The beauty of the Saab 9-5 - staged

Saab has built cars with a timeless design. A Saab doesn't age, it matures with dignity. The Saab 9-5 OG was staged by photographer Dominick Andrew Dodd, who is present on the web under the name hiiiDOM. His photo model is a Saab 9-5 2.3T sedan from 2004. No aero, but a dignified arc like the one popular with well-to-do customers.

A Saab 9-5 2.3T Arc
A Saab 9-5 2.3T Arc

A rainy day. The clouds hang low, the photographer plays with the 9-5 Arc and the landscape. Saab and clouds merge and yet form a contrast. A small American country road gives us an idea of ​​the vastness of the country, the Saab by the lake and the open car door leave questions behind. There are images that stimulate our imagination.


The photographer is 20 years old and lives in Seattle, Washington state. You can find his pictures on Instagram and on your own Website. His work is mostly about people and landscapes, less about cars. But the Saab is his first own car.

And he's a little proud of it, he says. I can understand him.

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    @ Ken-Daniel S, my sky-blue 9-5 V6 built in 1999 will be back on the road on April 1st, I'm as happy as an Easter bunny!

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    Every time I see a 9-5I facelift, I think to myself, I'd like one too. Especially as 3.0V6

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    Timelessly beautiful car meets a good photographer, beautiful. I like the picture with the bridge and the open driver's door best.
    Since Tom wrote the comparison 9k and 9-5, I always see these "Nissan taillights", crap. 🙂

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    @ bergsaab,

    interesting thoughts and valid observations. It also seems to me as if the auto industry and advertising industry are increasingly designing or staging the car as a foreign body ...

    Interesting and disturbing. In view of the discussion about the automobile, one should be able to assume that it is now a concern of the corporations, their designers and their advertisers to present the automobile in harmony with its environment and (human) nature.

    That succeeded here. One wishes to be in this place with this car. Perfect and amazing. Why are professionals no longer bringing this spark across?

    That seems like a key question to me.

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    ... nice that there are young SAAB offspring, with such great advertising photos. I also think that the stagings usually enter into a symbiosis with a SAAB in nature or an urban area. Even advertising photos with other brands can't do that in the same environment, especially not the modern-day cars that have been sucked around. Either I'm biased, the SAABe so photogenic or the SAAB photographers just better….

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    Very, very great photos. Thanks for sharing Tom.

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    I have exactly one like that left. 2003 under a hundred but 3,0t and my wife doesn't like it.Quote: Color like “child shit”.
    That's how it is with the taste. Freshly plumbed. And painted. New springs (Eibach), new shock absorbers and the saddler has restored the seat covers - maybe for 9 mille I can buy it, but first I'll take a few more photos - German romanticism ...
    at sunrise ... all jokes aside, great pictures
    Andreas (go4saab)

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    Thanks for the great shoot!
    May Dominick Andrew Dodd continue to enjoy his SAAB for a long time ...

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    The cover picture would make a really good calendar sheet for Saabvember 2022 ...

    I really like the photo, car and color.

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    ... no frills ... of course !!

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    Simply a great car - clear lines - unfussy and, above all, timeless design - just "just" Saab and then professionally staged
    Very nice - gladly more of it - thanks for the nice end of the day ...


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