New blog subscription models - Aero X Club is here

Yes, sometimes I listen to what the readers want. After the first experiences, I adapted the subscription models and the requests from emails and comments were incorporated. In general, we are now starting with a small subscription that is valid for one month. The hurdle is therefore extremely low. Depending on your mood, you can then work your way forward - upgrade and so on. Up to the Aero X Club.

Aero X Club

Linear, Vector, Aero and so on

Saab's equipment lines started with Linear. The absolute basis, but not without its charm. Vector stood for the somewhat sportier model, Aero for the very fast Saab. The Aero X remained the unattainable dream for all fans. Only built once! The icon that parks in the Saab Museum forever. And then there were the Griffin models, which stood for special solidity or for the last edition before the model change.

The names of the new blog are accordingly Subscriptions.

Linear - the start for 30 days

Vector - the blog for 90 days

Griffin - the new name for the previous basic offer - blog access for 180 days

Aero - previously Turbo - is valid for 360 days

Aero X Club - previously Turbo Plus - offers the full program for 360 days

With the new Aero X Club, I have bundled all services. Membership includes access to the COC archive, Saab license plate holders, blog stickers and the Mileage Club. We emphasize the club idea. Promotions such as the Saab espresso cups and everything that will appear regularly in the future are only available to club members.

The previous subscriptions and their duration remain unaffected. Turbo Plus subscriptions have full access to the Aero X Club. An upgrade from one of the "old" subscriptions to a new one is not automatically possible during the term, but can be done on Request can be done manually.

The advantage of the new model is the upgrade between the individual offers, which is automatically possible via PayPal. In addition, entry into the Saab blog world with a subscription for one month is now only a very low hurdle to be overcome.

New payment methods

One point of criticism was that payment is only possible via PayPal or manual transfer. We are working on being able to offer multiple payment models; the request to the software provider is ongoing. If it is answered positively, you will be able to book a subscription online without a PayPal account in the near future.

What's next?

The Aero X Club is continuously being expanded. The next step is a shop system. Special collector's items related to Saab that are not available anywhere else are then offered, limited in time and quantity. Because they are out of print or because it is an exclusive production for the blog.

Why are we doing this Because it's fun, because Saab is special, and because it's interesting to develop things further. It won't be boring in the coming weeks, entertainment is provided!

12 thoughts on "New blog subscription models - Aero X Club is here"

  • blank

    Moin Tom,

    so in addition to the more than just ingenious choice of name, you have also brought me much closer to my absolute dream. In addition to the espresso cups, the only thing missing now is an original “SaabBlog Aero X” club version that is ready for approval and ready to drive.
    I would even float ABOVE cloud 7 for that. Surely you can do that. Or?

    Does the payment terms also include direct debit? Just so that you don't forget to renew your subscription in good time. Otherwise an automatic reminder would be an alternative.

    Sunny greetings TomL

    • blank

      @TomL It'll amount to a reminder. I'm still talking to the software provider - but it doesn't look that good.

  • blank

    we have more than a 3 class society ... thank you

  • blank

    Hi Tom,
    Then I'm in the Aero X Club now. ! And you show that you are of an honest nature. Many companies would have adjusted the price straight away. Hidden and upstairs, of course.
    I'm looking forward to the extras.
    Do you plan to announce this via a club mailing ...?
    Greetings from the snowy Oldenburg

    • blank

      @ André Thanks, no extra mailing - so far. All about the blog.

  • blank

    Class! As a Vector and Griffin rider, I still get to an aero! 🙂 Immediately, completely automatically! However, I am seriously considering switching to Aero X. Could there be a tiny, confidential hint as to what kind of secret additional goodies you can look forward to or what kind of goodies they might be? As a tea and coffee drinker, but espresso-only-in the restaurant drinker, that could definitely influence the decision! 🙂

  • blank

    Moin Tom.
    I have only now seen through the post that I have unfortunately made my upgrade (by bank transfer on March 15.03th) completely wrong.
    (I only transferred 35, - € because it was - the only thing I could find - somewhere in the upgrade information).
    But I don't get the “highest” subscription that way.

    Should I now simply “transfer proof” of the rest?
    Or wait a few more days until you have adjusted the accounts and have a little more "peace"?

    • blank

      @ mac9-5 Please wait in peace. I'm running out of time this week, I hope to catch up on the weekend 😉 Thank you!

  • blank

    Moin Tom,
    the Easter hatchery was worth it ... 😉
    Further thoughts from the user group about the subscription taken into account and changed.
    The result is perfect names for the subscriptions. Saabiger does not work.
    Looking forward to SAAB in 2021!
    VG from the heath ...

  • blank

    Great idea and I like the club idea a lot. I have one more question that has nothing to do with subscriptions. Where can I order these espresso cups ?! I was waiting for a link but missed it ?!

  • blank

    Dear Tom,
    So the existing subscriptions don't have to be changed now? Probably not until the next extension? Many greetings from the Ruhr area!

    • blank

      Exactly - the subscriptions continue to run without restrictions. Ordered upgrades of the "old" subscriptions will be entered manually in the coming days.

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