Bet on the premium segment - Hengchi 1

Hengchi 1 is getting closer, production will start in 2021. For Evergrande Auto, it's a bet on the premium segment that needs to be redeemed. If, not so long ago, the new brand's electric car had been given little chance, they are not that bad today. Because Hengchi 1 drives up with all gadgets that are currently feasible.

Hengchi 1 parks automatically and comes on request
Hengchi 1 parks automatically and comes on request

In China, the first Hengchi 1 commercial is running on social networks six months before production starts. The clip gives you an idea of ​​the range of equipment with which Evergrande's first electric car will be launched. In general, Hengchi 1 can do everything that is feasible today due to G5 networks and the digital infrastructure.

The basis is the H-Smart OS, Hengchi's own operating system, which Evergrande is developing in cooperation with Tencent. Evergrande does not start with development from scratch, but relies on existing know-how from Tencent and cooperation with other automakers.

Display with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors

Hengchi 1 will have the most modern Car2x technology that communicates with other vehicles and the road. It helps avoid accidents and glide through traffic without traffic jams. Of course, the e-car automatically searches for its parking space and leaves it again when requested. Completely networked, it becomes a mobile smart home or corporate headquarters. Conferences are possible via the display, which can control up to 9 screens at the same time and has the latest Snapdragon processors, as well as video calls on the home screen.

The individual displays can change their position with a "swipe"; the augmented reality HUD is almost boring with this flood of technology. It projects animations onto the roadway and safely shows the way. Digital helpers manage purchases and contacts. Hengchi 1 constantly scans the driver, checks their vital signs and, if necessary, contacts the medical service.

Bidirectional charging

If the driver gets tired, the computer carefully takes care of a cooling breeze and provides animation. Of course, Hengchi 1 also masters bidirectional charging. The car is becoming a mobile energy storage device, a feature that is still rare in the world of electric cars. Luxury is not neglected either. The multiple adjustable individual seats in the font provide optional sleeping comfort on long journeys and a high-end audio system for entertainment.

The bet on the premium segment is bold - and so far unique. A provider emerges from nowhere that not only builds cars, but also wants to cover the entire mobile ecosystem. 14 new vehicles have now been confirmed, details of the first 9 are known, 5 more are currently still in the pipeline.

If Evergrande adheres to the self-imposed timetable, which has been the case so far, production of Hengchi 1 will start in a few months. It seems that Evergrande Auto is on the right course after a brief interim low. The Chinese billionaires who have already made Evergrande the second largest real estate giant in the country have gathered behind the billion-dollar bet on the premium segment.

Daniel Kirchert on Evergrande?

The serious claim is underpinned by the rumor that Dr. Daniel Kirchert (Dai Lei) wants to get on board at Evergrande Auto. The former Infiniti and BMW manager was co-founder of Byton, a highly acclaimed electric car start-up.

For Evergrande Auto, he might be the first manager with auto expertise to head the company. Another building block for fulfilling the bet on the premium segment.

10 thoughts on "Bet on the premium segment - Hengchi 1"

  • Aero-9-3 and Volvaab: the different helpers

    I think a lot is habit and it also depends very much on personal preferences and the technical implementation.

    For example, the RAIN SENSOR works so brilliantly on my two 9-3 III that I definitely don't want to miss it. With the BMW 5 Series, Bj 2019, on the other hand, a disaster, you would like to have a completely normal interval wiper again.

    CRUISE CONTROL: almost indispensable for me on motorways with the constantly changing speed limits. I had an extra upgrade for the Combi.

    REVERSING ASSISTANT (acoustic): indispensable in the convertible.

    PARKING AID (front): unnecessary, know my dimensions.

    PARKING CAMERA: I don't have it, I don't need it, probably helpful in a few exceptional cases.

    AUTOMATIC BRAKING etc .: I don't need it. It cost us half the night and a lot of nerves when the above-mentioned 5 series braked abruptly and suddenly when reversing in an empty hotel parking lot or in the driveway and couldn't move an inch. It couldn't go any further and it was a really great thing when all you want to do at night after driving for hours is to go to bed. Cause: dirty reversing camera. How to switch off this highly beneficial function could only be found out after hours of trying and researching in the digital (!) Instruction manual. A paper operating manual is only available for the 80.000 EUR car for expensive extra money !!!

    GAS PRESSURE SPRING: How does it work without it?

    ABS, ESP, etc: indispensable for an everyday car.

    NAVI: indispensable for me.

    COMFORT FLASHING: What's that supposed to mean? Just tap it, don't let it click into place and always blink (!) Work automatically for me.

    GPS monitoring: don't!

    HUD: I admit I would like that. But of course it is also possible without and “what not is is not”. I stay with the 9-3s without! (Can you retrofit that ?? ;-))

    ELECTRIC FOLDING EXTERIOR MIRRORS: are simply great in the city!

    ELECTRIC FOLDING DOWN RIGHT MIRROR: A nice thing for parking, I would like to retrofit.

    The oldest AUTOMATIC ever, the automatic gearbox: Don't come into my garage! In a traffic jam it's a nice thing, but otherwise, in my opinion, the gearshift is much better and safer (e.g. fine adjustment when parking, no unintentional driving - this happens again and again to older drivers with automatic by confusing gas and brakes, fuel consumption, driving fun, etc.).

    CONCLUSION: Everyone has their own highly subjective preferences and experiences. Even if nobody is interested in the above sermon (at least I was able to successfully delay going to the desk and tax return 🙁) and everyone with regard to the various little helpers maintains their personal preferences and dislikes - most of them probably unite that for us as Saab Fans less is more, we appreciate intuitive, in the best sense simple, reliable and aesthetic technology with still "tangible" driving pleasure and we don't want to be controlled or patronized.

