Return of a lost soul - the Saab 9 project

We have now understood that Saab is wandering through the automotive cosmos as a lost soul. Starting with the 9-X Concept of 2001, there are exciting design approaches to revive the brand. Two designers designed the Saab 9 project. One of them is no stranger. Because he had already worked on a future-oriented Saab project.

What would a Saab look like today, in 2021? Please no illusions, no glorifying sentimentality. Like all other manufacturers, Saab would sit on the crossover train. Certainly garnished with a few special solutions, but still following the mainstream.

Because the customer wants what he wants.

Return of a lost (Saab) soul
Return of a lost (Saab) soul

The designers Ernest Hellby and Eric Melldahl have thought about a comeback of the brand. The return of a lost soul, that's what they call the Saab 9 project. Starting from the sensational  Saab 9-X Concept of the year 2001 they reinterpreted the design.

The result was a crossover that is contemporary and continues the design language of two decades ago.

The pilot's cockpit, the LED light strips at the rear. Typical Saab. The bonnet in the form of a shell is available, the grille is based on the last Saab models like the 9-5 NG. What I think is missing is the hockey stick on the C-pillar, but that wasn't there on the 2001 concept car either.

Melldahl worked on the Saab e-Power Concept

Ernst Hellby is responsible for the exterior design. Although he has no Saab background, he worked for NEVS for some time and was for Lynk & Co active. The Saab 9 interior was designed by Erik Melldahl. Melldahl is only known to a few, but he already worked for Saab in 2010. He worked with Electroengine Sweden AB on the Saab e-Power Concept, which premiered at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

At least one came out electric convertible  and several sports suits that were purely electric. One of the station wagons is now in the museum, another survivor was (without batteries) auctioned and is in unknown ownership. Melldahl now works for interior design at BMW.

The trolls are waiting for the Saab comeback

After "WHAT-IF” Anders Warming's project, Return of a Lost Soul, is the second Saab project in a short space of time. A fact that is interesting. After all, no one longs for other long-lost brands such as Rover. But Saab continues to stray through the automotive cosmos.

The trolls are waiting for the Saab comeback.

But at least the Saab design has survived. Again and again you can find exciting design quotes exactly where you would least expect it. The shell-shaped hood is coming back in an electric Hyundai, and then it's no longer a hood. Even the legendary pilot's cockpit is making a comeback. Purely electric, but great and spectacularly packaged. An e-car beyond the automotive wasteland.

As Saab might have built it. Soon here.

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    It is clear that with a “concept car” the designers can let off steam and it is applied a little thickly, you can see that here too. As we know, not all of it makes it into the series. That's why you can accept the "tractor tires (grin!)" with a little tolerance as a designer gag. But the contemporary interpretations of the Saab-typical shape and design are a feast for the eyes - SUV or not. I just miss the hockey stick a bit.

    It seems much more important to me that Saab is not only off the screen in the fan community, but also in the automotive industry, that experts are still dealing with the topic more or less intensively. For Saab enthusiasts, this is a tiny glimmer of hope, a streak of light at the very back on the distant horizon.

    And it proves again - those who are said to be dead live longer!

  • blank matter how big the wheels are, where can I buy them?

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    I'm not an SUV fan, but the fact that you're still dealing with SAAB is interesting. It's understandable that this happened in the SUV sector, that's what the buyers want, reason or not. If there is a comeback, I would want a convertible, a sedan and a sports combi.

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    Great study! Recognize the X concept… 🙂 . Would be worth a sin. The rear light band looks great and makes you safe. However, 17 inch rims would be enough for me.

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    Definitely very cool. Two young designers, one with a Saab background, showing how it could work. Everything but not boring! 😉

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    Some very nice echoes of the Saab design language, which was indeed modernized quite successfully. But the completely oversized wheels make the body appear jacked up like a US monster truck video game. Pooh devil! I totally agree with Hans on that.

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    The wheels from a tractor? I don't know, I'm just too old to gain anything from this study.
    I find the pseudo coupes (BMW, MB, etc.) with 4WD and huge wheels just terrible.

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      @aero50 The customer wants what the customer wants. The wheels of the Concept are of course exaggeratedly large. But the trend is towards larger and larger rims, even in middle-class price ranges. reason or not. 😉

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    The light bar at the rear is awesome.
    Greeting André

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    Very cool! But behind you see: Nothing!

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