Dream car from Spain to Germany - Saab Turbo X landed

Another Saab story came to a happy ending. From a German point of view, it was a heartbeat finale, because the Saab Turbo X had aroused desires. Europe-wide. It all started in December 2020. A Turbo X was for sale in Madrid. Only 3.850 kilometers on the speedometer, where else can you find something like this today?

Saab Turbo X at Muckelbauer
Saab Turbo X at Muckelbauer

This reflex to secure the car came shortly. € 35.000 is a lot of money, but not a lot when it comes to a nearly new V6. What else do you get for it? A subsidized e-car that is not for the heart or mind. Or a three-cylinder combustion engine, if you feel like it and make compromises. Nothing that would drive the pulse up positively.

A look into the hangar, where there are just too many cars, brought me back to reality. If I don't have the Saab, at least one of the readers will. So there was this one Post about the Spanish seduction car. Then nothing happened at first.

Failure in Spanish

At least that's what I meant. What I didn't know was the scope of the article. It had aroused desires across Europe and a number of inquiries were received in Madrid. Now Spain is Spain and the citizens there have their pride. They celebrate their idiosyncrasies and see Spanish as a world language, which it is. You can only get ahead with other languages ​​if you are lucky or, for whatever reason, enjoy sympathy.

But whoever wanted the Swedish limousine from abroad learned failure from Spanish. The Turbo X was still standing, I was already worrying about the condition of the readers, because I had no idea about the events in the background.

The situation changed in mid-February. A reader really wanted the Turbo X, got stuck and asked for contact with Lizi's garage. Which I like to make, because the reader is an absolute Saab fan and I saw the TX in good hands with him.

Heartbeat finals Netherlands - Germany

In the meantime, something had happened in Madrid too. A prospective customer from the Netherlands had worked his way forward purposefully and was about to conclude the purchase. It came to the heartbeat final, which ended at the last second for the Federal Republic due to the quick German reaction and the mediation on site.

A result, almost like in football - you have to say. No matter how well the other team plays. In the extension, the Germans do it. But not always.

The Saab story came to a happy end. The dream car from Madrid was picked up by Lizi's forwarding agent and transported to Bamberg. At Muckelbauer, the inspection is ongoing and any things that need to be done are being done.

The condition of the Saab Turbo X is good, as the mileage suggests. The paint has the quirks typical of Spain, which is no drama. You have to say that the Saab was bought “blind”, which is always a little adventure in itself and you only breathe a sigh of relief when the vehicle is in the yard.

The buyer got his dream car. Driving pleasure is guaranteed for a very long time. In Bamberg the Saab is in the best hands, if you conserve it accordingly, it has a problem-free life ahead of you. It is very unlikely that this chance of such a Turbo X will come again.

It's a shame, actually.

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    Seduction car

    Great word creation for emotional cars with little mileage. Everything just reads well. And what a start for Liizi's garage. The Eagle ...

    No, even better! The Griffin has landed. Nice!

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    What a happy happy ending ...
    The new owner should enjoy the accident-free use!

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    A beautiful car and I'm glad it found a good parking space.

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    Have fun with the beautiful Saab
    Greeting André

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    A Saab dream! Congratulations to the new owner! Will he drive the TX every day?

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