    That's why we all keep driving Saab!

    Happy Easter to all Saab friends!

  • @ Aero-9-3

    I understand most of it. With my chrome glasses, I even pulled the fuse for the daytime running lights * so that I can switch the lights on myself ...

    But why not a spring on the trunk? Do you prefer to hold the lid / flap open by hand and load with one hand?

    Gas springs have been used for ages. My old-timer also has them. Without it, the lid would fall on my head.

    Which springs of which function do you mean? ? ?

    * Swedish version. Daytime running lights are always on and ballast & xenon torch suffer unnecessarily when starting. I also find it pointless or even dangerous that the taillights of daytime running lights are off and that many drivers stay in the tunnel or when it is dark.

  • @Christian Pinet
    Quote: What happens if my blood pressure is no longer correct, does the mobile smartphone refuse to start or drive me straight to the emergency room ...?
    So I would be happy about such a function!
    I would also be happy about a maximum speed limit for cars for people between 18 and 25 years of age, or about a facility that ONLY enables phone calls via a hands-free system.
    For this I don't need a rain sensor, no autom. Light switch, or a gas spring for the trunk. Just a selection of the "absurdities".
    Otherwise, I think it's rather impressive what has been done there in the Far East. I don't want to own "it" though.
    Happy Easter to everyone! 🙂

  • At the risk of repeating myself, but I just find it pretty grotesque when what you see through the windshield is presented again on a screen! Progress?

    Today I got my 9-5 V6 built in 1999 out of hibernation. Attach the battery, turn the key and the sonorous V6 engine rumble could be heard. So beautiful, so wonderfully old-fashioned, so great next to the market, I just like it and I had a permanent grin on my face during the 30km "drive-in route".

  • Wow…! If then the SAAB draft of the designer for Europe is implemented! Not so baroque, more Nordic cool. Assuming that everything works, that would be a SAAB for which I would probably exchange the 9-5NG with which I have just returned from a business trip. The matter with the vital signs has a serious background, microsleep, fatigue, heartbeat, epileptic seizures are probably the number 1 causes of accidents in addition to excessive speed ... and we are all not getting any younger. The topic of surveillance is rather exciting, maybe not here yet, but maybe later or in other corners of the world.
    I recently wrote that my SAAB and my iPhone are enough technology. But there, too, there is shade, the shortest route with the iPhone, that's a thing of the past!, ... you can only find it with local knowledge. Siri: Please call Ms. Maria Müller at work, .. also the past, ... call Maria Müller at work! There is a lot of movement in the communications and car industry, I will certainly get through my professional life with my SAAB, but I am not so old that I don't want to treat myself to technical progress ... If I needed a new company car at the moment it would be difficult. Maybe a Tesla S or X, maybe Polestar 1 ... but then the choice stops with me.
    Well, I'm curious whether the Hengchi keeps what the manufacturers promise, ... there is still the matter with the 5G ... I already have 2 places where my iPhone has timed it, ... but some where E is not even displayed.

    In the sense of a HAPPY EASTER!

  • If we were all blown away, would it be a Saab?

    Some sure. Maybe even a lot? But all? I do not believe that. The ove factor among Saab drivers is too big, the 900 & 9K were too good and the conviction of many that you don't need more and maybe consciously don't want anything is just too deep ...

    The discussion about the successor (900 II & 9-5 I) was already excited, very unfair in some aspects and is legendary today.

    It is also interesting that many Saab drivers already had one or the other younger Saab in the stable, but sell their NG with navigation, HUD, front parking aid and reversing camera without regret, but cannot part with older ones, or the empty NG box Even consciously reassign an older Saab in the stable ...

    I can hardly imagine that this clientele would be enthusiastic about this Hengchi if his name was Saab anything.

  • I think these cars look really great. But I am not convinced that I love the many electronic components.
    I stay a little longer to drive classic cars that are less dependent on all these electronic gadgets.

  • Comments on a car blog are rarely objective. I try anyway, because if Saab put such a thing into the world, we would all be blown away. At Evergrande, however, we find it scary. Honestly - hats off. Sure, the components like the AR HUD from Continental and Mercedes and Audi and others have similar solutions on the market or soon (which do not yet work properly) - but this is a real frontal attack. And that in China, where the affinity for technology is enormously higher than in the EU.

    If Evergrande doesn't slip up and, like Volkswagen Eelektroauto, degrades customers to beta testers, then it will be a mega bang.

  • I'm afraid this will be a resounding success.

    There are quite simply a lot of technology enthusiasts with an instinct for play. A car that obeys better than its neighbor Lumpi, that automatically and reliably implements “come” and “basket” voice commands to the SmartWatch, is like having merged R2D2 and the X-Wing Fighter.

    What a horny buddy! ! !

    And then there is this command and communication center, which makes every Si-Fi movie look as if the bridge of spaceship XY had been modeled on the control station of an electric locomotive from the 70s ...

    That will go down very, very well, I'm afraid ...

    Just think of central locking and remote control keys. After she was there once, those who did not have one looked around several times in all directions to see if they could open their car in a hurry, in shame and, above all, unnoticed.

  • I think the car is pretty scary. Surveillance by the totalitarian state of China is becoming a reality here. What happens if my blood pressure is no longer correct, does the mobile smartphone refuse to start or drive me straight to the emergency room ...? Scary ...


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