Auction, sale? Saab Project Paul ready for the final!

Do you remember the Paul project? A Saab 9-5 that should accompany the blog for a year. One year turned into 5, but now we're ready for the final. Paul will leave the blog, the proceeds will go to a good cause. For the last act the station wagon drove back to Kiel. To where everything in 2016 while Begonia would have.

Final after 5 years. Saab project Paul.

From Kiel he should go to his new owner. How that will work have about it Markus Lafrentz and i talked a lot. An auction from one €, or a sale at a fixed price? One must not lose sight of the pandemic in the background, decisions in this environment are not easy.

No sooner had we come up with a good plan than life was already playing its own script. The Saab finale is going differently than we thought and planned. How, that's what I'll tell you here this week.

Saab 98

Even at Saab, things didn't always go as planned. The X14 project, better known as Saab 98, never hit the runway. It stopped in the hangar and is almost forgotten today. It is an attractive design that could have found its place between Saab 99 and 96. And today as a classic as a Swedish station wagon coupe would have had its circle of fans.

In Autobild classic pulls the 98 back into the light of the headlights. In the next issue, which will appear on April 15, the Saab will be the topic. For friends of analog media and analog cars, an appointment that has to be remembered.

Saab 98 - the Autobild Klassik brings him into the spotlight
Saab 98 - the Autobild Klassik brings him into the spotlight

Saab on Sunday appears today in a shortened form. My week was challenging, which has nothing to do with the blog project, and the preview for the next few days is only with reservations. The research is becoming more difficult from month to month due to the pandemic, in addition to the advancing age of many contemporary witnesses.

Something disappears, and it does it frighteningly quickly. The development is probably irreversible.

What's happening on the blog in the new week?

Women in the auto industry used to be the exception. Today they are more present, they say. But is it really like that? After a small, unsuccessful research, I have my doubts whether the male domain has really changed.

  • Who is eve A question to which there is still no answer. Unfortunately. Because Eva could have played a key role in the Saab 9-5. Exciting!

Did Saab Automobile AB want to go public under Victor Muller? Highly speculative and exciting, because there are clear indications. A new chapter in the Swedish crime thriller.

  • A resignation, an IPO, a trap. Saab 10 years ago.

Paul and the finale. When things turn out differently than carefully planned.

  • Saab finale. But some things don't work as expected.

And then let's talk about the blog Subscription. It is essential to the survival of this project. An interim report. Is everything going well or is it just frustrating?

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    It's going to be an interesting week thanks to your article Tom
    Greetings from Oldenburg

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    I can imagine that everything will be more difficult. The old Saab employees are likely to be very old and Corona is raging intensely in Sweden. Not good…

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    Good morning to the SAAB round 🙂
    I just wanted to say thank you to Tom - I'm always thrilled and amazed at the same time how you manage to find exciting, inspiring and above all NEW SAAB topics / stories after 10 years of SAAB end and to "relay" to us blog users ”!?

    And not to forget - "by the way" or by myself - also on a voluntary basis!

    Saab lives on - not least because of this great blog….

    I'm looking forward to the coming week 🙂

    Nice rest WE from Thuringia

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      @ EF-elch Thank you, I like reading that.

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