Why do you still drive Saab?

My Saab story began ages ago. The gray driver's license was very fresh, but my account balance was quite clear. Now there was a green Saab 900 Turbo for sale at the dealer. 10.000 DM, which I had nowhere near, could be read on the price tag. Nevertheless there was a test drive. An event with consequences for years.

It all started with a 900 "Gradschnautzer"
It all started with a 900 “Gradschnautzer”

The green Gradschnautzer Turbo with beige interior made a lasting impression. I can still hear the sound of the Turbo in my ears today, and when I think of this 900, I smell the special scent of its interior. That Saab smell of wood and leather that the old cars have. Which the brand lost over time, as it is with almost all new cars today.

The years passed. Then came the first 1992 in 900, then a second and a third. Saab became a constant in my life. Particularly impressive was an early 9000 CS that I rented for a long time while waiting for my first 900. Years later, shortly before the end of production, I tried to buy a brand new 9000, but it failed. My desire for a new Saab failed because of the completely disinterested dealership and its owner, who would rather play cards with a friend than sell cars. That I should meet again in the Saab scene two years later is a completely different matter.

Because these stories were a long time ago.

And today? Almost 30 years later, there is a company car in front of the house that is not a Saab. A German premium product and a good car. The manufacturer and dealership go to great lengths to make me happy, which doesn't always work. If necessary, this goes so far that the plant is switched on if I have special requests. Nevertheless, the company car stands more than it drives, which is only partly due to Corona and the reduced external appointments.

But I was very impressed by an early 9000 CS
But I was very impressed by an early 9000 CS

Because there is - no surprise - more than a Saab 9000 in the hangar. And that makes life difficult for the premium brand. The modern car can do so many great things. It sends me emails or SMS, reminds me of the appointment in the workshop and calls me automatically. The collision warning even detects things that don't even exist. On a free, really free route and in total solitude, it warns of invisible objects that could collide with in the next milliseconds.

The sound is bloodcurdling, you are really wide awake and your pulse rotates under the roof of the vehicle.

Of course, one must not be unfair. The company car has driving lights that turn night into day. He holds out at a speed of 250 in the left lane forever on the open road and is not at all strenuous. An old Saab can only dream of that.

And still, there is something.

This Saab factor. I prefer to drive the old 9000, even if it is really old now. 10 years ago when I started the blog, it was still in the youngtimer group. Today it is a classic. That's how he drives, and it takes more strength to move the old Swede than with a modern car. The turning circle is comparatively huge, unwieldy in the city and noisy on the motorway.

It doesn't matter at all. Because such an old, analog car is like a vacation. Open the sunroof, open the windows, and enjoy driving. Charles Trenet in the CD player and it's like a drive through the lavender fields of Provence. Bad light at night does not matter, you drive carefully.

Enthusiasm that continues to this day
Enthusiasm that continues to this day

Then there are the little hidden joys. When you drive up to the construction center in the old Saab, the guy with the forklift truck brings the pallet with the goods, and people all around with the "he'll never bring that into his car" facial expression.

Then you loosely open the tailgate, relax and load everything, pretend not to notice the probing glances, and drive away.

While a dozen people lost their bet.

I could write something about sustainability now, which it sure is. Also via analog and unsupervised mobility. But that's not what it really is. My mainspring is the sheer joy of the 9000, which awakens every time I take one of them out of its hall after weeks.

What is the motivation of the reader? Still driving a Saab 10 years after the brand's demise, what are the reasons for the passion? Write me a few easy lines still saab (aet) saabblog.de. I collect the best motivations and publish the votes of the readers here on the blog.

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    Because Saab defines sovereign suitability for everyday use. The moment when I rolled off the IKEA parking lot with the 2,46m kitchen worktop in the SportCombi while the employee looked in disbelief ...

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    I'm really looking forward to the submissions. Saab has been with me all my life and I've reached this point - I don't know anymore

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    That could certainly fill a book and ultimately make the individual stories a bestseller in the Saab world!?!?

    So then, write, write and write again 🙂

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    @ Tom, mmh - why do I ("still") drive SAAB?
    I think that could be a longer - well considered - answer ?!
    I hope it is okay to put the answer to this exciting question on paper at the upcoming WE?
    I find myself thinking more and more about my 29 years Saab - professionally and privately - and smoldering in memories….

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      @ EF-elch Of course, that's ok. The participation is gigantic, I have so many mails to read. And so many long Saab stories. Simply unbelievable.

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    Thanks for the nice report, Tom.

    I bought my first Saab in 1987. A 9000i with 128PS (I think). I had the choice between a Volvo and a Saab. Hirschbold in Munich made a good offer, and that's how my relationship began. Two Saabs later, I only drove BMWs. Good cars. Certainly superior to Saab in many ways, but to be found on every corner. So nothing special. The same goes for Mercedes and Audi, by the way. Saab is special.
    After almost 20 years of Saab abstinence, the longing was so great that I bought a Saab again in 2018 (9-5 2.3t Bj. 1998). Yes, my Saab is already at an advanced age. But he can still keep up with the boys. For example, the automatic.
    My wife drives a 2017 BMW 120i with the much-vaunted ZF automatic. I can't understand why so much praised. The Saab drives and shifts noticeably more homogeneously. In the city and in the country.

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    Tropic (@ Tom)

    But now we already know a lot about the company car.
    It can't be an Audi, because the thing has no front-wheel drive - not if the turning circle is so much better than the 9K. Logically, he cannot have all-wheel drive. One can narrow down the one whose name is not mentioned here quite well ...

    Anyway, a great start to the topic. The front drive is neither a unique selling point of Saab, nor would it have ever been decisive for me. I would have taken a 900 Turbo or a 9K Aero with rear-wheel drive (and a smaller turning circle) at any time. However, Saab would then have to adjust the axle loads ...

    The 60/40 are not universally valid, but they are definitely an integral part of a coherent concept - as is the tropic. And here the circle and this comment come full circle.

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      @Volvaab Driver Well watched. Indeed, it is a German-made rear-wheel drive car. In 2022, when he leaves me, he will get his story on the blog. Not before, and then only once. But he has an interesting story to tell.

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    My first car was an NSU 110. I soon swapped it for a SAAB 99 L. Since then, SAAB has been a must for me.
    There is now a 9,3 T, XWD, MY 2011 and a 9000 CSE (Italo Aero) MY 1996 in the stable.
    I also drove other brands but after a short time the desire for a SAAB was overwhelming again. So until now I have driven 18 SAABs of all models, except for the 9,5 NG.
    Just got back from a little tour with the 9,3. Really a great car in terms of handling and liveliness. But I missed THE SAAB feeling. Back at home I sat in my 9000, I felt at home there !!! It's the same color as in Tom's article

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    Good idea to find out what makes others still drive Saab. I'll sit down at the desk myself

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    Wonderful report. And one more reason to stay with Saab.

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    The simple answer to the question is; because I'm able to do it! I am happy to send the more detailed explanation to Toms "immernochsaab"

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    Thank you for your open emotional report.
    It remains to be seen why the SAAB 9000 CS was tested and a 900-ter was ordered ... Probably the legendary sound of the turbo ..., right?
    For me, the “order” was similar: driving a 900 lpt test drive and being confused after the 2nd test drive of the 9000 CS.
    The sound was missing, but what a difference in the driving experience! I would have ordered the 9000 CS immediately (!) If, yes, if my wife hadn't slowed me down ... She said I wouldn't get on such a “luxury carriage”. A serious, hard argument ..., later she found her peace and pleasure (!) With the SAAB 9-3 2.0 SE, especially with the full passage when overtaking. 🙂

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