Share your opinion - why do you still drive Saab?

A week ago fragt to I read why they still drive a Saab. I was hoping for a few letters and a few short sentences. Again I was surprised. Because the readers turned out to be unusually communicative. Instead of the expected short answers, some wrote down their complete Saab history.

Speaking of opinion - why do you still drive Saab?
Share your opinion - why do you still drive Saab?

The arguments in favor of Saab were instructive. And never boring.

The deadline for submissions should actually be last Sunday. But since there are still arguments in the mailbox, it will be extended by one week. March 21st is now the final date, then the mail account will be switched off.

What are the readers writing so far?

The arguments are diverse, as is the Saab scene in general. Some are sober about the Saab on the doorstep and argue rationally. The next one has an emotional perspective on the topic, some authors see links to family and their life story. Saab workshops, and the relationship with them, also play a role.

A circumstance that may be a bit surprising.

What also emerges unexpectedly is a dissatisfaction with how the auto industry has developed with its products in recent years. Apparently it doesn't always hit the nerve of potential prospects. This is exciting and a point that we want to look at more closely.

What are the next steps?

Until March 21st, I'll be collecting arguments for Saab. Write me a few loose lines of your motivation to drive Saab still saab (aet) The responses are evaluated and quotations are published here. It is important that the submissions are treated confidentially and only the first names are given in the quotes.

The collected material of motivation and reasoning to drive an old Saab is expected to go online in April. When it has been read and evaluated, which is a task in itself.

Because, as I said, the stories are very extensive, the short, concise sentences, on the other hand, the exception.

4 thoughts on "Share your opinion - why do you still drive Saab?"

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    Never change a running system.

    The only "update" that 4 Saab I drove ever received was a Hirsch upgrade ...

    I like that - the stability and "topicality" of the Saab operating systems, their hardware and software. It works and is good.

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    What is BMW, Audi etc. against SAAB, nothing !!

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    Why do I still drive SAAB?
    Because I was and am ALWAYS satisfied over the past 36 years!
    I have one of the last convertibles that love recognizability, satisfaction and "uniqueness"!
    Pictures can be seen in the archive!

    A dear SAAB greeting to everyone!

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    Hi! Why do I still drive Saab?
    Because I already have my SAAB 9,3 Diesel
    21 years and will never give up?
    The car has followed me 38 times
    Croatia brought. A SUPER device of 9,3!


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