For automotive gourmets - our Saab espresso cup

More than just an espresso cup! There is a little story behind the idea. It has to do with the fact that I like to drink espresso - in the Corona era, and due to the failure of my preferred espresso bar, perhaps more than ever. What I am missing is a stylish cup. A Saab espresso cup.

This is it, our Saab espresso cup

The history

Some time ago I discovered small coffee cups from the glorious Saab Scania era at the Lafrentz car dealership in Kiel. Nice thick porcelain, the old, blue Saab lettering. Manufactured for the Saab Autodivision by a well-known manufacturer, most likely very expensive. But typically Saab and from a time when Trollhättan wanted only the best for its customers, regardless of losses.

You can take that about the losses literally.

The cups from Kiel provided the template for the idea of ​​the espresso cups. If our in-house print shop hadn't stopped the project due to reluctance, then there would probably have been cups with a blue print. Maybe! Maybe not! Because the selection of printable mugs did not meet my quality criteria. But the stop at the print shop brought a reset and gave me the opportunity to rethink the project.

What would Saab have done today?

Because the world doesn't need any espresso cups. Anyone can print, but Saab never built cars for everyone. What would have been done in Trollhättan today? Would you have made cups for eternity in the old tradition?

This is exactly where the story really begins. Starting with the antique Saab Scania cups, make something modern that is durable. A German porcelain manufacturer was quickly found. Its range is manageable, but good. Innovative ideas and traditional forms complement each other. Better still - production takes place in Germany and the EU and it is 100% climate-neutral. The basic requirements for cooperation were thus met.

Printing? Better to engrave!

Of course, the lettering shouldn't appear in blue on the cups. The brand continued to develop from the Saab Scania era. By 2011, the Saab CI was getting brighter, more Nordic and based on the basic idea of ​​snow and ice. Iced taillights, ice blue headlights, an interior conceived in the incredible ice block design. Radiantly bright and Scandinavian frozen, that was the way.

The Saab espresso cups will be available in April
Saab espresso cups will be available in April

So we just engrave the Saab lettering into the cup - that's my thought. Like in a block of ice, but indestructible and for a little eternity. No mundane dishwasher could ever destroy the font, it would be something for a long time and, if you like, for generations.

Is that possible?

Engraving in the fine porcelain, filigree lettering? It works, says the manufacturer. Handcrafted and with a certain number of copies. A very special espresso cup becomes a reality at this moment, just for us. Wacky and something very special!

The time to the first sample passed incredibly slowly. Technical drawings, approvals, calculations. The full program, but it should be worth it. The first sample inspires. The espresso cup is Nordic cool, noble, classic and yet very modern. Something for the automotive soul of Saab gourmets. Durable and unusual. As befits a big, old make of car.

A tribute to the car manufacturer from Trollhättan.

What are the next steps?

The order for production has been placed, and I actually wanted to open the pre-order phase today. There will be a limited, one-time edition exclusively for Turbo Plus subscribers. But here we have come to the point where Corona spoils our party a bit. The delivery date is not entirely fixed, the production and especially the engraving is affected by Corona.

For this reason, and to avoid disappointment, we are postponing the ordering phase until the Saab espresso cups leave production. I hope that will be at the beginning of April. Until then, the time will pass quickly, the automotive soul can look forward to what is to come.

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    Hammer! Compliments for the great design! Very Saabian ...

  • blank

    @Tom Good news! Thank you. Makes the joy even bigger!
    Windy / stormy greetings

  • blank

    Very nice and Saab-typical design. I'm looking forward to it 🙂

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    @@ Tom || Thanks for the quick info on this today! Excellent! Sunny weekend greetings from the north ”to the“ south ”. ... first of all I do my usual Saturday (shopping) round with the Drömbil. 🙂

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    @@ Aero-93 || Oh, you can only order 2? I would also have thought of 6 or 8. 😉

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      @@ Aero-93 and mac9-5 Everyone can buy as much as they like and as much as is available. The edition is limited, but we have ordered plenty. Otherwise the project would not have been possible. There is no such effort for a handful of cups.

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    Class noble detail solution. Chapeau.
    Can you also make friends with SAAB friends ..., that is, order “more” than 2 cups ???
    I know, "request concert" ...; -.)
    There may still be time for a certain increase in circulation….
    Anyway: the anticipation is great! 🙂

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    Tom ... I'm jealous right now.

    You can already test the cup extensively. And we just see. Yes yes there was once the advertisement "... just look, don't touch ..."

    Don't get tortured when we can also experience the haptic feeling?

    Sunny weekend to all cupless Saabiander

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    The wait will be worth it!

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    @ Tom | Thanks for the answer (I probably read too quickly and enthusiastically)!

    ... then I will have to change my “small subscription” quickly on the weekend! My olle little Slivia with her Rocky or rather my Fausto Paradiso bean will be happy (well, me too, of course). 🙂

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    Very, very great cup of Tom. I'm looking forward to mine.

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    WOW! Great cup.
    very chic, really classy!
    Nice shape, apparently also good grip and also no “thin” edge).

    The hammer is of course the “milled” SAAB logo! EXCELLENT!

    ... now I would like some too (didn't really notice the action at the beginning) ... 😉
    Well, I guess I was unlucky. ;-(

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      @ mac9-5 Yes, a good grip and not a thin border. Extensively tested and found to be good. 😉

      The campaign has not passed you by, the cups will only be available soon and you can change the subscription if you like.

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    Tom - thanks for pointing out the upgrade! I didn't even know that it was possible now. Very simple and practical solution! As soon as there are larger coffee mugs, I'll come back to that.

    A nice, sunny weekend to all Saab lovers!

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    Very nice cups, I'm looking forward to ordering them? 🙂

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    Engraving noble.

    Optimal. More can not be said about the conceptual approach and its implementation ...

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    They are nice, yes ... but besides my upgrade problem, I need large cups for my latte 😉

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      @bergsaab If our pilot project goes well, there will be slightly larger, different cups in the second half of the year. I'm already working on it. But it's going to be a completely different story.

      An upgrade from Turbo to Turbo Plus is always possible, is here described.

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    Chapeau! I am more than thrilled with the result! Great design, very high quality!
    My Bialetti will be happy!
    Thank you for the intensive commitment!

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    Very good idea with the engraving! Looks particularly classy!
    Which manufacturer is it and where exactly is it produced?

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      @Stefan We'll reveal the last small, fine details when the production has been delivered.

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    Ingenious, that is time-consuming. For the time being, I'm flabbergasted with surprise. Go for a quick espresso and write something later. OMG!

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    How g ** l is that - I'm looking forward to it!

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