fencing and the tendency to build Potemkin villages, vaccine is the only thing that counts and can enable a return to a reasonably normal life.

Back to 2020. Many, but not all, meetings fell victim to the pandemic. In between there was always a community experience, in compliance with the regulations, and in a smaller circle. A special event last year was the Saab Session Slovakia. It also took place on a reduced scale, as always there is a recording of our Slovak friends.

It is excellently made and gives a dose of Saab feeling for a few minutes. Have fun watching and dreaming.

We have something to unpack

There was a lot going on here in the past week. Lizi's garage is slowly filling up and what may look unspectacular at first glance, it isn't. Because there are interesting, new contacts and insights. In Spanish collections and on hidden treasures. Before Lizi can drive this into his garage, it will require some fine-tuning. The story is definitely exciting.

Here it is finally, the long-awaited package!
Here it is finally, the long-awaited package!

Another thing that is at least as exciting is our espresso cups. We are on the home stretch and the first pattern has landed. The tension when unpacking was great, will the weeks of project work have been worth it? And as announced, the whole story needs some explanation.

Because the cup is typically Saab. Everything - but not ordinary.

What's happening on the blog in the new week?

Among other things, these things:

We unpack the package and face the judgment of the readers.

  • For automotive gourmets - our Saab espresso cup

We're asking a strange question.

  • Why do you still drive Saab?

We turn back the clock, look to Trollhättan. And see what the actors from back then are doing today.

  • Saab Automobile from 10 years - Phoenix wants to fly

Of course there is a lot more going on. The other Swedish brand will keep us busy and the strange decisions Volvo is making for the future.

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    @ Saabansbraten and answers
    I wasn't really surprised about the two dislikes, as they reflect what I see in reality: mostly just black and white. Apart from the fact that the blog does not seem to me to be the right forum for these discussions, I fear that we will not return to normality before “Corona”. Too much “porcelain has already been smashed for that, different opinions are usually only fought in disputes and the government brings us things under the radar that we could not even imagine in a nightmare 1 year ago.
    The narrative of a “vaccination as the only hope” is hammered into the minds of the population like a prayer wheel, the media are more united than ever to repeat this again and again. Now even “vaccinators” come up with the idea that one also has to vaccinate those who have recovered, at least that doesn't hurt. Unfortunately, I experienced different things in my practice. and I have seen 2 people> 90 who suffered damage as a result of the vaccination, and I say this very consciously, and a death due to a non-indicated vaccination by a foreign “vaccination doctor” completes the trio.
    The vaccinations are initially given to those who are not or hardly represented in the study populations. I don't want to say more about it, as I said, this is not the place for this topic. My offer from last year to comment privately outside of the blog is still there.

    Stay healthy.
    A "recovered"

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    @ Saabansbraten & StF,

    I think it doesn't belong here. One could answer infinitely many comments to both comments and by responding to Saaban's roast, there has already been an initial reply ...

    From here one could go on forever. For example, it should be noted that vaccines are only available for a certain percentage of the population because not a single one is approved for people under the age of 18 or under 16. That the protection is also below 100% and that a herd immunity of 70% cannot be achieved in purely mathematical terms. For example, because vaccines that are only permitted and available for 70% of the population would only reach 80% of the herd with a protection of 100% even with a 56% vaccination quota ...

    The subject will sooner or later take care of itself either way - be it through vaccination, contamination or gracious mutants who are increasingly focusing on other animals than drivers in general and Saab drivers in particular.
    Or simply because we are tired of the topic and the Corona policy is also based on survey results, ultimately party politics and a means to an end.

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    @ Saabansbraten

    I do not claim to know what the author was thinking while writing the lines. But in my understanding of vaccination, this is about achieving herd immunity. That is around 60 - 70%, depending on who you want to believe. And about 2/3 of the population is, as I understand it, quite a long way from everyone.

    As they imply, however, that cannot be achieved by any means. So what? Waiting for medication or a Europe-wide Covid party? Let's skip that with the assessment that not everyone will be enthusiastic about this either.

