Volvo Recharge Highways - Volvo builds its own fast charging stations

Volvo is going electric and is moving more and more towards Tesla. Surprisingly, the Swedes have announced that they want to set up a network with their own fast charging stations. So far, Volvo Cars has not had its own stations and has been a partner of Ionity. Now the decision was made to have a network of their own. It starts this year with 175kW charging stations. But not in Sweden.

Volvo's quick charging station for two e-cars
Volvo's quick charging station for two e-cars

Volvo Recharge Highways

Italy is not necessarily the country that one would spontaneously ascribe to a pioneering role in matters of e-mobility. It is therefore somewhat surprising that Volvo Cars wants to establish a network of 175kW charging stations on the Italian peninsula. The start of the “Volvo Recharge Highways” has been announced, and 30 Volvo fast charging stations will be built this year. 25 of them should be ready by the end of summer, more than half should be placed at motorway exits. Others will be on the premises of Volvo partners, all of which should be easily accessible.

Although the charging stations advertise with the Volvo logo, they are also open to other brands. The electricity should come exclusively from renewable energy sources. It seems that a 175kW station only has two charging places, electric vehicles should be able to charge the batteries to 30% in 80 minutes.

Historically, the action is reminiscent of the old days when the northern Europeans discovered Italy as their preferred travel destination after the war. To enable Volvo and Saab drivers to travel as stress-free as possible, spare parts depots have been set up along the main routes. It's similar now with the electric car-savvy Scandinavians. Those who want to go on holiday in a country whose infrastructure is not yet designed for this type of drive.

Test run in Italy?

Volvo sagtthat the initiative is intended to give the Italian market a boost. This is certainly justified, because interest in electromobility is limited to a few affluent markets in Europe. In large parts of the EU, e-mobility and the expansion of the infrastructure have so far played a minor role.

At the moment, Volvo's plans are limited to Italy. According to the official interpretation, no separate network with fast chargers is planned for other markets. It remains to be seen at the moment whether this attitude will last in the medium term. The manageable market in Italy may be a test field to gain experience in setting up your own network of charging stations.

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  • How to save the world (whether you could have saved it at all) can only be answered retrospectively, if at all, with a knowledge advantage, but we and our children will probably die too early. Personally, I don't think that it will work either, but on the one hand you have to try today in order to have tomorrow, and on the other hand, the saving of the world will only be possible in my opinion through fundamental changes in various areas, and private transport is increasing worldwide here a not to be neglected piece of the cake.
    Max Horkheimer called “all-or-nothing thinking” the great theory of those who don't want to change anything at all - well, the opinion of a long-dead philosopher.
    My family and I, as well as numerous roommates, are happy about every non-combustor who drives past our house on the busy street, quieter and not smelly from the exhaust pipe. And when the electricity is generated from renewable sources, that's nice (I know that the world and space are finite in this area too). If I'm not mistaken, 90 to 95 percent of the combustion engine is currently fossil, unless you fill up with E85 in Sweden, for example, as long as you can and you have a suitable vehicle (e.g. Saab). In addition - why actually - is always kept secret how energy-intensive the route of the fuel from the oil well to the refinery to the petrol pump is: In the case of electric cars, particular importance is always attached to the fact that there is only one shift from the exhaust to the Chimney is (which is true, but viewed too selectively - see national electricity mix or individual situation on site) and battery production (especially in China) is unimaginably harmful to the environment (which is also true).
    And if Tesla gets competition in this regard - I almost said “from Sweden” - it is also an enrichment, even if it will probably cause the price of my Tesla shares to fall further.
    And yet, for various reasons, I won't buy such a Volvo or a Tesla in the foreseeable future. If I do, I'll let the others know. Not because I think anyone is interested, but so that I can't be easily accused of ambiguity. Shit, now I've just taken myself too seriously, but just realized it.

  • You don't save the world like that, but you have a chance against Tesla.

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