Italian Swede - Volvo 780 Bertone in 1:18

The Volvo 780 Bertone was never officially available in Germany. The purchase price of around DM 100.000 was considered so ambitious that the strategists in Gothenburg didn't even try. Maybe they should have been braver. Because big coupes of the competitors did not go over the counter as a special offer either.

DNA brings a new edition of the Volvo 780 Bertone
DNA brings a new edition of the Volvo 780 Bertone

Volvo 780 Bertone Pearl Blue Metallic

The Volvo 780 Bertone is not only a rarity for this reason. Based on the 760, the two-door model premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in 1985. It was manufactured under contract at Bertone in Italy, parts were supplied from Sweden, so that the 780 was not a purely Italian affair.

Bertone was also responsible for the design, in Turin they impressively demonstrated that classic Volvo design can be combined with a touch of Italian elegance. The 780 is the most successful member of the 700 family, but also the rarest. Only 8.518 copies were built until 1991, with most of the Bertone Coupes going to North America.

For all its elegance, the Volvo also had a minor problem. The PRV engine known as the Euro V6, in conjunction with the four-speed automatic, offered neither the smoothness nor the proper driving performance that could be expected in this price range. At the beginning, 147 hp met a weight of 1.5 tons, the Bertone Volvo was made for relaxed travel, not for the fast chase on the autobahn. Today, of course, that no longer matters, the coupe scores with its fans with elegance and rarity.

Pre-order now possible

DNA Collectibles is reissuing the Bertone Coupe in 1:18 scale. The current variant, which is now available for Preorder is released, rolls in an elegant blue tone with the name "Pearl Blue Metallic" in the collectors' showcases. The color was chosen by the Volvo FB Community by voting. The definitive joker is the sloping interior, which is also kept in blue and reflects the taste of the 80s.

The approved images come from the prototype, until the final product, DNA always adds something. Until April 30th is one Preorder the limited production possible, the Italian Swede will roll to the collectors in quarter 4 2021.

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    Sharp interior. Back then there was still the courage to use colors 😉

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    As for the engine,

    you can also imagine that it was the 2.0 Turbo under the hood, which was also there. It had up to 147 kW instead of PS ...

    And if you don't look very closely, you can also imagine a switch. In the model, however, is clearly the automatic ...

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