    Basically, I fear that your question is wrongly asked. I take it for granted that many want to return to 'normality before 2020', as the mood seems to be in my opinion.
    In my opinion, however, the right question is whether we will be able to return to 'normality before 2020' at all and I fear the answer will be no.
    With a bit of bad luck, Covid will establish itself as a new life risk, against which some will probably be vaccinated, but others will not. Irritatingly, in 5 to 10 years' time this will seem like it did before 2020 to most people. Maybe even to me, you can get used to so many things if you give yourself the time.

    So it won't be all right, but it will seem like this to us ...

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    Regardless of the other, valued content in the post, I would like to hook the statement that a vaccine is the only one that can enable a return to a "normal life" * and say:
    The only thing that can make it possible to enter a life of any kind is our decision and how we deal with it.
    I don't want a person who, for whatever reason, does not want to or cannot get a vaccine, cannot participate in a “normal life” (if he wants to). What would or what kind of thinking is that?
    Then it’s over with real individuality and your own thinking that is somewhat inconsistent with the mainstream.
    Anyone who is a real open-top driver shows this by continuing to be so open to everyone.

    * That too is still a topic in itself - asking yourself whether you want to return to the “normality” from before the beginning of 2020 at all? And: what is actually important to you personally. With “return to normal”, are we possibly striving for something that cannot quite fulfill our wishes?
    Time to be creative and independent - without forgetting community and humanity.

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      @Saabansbraten I'm afraid vaccine is the only solution. There is no alternative. It is not about the luxury discussion that we can allow ourselves in Germany. Mask refusers, vaccine refusers and refusers of reality are only possible in a system that ultimately catches everyone if they fall or get in need.

      The majority of humanity does not have this luxury. It's all about survival here. The pandemic is global, it must be fought globally. Humanity can do it, it has already proven it. If it doesn't, there will always be new hotspots and mutations that roll over the planet in ever new waves. You can see what is happening in Brazil, the current breeding chamber of the virus, which one or the other even more aggressive mutant could give us. An ignorant government, an overburdened health system, a lot of human misery.

      And we are discussing individuality.

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    @ EF-elch
    Thanks for the hint. I'll look at it on a map. 🙂

  • blank

    @ Aero-93, I looked - could it be Maninska tiesnava !?

  • blank

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the Saab session last October, but I still have the hope that this time it will be possible again with a larger group, the hope that will die last.
    PS, I still have to register for the Saabblog. I haven't got there yet

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    Big SAAB cinema! Thanks alot!!!
    With a big grin I enjoyed the good 5 minutes. Splendid.
    What a fantastically well-kept SÄBE! Again, thanks to the keepers ...
    The copper-colored SAAB 900 convertible ... a dream in reality, bravo! Incl. the left back corner :-)! The hit!

    But: which valley did you drive through?
    I'm looking forward to a hint :-)!
    What a SAAB Sunday!
    Thank you.

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    So, with this video the Slovak Saabians have outdone themselves - it's world class! And of course beautiful vehicles in a dreamy landscape.

    I'm looking forward to the Saab cups 🙂

    Have a beautiful Sunday

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    Very good and beautiful video. Makes you in a good mood!

  • blank

    This is truly a good mood video.
    Even the headlight wiper is right on the beat. Great shot & cut.

    And this diversity. It looks like the Saab Museum - only better because on the road. Fantastic.

    The film is a good first answer to next week's question, why Saab, why today?

  • blank

    Thanks Tom for this beautiful Sunday morning :-) ...
    The video from the meeting in Slovakia - just a dream !!
    Great cars with their owners - an amazing landscape - suitable music and a great cut.
    I've looked at it several times now - pure goosebumps…. THANK YOU 🙂

    Yes, you know what we are missing at the moment !?
    We Saab friends Thuringia (do I actually have to write “inside”?) Are currently planning our next trip - if CORONA wants to.
    When it takes place - this time it will be a highlight for us “members” - a detailed report would of course follow - with pictures.

    It's a shame that Mark can no longer look after the blog scheduler - it was always a great thing.
    Time is not always unlimited - not even with / with and for SAAB ...

    Looking forward to the upcoming exciting SAAB week 🙂

    Nice rest WE ...

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